CoverSilver Surfer: Loftier Than Mortals #1 of 2, Vol. 1
Published by Marvel Comics, 1999

Writer: Michael Jan Friedman
Penciler: Sal Valluto
Inker: Steve Geiger
Colorist: Steve Oliff
Letterer: RS & Comicraf/AD
Assistant Editor: Zena Tsarfin
Editor: Rubin Diaz
Special Thanks to Fred Hembeck

Original Price: $2.50

History Behind Issue: This two-part story retells the classic Fantastic Four issues where Dr. Doom steals the Power Cosmic from FF #57-60.

Preview by AnotherUniverse.Com:

Strap yourselves down as we take a modern look at the classic saga in which Doctor Doom stole the Power Cosmic of the Silver Surfer! If there is one thing that the demented despot known as Doctor Doom wants, it is power. To attain his goal, you've seen him hurl the Fantastic Four into space, team up with the Red Skull and challenge the Beyonder... but were you there when he stole the mighty Power Cosmic from the Silver Surfer?! Trapping the sky-rider in an energy-siphoning device, Doom, now with near omnipotent abilities, sets out on a world ravaging rampage! Meanwhile, the Surfer sheds his silvery sheen at an hour of crisis-stuck in the middle of a violent revolt! With their roles reversed, the greatest dreams of Victor Von Doom and Norrin Radd become their worst nightmares! Now's your chance to experience the legendary adventure as it's re-imagined for a new generation! (To skip spoilers in issue summary and go straight to comments, click here)

Summary by James Pedrick:

This story is a retelling of the classic Fantastic Four issues where Dr. Doom steals the Power Cosmic from the Silver Surfer. It begins with the Surfer flying in earth’s skies. During this time period, Silver Surfer is exiled on earth and cannot escape due to a barrier set around earth by Galactus.

The Silver Surfer is also feared and hated by most of humanity. As he flies over the skies, he is met by a robotic devise with a screen. The screen is an invitation to the Silver Surfer to meet with Dr. Doom in his castle. The Silver Surfer chooses to do so. He admires Doom’s castle for its appreciation of art and architecture. He is then greeted by Dr. Doom who does some major brown-nosing to the Silver Surfer. Dr. Doom says he is honored to meet the Silver Surfer, who is known for saving earth from Galactus. The Silver Surfer, meanwhile, is interested in earth’s concept of royalty and asks Dr. Doom how he considers him to be above others. Doom insists he is more of a servant than the people’s ruler.

Dr. Doom then shows the Surfer a chamber, where he recreated a hologram of a space distant in the universe. Doom claims he is a great admirer of the cosmos. Silver Surfer says he can tell him much of what he has seen when he was herald to Galactus. But Dr. Doom had other plans. He then reveals to the Silver Surfer his true intentions. As the Silver Surfer and Dr. Doom talk, Doom’s men activate the chamber, which transfers the Power Cosmic from Doom to the Silver Surfer.

The Silver Surfer feels betrayed and weakened, while Dr. Doom leaves the castle, using the Surfer’s own board, and begins destroying parts of his own land with power blasts. Meanwhile, the Silver Surfer, powerless, is placed in a prison cell in the castle by Doom’s men. Elsewhere, the Fantastic Four receive a warning from Doom that he has the Power Cosmic and will soon strike.

Back at Doom’s castle, Norrin Radd notices his metallic skin is melting, until he soon looks like his Zenn-Lavian self of Norrin Radd. Dr. Doom, however, is discovering a different transformation, as he unmasks himself and finds the scars which once marked his face have disappeared.

Meanwhile, a guard comes by and asks Norrin Radd what happened to his silver skin. Norrin Radd lies and says he is dying. The soldier opens to cell, not wanting him to die or else he could get in trouble with Doom. But when he opens it, Norrin Radd uses the "ancient hypno-disciples developed on Zenn-La during its Age of Warfare" to disarm the guard, at which point he punches him to the ground. He notices another guard coming and then hits him unconscience as well.

Just as he is about to leave, he is confronted by another prisoner trying to be released. Norrin Radd releases her. He soon finds out her name is Inga and that she is part of a resistance to dethrone Doom. Norrin Radd gets some clothes to replace the green sheet he was wearing and goes with her to hide. They try to hide in the crowds, but are found by some police men. After beating her unconscience, they capture both of the fugitives.

Meanwhile, Doom is causing havoc on earth. He stops in London, where he creates a large energy globe around him which is so bright it causes people’s skin to crack and blister. He then makes his way to see the Fantastic Four, where he plans to put his power to the ultimate test by annihilating the Fantastic Four.

Continued in Issue #2

Comments by James Pedrick:

Overall a great retelling of a classic story. Michael Jan Friedman, who wrote the Fantastic Four: Redemption of the Silver Surfer novel does a great job at writing it, with a wonderful script and excellent dialogue. And Sal Velluto has some good drawing, even if it is a little "sketchy." I also really enjoy his cosmic powered Dr. Doom. Overall, this issue is a great buy! It’s nice to see more of the Silver Surfer!


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