CoverCosmic Powers #3, Vol. 1
Published by Marvel Comics, 1994

Featuring Jack of Hearts and Ganymene

"The best way to suppose what may come is to remember what is past" – George Saville, Marquis of Halifax

Writer: Ron Marz
Penciler: Andy Smith
Inker: Bill Anderson
Colorist: Tom Vincent
Letterer: Ken Bruzenak
Assistant Editor: Lynaire Brust
Editor: Craig Anderson
Editor in Chief: Tom DeFalco
Logo: Ken Bruzenak and Ken Lopez

Original Price: $2.50

History Behind Issue: Continued from Cosmic Powers #2

Plot: Ganymede and Jack of Hearts land on a moon of Jupiter where an old training base of the Spinsterhood is hidden. Hoping to find more of her race, she enters the base, only to find out she is actually the last of her kind. Meanwhile, Thanos and Terrax track them and engage them in their attempt to kidnap Ganymede. Thanos takes Jack of Hearts out easily, but Terrax is unable to stop the swift Ganymede. She beats him, but Thanos then gets her from behind and knocks her out. They leave, taking her with them while Jack of Hearts mumbles semi-conscious about getting help.


Writing: 9.3 Not bad, though a bit predictable at times. Ganymede’s history is well told and the well-written characterization continues.

Art: 9.8 Excellent art. Great fight scenes and sequences. Nice bright colors used.

Overall score: 9.55

Continued in Issue #4

Review written by Mystic


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