CoverSilver Surfer #70, Vol. 3
Published by Marvel Comics
Late August, 1992


Writer: Ron Marz
Penciler: M.C.Wyman
Inks: Tom Christopher
Colorist: Tom Vincent
Letters: Ken Bruzenak
Editor: Craig Anderson
Chief: Tom DeFalco

Original Price: $1.25
Current Value: $1.50

History Behind Issue: This issue is the first part of the 6 part Heralds Ordeal saga to finish up in Silver Surfer #75 with the death of Nova.    This issue also features the dismissal of Nova as herald and the first appearance of Galactus's 6th herald, Morg.

Plot: Nova, the herald of Galactus, is off searching a sector in the universe for a planet Galactus can feed on, but she finds only one, which if full of millions of people. Nova reports back to Galactus, saying there are no planets in the sector suitable for Galactus. Galactus, however, is monitoring Nova’s journey and know she is lying. He imprisons her in an energy field. He tells her she must learn obedience and takes her to the planet which he plans to feed on. Before he consumes all of the planet’s life and energy, a court executioner, named Morg, made it known he did not care about his planet or its people, but that he would fight for his own existence. Galactus spares him. He dismisses Nova as his herald and selects Morg as his new herald because he does not have the compassion of the Silver Surfer, vulnerability of Air Walker, lack of devotion of Firelord, and unbridled ambition of Terrax. Later the Silver Surfer comes looking for Galactus, but Galactus tells him he dismissed her and replaced her with Morg. Then he asks Morg to remove the Surfer from his presence. To be continued in Part 2: Combustion in Silver Surfer #71. Also in this issue, Geator brings Nebula to Dr. Mandibus as a preview of future issues.

Comments: The writing was great. Ron Marz does a good job of replacing Nova with the ultimate, evil herald for Galactus. One troubling part was how much attention Galactus quickly gave Morg though. Galactus usually doesn’t give such attention to lesser beings. The guest penciler, M.C. Wyman, did a good job at keeping the Ron Lim feel to the book, but he's still no Ron Lim and his Nova could use a bit of an improvement.  All in all, a really good book, which really gets you excited at reading the rest of the Heralds Ordeal.

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