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Thanks for all your support... and now, on to the letters... this week's fan mail is directed towards writers Morfex, of The Cosmic Union and several POTU teams, and Azmodi, writer of Tales of the Timeless and Foundations Forged Before Nightfall.

Grim writes concerning Cosmic Union: "AWESOME! This was a fitting (and excellent) prelude to the Cosmic Union storyline. All three authors should be immensely proud of their work on this piece."

Thanks, Grim! We all enjoyed the "prequel," and Cosmic Union has a near infinite potential for "Untold Tales." Want to write one? -- Morfex

E-mail to write a story for Cosmic Powers Unlimited!

Grim writes concerning Powers Cosmic: "I still say that this is your best piece of work I've ever seen, Marcelo!

Modesty forbids my response, Don! -- Morfex

Daniel Gordon writes concerning Powers Cosmic: "I just finished reading Powers Cosmic #2 and it was great! It is apparent that the heralds' new forms are altering them to become more like Galactus. Is Galactus affected by this? I guess we will find out in future issues."

Galactus is definietly affected, but he knew the implications when he willingly returned the organic bodies to his heralds. -- Morfex

Spacewalker writes concerning Cosmic Union: "Thank you all for such a great story every week."

And thank you for coming back each week to read our humble prose. -- Morfex

Spacewalker writes concerning Star Masters: "A very interesting look. I like the twist brought by Death."

Mistress Death, like Mephisto, has been depicted at varying levels of power, respect, and cunning. I thought it would be an unusual twist to give her a dark sense of humor. -- Morfex

Hark writes concerning Powers Cosmic: "Man am I impressed! This might be, pardon to the other esteemed authors, the best of the fan fics to date. Admittedly my prejudice may be due to the fact that Galactus is one of my favorite characters so I am naturally bound to prefer his stories. The author did a very thorough job of representing the arguments of each entity. IMO each was treated with appropriate respect and grandeur. Well done!"

Hark, the Herald! Thank you, my friend. Comments like yours make it all worth while. --Morfex

"A man really writes for an audience of about ten persons. Of course, if others like it, that is clear gain. But if those ten are satisfied, he is content."
- Alfred North Whitehead

Harker writes concerning Cosmic Union: "Very interesting prelude. Well written, as usual, and enjoyable. All authors did a wonderful job."

Anomaly and Azmodi deserve additional credit for their velocity. Each wrote their pieces by request within a few hours of posting time. Thank you, gentlemen, for meeting a deadline that was not yours! -- Morfex

daniel gordon writes concerning Timeless: "I love the Timeless!! Mostly due to the uses of forgotten and unexpected characters. I cant wait to read more!"

Thanks Daniel, my curiousity has always been piqued by the more obscure characters populating the Marvel Universe. Expect to see more of their variety in the future. --Azmodi

daniel gordon writes concerning Obliterator: "The stage for Star Masters has be set in Obiterator Reborn. As all of the stories in CPU this was very good. When was the last real time apprearence of the Obliterator in the comic world?"

I believe the Obliterator last appeared in Silver Surfer #5, or somewhere thereabouts... Check it out for yourself - great story. --Azmodi

daniel gordon writes concerning Timeless: "Timeless#3 is another success. Zakarro is going to be in big trouble messing with Epoch's crew. Cant wait to see what happems."

Hopefully the conclusion hasn't disappointed you Daniel - Zarrko had no idea who he was trifling with. --Azmodi

kron writes concerning Obliterator: "nice and thought provoking but where are you going with this?????"

Thanks Kron, but you'll have to ask Morfex where he's going with the Obliterator - it's his show! --Azmodi

Grim writes concerning Foundations Forged Before Nightfall: "Can't wait for more!"

Soon Grim, very soon. --Azmodi

More of Foundations Forged Before Nightfall is now available at the Foundations Forged Before Nightfall Homepage!

Robert Vasquez writes concerning Foundations Forged Before Nightfall:
Well, I must admit it's been a while since I've been into comics or stories of that genre, but, somehow, at 37 years old, I have again begun to feel the relentless tug of curiosity regarding the characters I used to so avidly read about lo so many years ago.
Such as it is with Mephisto!
I aways enjoyed any Marvel comic when the primary demon of evil was featured or involved.
Mephisto is evil for the sheer sake of evil, as he is the embodiment of such things, and for some reason that has always facinated me.
I loved it when he cleverly manipulated heroes or villians, with or without
thier knowledge of his presence.
This "Foundations Forged Before Nightfall" storyline has already drawn me in, as if the demon himself had called to me to read it, and now, like some literary drug addled addict, I find that I have little choice but to read the story in it's entirety, or be doomed to spend my evenings in the hellish limbo of ignorance, not knowing the eventual fate regarding the Tribunal and of course one of my favorite evildoers (Thanos takes the first place in my heart..sorry Old Scratch!: Don't feel too bad though..I write with other people in an online "sim" group, and have used you a few times, in opposition to the character I write about, a Q named Quinn!).
Really though, good start. I now have to read "the Twilight War", since I haven't done it yet.
Good show so far!"

Much thanks Robert - hopefully the rest of the story won't disappoint. --Azmodi

Harker writes concerning Foundations Forged Before Nightfall: "As everyone knows I was a big fan of the TW so I was greatly anticipating its sequel. Having read its first chapter I was not disappointed. The start looks promising and Az's considerable literary skills have improved since TW. I wish him luck in the task before him. "

Thanks too, Harker. --Azmodi

daniel gordon writes concerning Wild Smile: "Wild Smile was indeed a change of pace from the usually stories found in CPU. Knowing that the Grinner will be used in future stories, it made sense to give readers some insight on him."

Thank you Daniel. Your comment indicates my piece accomplished exactly what it was meant to. --Azmodi

James Seals writes concerning Foundations Forged Before Nightfall: "I'm writing to express praise for this Twilight War fan fiction saga and look forward on reading the sequal, after I finish reading the first one, since I'm only on the first few chapters, but what I read can only be discribed in on word WOW! This is great! With the music and the pictures . . . its just absoultly aswome. And I was wondering if I could get some more info concerning writting for Comsic Powers."

Thanks James - hopefully you won't find Foundations a letdown after reading the Twilight War. --Azmodi

Joshua Wiebe writes concerning Foundations Forged Before Nightfall: I love the prologue to Foundations Forged Before Nightfall. I believe it might match the power and integrity of the Twilight War. I love all of Azmodi's work. I have been following Cosmic Powers since it began and I think it's reaching it's best.

Thank you Joshua, for following and enjoying my work.--Azmodi

Spacewalker writes concerning Foundations Forged Before Nightfall: "Twilight War was great, this looks like itll be the same."

Let's hope so! --Azmodi

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