CoverSilver Surfer: Loftier Than Mortals #2 of 2, Vol. 1
Published by Marvel Comics, 1999

Writer: Michael Jan Friedman
Penciler: Sal Valluto
Inker: Steve Geiger
Colorist: Steve Oliff
Letterer: RS & Comicraf/AD
Editor: Ruben Diaz

Original Price: $2.50

History Behind Issue: Continued from issue #1, this concludes a two-part story retells the classic Fantastic Four issues where Dr. Doom steals the Power Cosmic from FF #57-60.

Preview by AnotherUniverse.Com:

Having stolen the limitless energy of the Silver Surfer, Doctor Doom sets his sights on his cursed adversaries, the Fantastic Four! But do even the FF stand a chance against Doom-who's now charged with the Power Cosmic?! And can the Surfer find a way to reclaim his majestic abilities? He better-before he drowns in a wave of Latveria's bloodthirsty stormtroopers!  (To skip spoilers in issue summary and go straight to comments, click here)

Summary by James Pedrick:

Continued from last issue, Dr. Doom has the Power Cosmic. Surfing on the Surfer’s board, now covered with spikes, Doom uses his Power Cosmic to resurrect dinosaurs with cosmic rays and then taking that life back away.

Doom then wonders how he can become "Master of the Earth without focusing all his energies on the destruction of his enemies." He then turns his attention to his mother, whose sould was exiled to the netherworld when he was an infant. Using the Power Cosmic he summons her. He tells her he must use his power to destroy if he is to rule, but is distracted by an urge to create. She tells him to follow his heart and to be true to his nature, before fading away.

Doom is upset, but then calms himself down, deciding he needs to crush his enemies.

Meanwhile, Norrin Radd, beaten and bruised in a public square in Latveria, tells the officer that he has no right to do that to anyone. The soldier then continues to beat Norrin Radd, but the people watching decide to fight back and form a riot. Norrin Radd then goes to Inga, the girl he saved from the prisoner and realizes she will die if he does not get his Power Cosmic back soon to save her.

Elsewhere, Dr. Doom arrives in New York City, where he is quickly met by the Human Torch, but using the Power Cosmic he strips him of his power and his immunity to flames, leaving Johnny Storm burning and falling into a river. Then the Thing punches Doom into a wall. Thing then picks him up, but Doom then draws all animate life from the Thing’s body, leaving him still in place, as if he was a pile of rocks. Doom then rips off his right arm, which was holding him in the air.

Doom then blasts Mr. Fantastic, while sending Invisible Girl in one of her bubbles far into the air. The air pressure causes Invisible Girl to lose control of her bubble and she falls. Mr. Fantastic tries to catch her but she’s invisible. When he finds her body, he can tell it is "crushed beyond repair."

Mr. Fantastic goes after Doom, but Doom uses his new powers to force Mr. Fantastic’s body to stay in a stretched out form. But as he does that, Mr. Fantastic’s weapon, called the Cosmic Nullifier, blasts him, attempting to strip him of his newfound power. But Doom destroys the machine and then blasts Mr. Fantastic into many pieces, completing his victory of killing all of the Fantastic Four.

Meanwhile, Norrin Radd watches the riot take place before him. He shouts for them to stop, but is shot in the head in the process.

Back in New York, Doom is unsatisfied with his victory and changes everything back to it was and allowing the Fantastic Four to live.

Deciding nothing can challenge him, he flies upward for space, hoping there he can find a challenge. As he flies upward he sees the face of Galactus in the stars looking at him as if he was "nothing more than a speck of dust." He continues to surf upward, but runs into a barrier. The same barrier that kept the Silver Surfer trapped on earth.

It causes Doom to fall downward, while Norrin Radd, meanwhile, is struggling to keep Inga alive. Just then, his silver coating returns, along with the Power Cosmic and his surfboard. He takes Inga and flies away. After landing, he heals her, but she does not understand his change in appearance. The Surfer tries to persuade her to stay with him, but she leaves and goes to reach the safehouse.

The Surfer then goes to see Doom, who returned to his castle. The Surfer says he has not come to gloat and does not seek revenge because he is beyond such emotions, but Doom insists that it’s because only he knows how the Surfer really feels, trapped on earth.

The Silver Surfer then leaves, deciding he will now never again seek to become what he is not.

Comments by James Pedrick:

Great retelling of a classic Silver Surfer tale and great art too! It’s nice to see the original Silver Surfer, who was trapped on earth and new to its customs and people. Marvel Comics should do more of these "Remix" issues with the Silver Surfer! Maybe retell some more Fantastic Four stories or new ones taking place during the Surfer’s time on earth!


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