CoverCosmic Powers #2, Vol. 1
Published by Marvel Comics, 1994

Featuring TERRAX

"Is it possible to succeed without any act of betrayal" – Jean Renoir

Writer: Ron Marz
Penciler: Jeff Moore
Inker: Keith Williams
Colorist: Tom Vincent
Letterer: Ken Bruzenak
Assistant Editor: Lynaire Brust
Editor: Craig Anderson
Editor in Chief: Tom DeFalco
Logo: Ken Lopez

Original Price: $2.50

History Behind Issue: Continued from Cosmic Powers #1

Plot: It begins with Terrax fighting warriors in a gladiator-like fashion. Upon victory over his foes, he demands his prize which is to be a one of a kind treasure. Greatly disappointed that his prize is a woman, he kills his benefactor and frees the woman. Vana, as she is called, ends up following him requesting his protection and help in getting home. At her request, he tells her of his past and how he came to be where he was. After a brief bar room brawl over Vana, Terrax takes her home where she attempts to ambush him with her brothers – wishing to obtain his axe. Terrax makes quick work of the brothers and absorbs a point blank range shot from a gun of Vanas’. She attempts to run to the exit but a mysterious stranger in a robe blocks her way. Terrax catches up and slices her in two despite her pleas for forgiveness. The stranger then reveals himself to be Thanos requesting a partnership. Offering Terrax a piece of Tyrant’s empire, Terrax begins telling Thanos of Tyrant’s siphoning of power from the prisoners Tyrant had, and that he stores that power until he needs it. Terrax then exclaims that he knows of someone who is armed with more information of Tyrant. The two make plans to pay a visit to Ganymede, the last of the Spinsterhood.


Writing: 9.7 Excellent story. Flowed very well from start to finish. I thought Terrax telling his background story to somebody he just met was a bit forced, but not done too badly. Thanos showed up at a good point in the story and as I said, everything flowed smoothly.

Art: 9.0 The art was drawn great. The only thing I didn’t like was the power up "smudges" involved. Instead of showing blood, they would show ink smudges which might have been okay when Terrax used his earth powers, but in my opinion they overused it continually – such as when Terrax used his axe to slice Vana. I would have preferred to see blood or energy rather than dark ink smudges. Still, everything else is drawn beautifully including the setup girl Vana, Terrax and Thanos. Nice one page shots too.

Overall score: 9.35

Continued in Cosmic Powers #3

Review written by Mystic


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