CoverSilver Surfer #71, Vol. 3
Published by Marvel Comics
Early September, 1992


Writer: Ron Marz
Penciler: M.C.Wyman
Inks: Tom Christopher
Colorist: Tom Vincent
Letters: Ken Bruzenak
Editor: Craig Anderson
Chief: Tom DeFalco

Original Price: $1.25
Current Value: $1.50

History Behind Issue: The Heralds Ordeal continues from Silver Surfer #70, here we learn more about Galactus's new herald, Morg.  Plus, Silver Surfer teams up with Firelord!

Plot: Morg attempts to remove the Silver Surfer from Galactus’s presence, but the Silver Surfer insists on getting the attention of Galactus. Finally Galactus asks Morg to bring the Silver Surfer to him. Galactus explains his actions to the Silver Surfer. He made Morg his herald because Morg did not have the compassion and limitations like the Silver Surfer, nova, and other past heralds. Silver Surfer tries to plea with Galactus, but Galactus is annoyed with him and allows Morg to do what with the Surfer what he wants. Morg takes care of the Silver Surfer and warns him that next time he crosses his path, he will kill him. When Silver Surfer regains consciousness, he notices Galactus has cloaked himself from the Surfer. Silver Surfer decides Galactus must be stopped and that Morg cannot be allowed to hold the Power Cosmic. So, the Silver Surfer seeks the help of Firelord. He finds Firelord, who is fighting energy traders who want to trade his energy. He explains he doesn’t really have a purpose now that Nebula has been imprisoned for killing off his people. (But, unrenowned to him, Geatar has helped Nebula, his captain, escape and helping her receive help by an evil criminal surgeon.) Now, Firelord and Silver Surfer search for Nova, before they attack Morg. Meanwhile, Morg finds a planet for Galactus to feed on, but first, he annihilates the entire population to ensure there will be no resistance.

To be continued in Silver Surfer #72, THE HERALD ORDEAL, PART 3

Comments: An over all good issue. Ron Marz does a good job with writing this issue.  I especially like the way Galactus finds a need to explain this to the Surfer, yet he also want to let him know who’s boss.  M.C. Wyman does a great job on the art as well.  He gives the artwork a more Silver Age classic look to it.  All and all, I can't wait for the next issue of the Heralds Ordeal!

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