The Official Handbook to the Protectors Universe

The following are major characters seen in POTU #1-12:

Adam Warlock – (former alias: Him, God Slayer.) created by the Enclave. Former Supreme Being and wielder of the Infinity Gauntlet. Bearer of the last existing Soul Gem. Reluctant reserve member of the Protectors of the Universe. After months of inexplicable emotional upheaval, Adam recently reclaimed his birth body, as well as the Good and Evil that he had banished from his psyche while Supreme.

Air-Walker (Gabriel Lan, Xandarian) former Herald of Galactus, former Captain of the Xandarian starship "Way-Opener," where he served with Pyreus Kril (Firelord). Recently reclaimed his original organic body. Leader of the Protectors division known as the Powers Cosmic.  

Aleta – member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Ex-wife of the 31st Century Starhawk. Paramour of the future version of Vance Astro (the Avengers’ Justice). Empowered by the cosmic entity known as the Hawk God. In her alternate future, former Matriarch of the Universal Church of Truth. Traveled with seven other Guardians from an alternate future on a vital mission she cannot fully recall, as retroactive amnesia slowly degraded her memories. She suffered from a variation of the extra-universal withdrawal symptoms all non-natives of the Marvel Universe endured after the Cosmic Union event. Her mission on Sirus X was unknown to all but Epoch, but it was important enough to assign a majority of the Protectors away from the threats of Galactus (in Marvel’s Galactus the Devourer) and Thanos (in Marvel’s Thor).

Alevolen – (Malevolence, in an alternate future, the daughter of Mephisto) In the future of the Guardians of the Galaxy, she was a Matriarch of the Universal Church of Truth. In the present, claiming to be a Goddess of Light, Alevolen helped Jack of Hearts regain a semblance of human physicality (at a price yet to be determined). Meeting the Protectors, she offered to help in the siege against Rune’s Universal Church of Truth. The Protectors accepted, despite the protestations of the departing Lady Sif of Asgard. She seemingly betrayed Starhawk and joined forces with Rune.

Ayesha – (former alias: Her II.) according to Crucible, Ayesha is a purebred lifeform grown from the “Ayesha Sample.” This Sample of DNA was previously used by the Enclave in the development of Adam Warlock and Kismet. Ayesha recently gave birth to twin cocoons that are rapidly reaching maturity.

Beta Ray Bill (Betarebil, Korbinite) former Defender of a fleet of refugee vessels from the Burning Galaxy. The Korbinite fleet has since been destroyed by the Axi-Tun. Granted Asgardian citizenship and power by All-Father Odin. Bearer of the Uru hammer Stormbreaker. Aboard his vessel, Scuttlebutt, Bill and Dawn, the last of their kind willing to procreate attempted to reestablish their species.  

Binary  (true name unknown.) Months ago, Carol Danvers was used in a laboratory experiment by the Brood. She was unaware that the entity that was originally Binary had been superimposed with her, attempting to replace that which had been taken by Rogue. As an unwitting symbiotic being, Binary served for a time with the Starjammers. When Carol Danvers began losing her Binary abilities (see Marvel’s Avengers Vol. 3 #1-5), the original Binary entity reasserted its individuality and fled the confines of Earth while Carol slept. Binary has since sought purpose in service to the Universal Church of Truth.  

Brotus – Chief Grand Inquisitor assigned as private security honor guard for his master and friend, the Protégé. Romantic target of Mantis for infiltration into the Imperial Compound. Torn between duty and honor, he must choose whether to obey his God and betray his friend, or follow his heart and seek out his lost love, Mantis, whom he already suspects of espionage. Recently recruited away from the Protégé by the Dark God himself for unknown tasks, he introduced Rune to the Protector known as Starfox, who seemed intent on betraying his teammates for entertainment.  

Bubonicus – First appeared in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Cosmic entity; though humanoid in size, its full body armor was reminiscent of Celestial technology. Capable of causing virulent plagues specific to its victims. Actually succeeded at infecting Eternity, who was cured by Phoenix IX. Later hunted from planet to planet by the Martian “interstellar serial killer” Ripjak. The 31st Century High Evolutionary assisted in thwarting the death of one planet’s populace by evolving the inhabitants to be immune to the plague. Last seen being pursued by Ripjak and the High Evolutionary near the end of the Guardians’ series.  

Captain Charlie 27 (Jovian) - genetically bred to withstand the pressures and atmosphere of Io's mother planet, Jupiter. He was also a founding member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Captain Marvel (Genis Vell, half-Kree, half-Titanian Eternal) son of Mar-Vell, his exploits are chronicled monthly by the historians at Marvel.

Crucible – (Wladyslav Shinski, formerly of the Enclave) brilliant geneticist, who utilized the mysterious “Ayesha Sample” to further his Master Race of soldiers. Warlock and Kismet both owe their existence to his efforts. Crucible and Ayesha are apparently now mates. Crucible wears armor resembling that of Doctor Doom.

Delta Ray Dawn (Deltaredon, Korbinite) - brought back to life by Mistress Death as punishment for Beta Ray Bill's presumptuousness, Dawn has departed orbit from Sirus X aboard Scuttlebutt. She seeks a safe haven of anonymity from which to continue her efforts in replenishing her dwindling species through in vitro fertilization.

Destroyer - Asgardian armor created by Odin to battle the Celestials. Used briefly by Galactus as a Herald. Possessed by the Goddess during the Cosmic Union event. Shunted to the Ultraverse at the conclusion of the Cosmic Union.

Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange) Sorcerer Supreme of Earth.

Drax the Destroyer (Arthur Douglas) - father of Moondragon, resuscitated by Kronos for the specific purpose of destroying Thanos. Recently regained a measure of his intellect, then lost it once more. Currently exploring the Microverse in the pages of Marvel's Captain Marvel comic.

Epoch - daughter of Eon and heir to vast cosmic awareness. God-daughter of Quasar. Founder of the Protectors of the Universe.

Firelord (Pyreus Kril, Xandarian) - former Herald of Galactus, served with Air-Walker on the 'Way opener' vessel prior to become a Herald.

Gamora – (Astral Samurai) trained by Thanos as a living weapon, Gamora has since served as a member of the Infinity Watch, guardians of the Infinity Gems. During the Cosmic Union, Gamora’s body was used as a host for the Phoenix Force. In service to the Protectors, Gamora has recently attempted to reclaim her criminal past. She fears that her past is attempting to reclaim her. In recent hours, her body began decomposing as a result

Ganymede  - one of the last remaining members of an ancient race of astral warrior women called the Spinsterhood, Ganymede has had a romantic connection with Jack of Hearts. She is currently working undercover as Gehenna Midas, a Grand Inquisitor for the Universal Church. Through time travel, Ganymede spent one year of her life in the brutal Church military. 

Gladiator - (Kallark, Strontian) Praetor of the Imperial Guard of the Shi'ar Empire.

Goddess – formerly, the entity that embodied the dispelled Good that was within Adam Warlock. Since Adam reclaimed that part of himself, that which remained unabsorbed had enough of a unique identity that it quickened the soulless female unborn twin of Ayesha.  

Grinner - mysterious, powerful crime lord with intimate ties to the Universal Church of Truth infrastructure.

Heater Delight - blue-skinned exotic dancer and entertainer for hire on Throneworld. Works at Mama Alpha's Place, has had romantic intentions for Starfox since the Starlin days.

Jack of Hearts (Jack Hart, half-Terran, half-Contraxian) immersed in Zero Fluid, Jack developed energy manipulative powers. Until recently, he was forced to wear a containment suit to regulate the energies that coursed through his system. Although currently romantically involved with Ganymede of the Spinsterhood, Jack has an obsessive attraction for the goddess Alevolen, who helped him regain control of his fully human physical body.

Kismet / the Matriarch – (former aliases: Paragon, Her I) Kismet was the second successful Enclave experiment in mixing human DNA with the Ayesha Sample. She is a Cosmic entity who sought procreation and chose Quasar as her ideal mate. Kismet has since learned that Starhawk is her son. As a member of the Protectors, she is working undercover, posing as the prophesied “Matriarch” that would help the Protégé bring about the dawning of a new era.

Magus – formerly, the entity that embodied the dispelled Evil that was within Adam Warlock. Since Adam reclaimed that part of himself, that which remained unabsorbed had enough of a unique identity that it quickened the soulless male unborn twin of Ayesha.

Mama Alpha - stocky proprietress of the club where Mantis and Heater Delight performed. Has had romantic intentions for Pip the Troll since the Starlin days.

Mantis (alias Mandy Celestine, exotic dancer) – Celestial Madonna. Former wife of the eldest Coatatl and mother to the Celestial Messiah. Member of the Spinsterhood division of the Protectors. Worked undercover to make contact with the Inquisitor Brotus, but abandoned her assignment to safeguard a sentient captive from the Imperial Arboretum. Mantis was able to depart Sirus X prior to the activation of the planetary defense grid (Currently engaged in the events of Marvel’s Galactus the Devourer #1 – 6 off-planet).

Martinex (Pluvian) - genetically bred for survival and work on the Sol System's most distant planet. His diamond hard skin seemed sculpted into multiple facets. He was one of the founding members of the Guardians of the Galaxy, and he was instrumental in expanding the roster of the team into a larger amalgamation that he dubbed the Galactic Guardians.

Moondragon (Heather Douglas) - telepath, daughter of Drax, former member of the Avengers and the Infinity Watch. Recently had her memories of service as a Spinster in the Protectors of the Universe mind-wiped by Rune's telepathic agents. Currently helping Captain Marvel attain control of his newfound Cosmic Awareness.

Morfex (Skrull) - former Captain in the Axi-Tun space fleet. Former member of the Star Masters. Following the Cosmic Union event, departed with Xenith and Pip the Troll to the planet Calculex.

Nicholette (“Nikki” Mercurian) - the last survivor of her kind. She was the first female member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. With flames for hair, her body could reach the temperature of the surface of Mercury and still survive. She was the lover of Charlie 27, whose durable hide could withstand the heat.

Nova (Frankie Raye, Terran) former Herald of Galactus, former ally of the Fantastic Four. Current member of the Powers Cosmic.

Oera (Watcher) - assigned to observe the exploits of the Protectors of the Universe. Has been known to assist the Protectors.

Phoenix - human manifestation of the cosmic Phoenix Force. This newest incarnation based herself on a combined personality template of the Spinsterhood members on Sirus X, as well as on Aleta, Replica, and Binary. Attempts by Bubonicus to corrupt her with dark emotions failed, as her ethical and moral infrastructure was firmly entrenched. The Phoenix, like the Protectors as a whole, stands for all life.

Pip the Troll (Laxidazian) - interstellar lecherous pest, wanted by the law on several worlds. Friend and former companion of Adam Warlock and Gamora.

Protégé / Kireleon / Gemini / Noel and Erik – formerly, two brothers raised as an experiment in the application of Shu Ji energy in the Ultraverse. The twins later learned that Adam Warlock’s DNA sample was used in their creation. One brother was heir to the Curse of Rune after the Dark God’s apparent demise. The brothers can exist separately, although, like Rune, they suffer from extra-universal withdrawal symptoms if kept apart too long in the Marvel Universe.  

Quasar (Wendell "Dell" Vaughn, Terran) former Avenger, former SHIELD agent, former Security Director of Project: Pegasus. Assigned by the Cosmic Being Eon to serve as the Protector of the Universe, his various allies included Eon’s daughter Epoch, and Kismet (formerly Her). Active member of the previous and current incarnations of the Star Masters. Recently learned that Starhawk is his offspring.

Recorder (Rigellian) - construct dedicated to recording the exploits of the Protectors. Only sentient being present on Io when Nathaniel Richards of the Timeless caused a temporal implosion on the Jovian moon. His current fate and whereabouts are unknown.

Replica – shape-shifting Skrull female, member of the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Galactic Guardians. Believer in the Universal Church of Truth. Traveled with seven other Guardians from an alternate future, on a vital mission they cannot fully recall, as retroactive amnesia slowly degraded all their memories. They suffered from a variation of the extra-universal withdrawal symptoms all non-natives of the Marvel Universe endure after the Cosmic Union event.

Ripjak (Martian) - last of the Martians, considered for a time to be a cosmic serial killer. Instead, his motivations had proven merciful, as the euthanizing of several plague worlds did avert untold suffering and inevitable, drawn out deaths. He bore red, gold, and silver armor that made his physical form seem humanoid. The only human part of him was the genetic makeup of the final survivor of an alternate Earth's 21st Century heroes' last stand in the Martian War of the Worlds, the amazing Spider-Man. He became a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy under mysterious circumstances yet to be chronicled.

Rune – the Dark God, Prince of Void, vampiric entity from the Ultraverse that fed off of superhuman souls, blood, and life forces. Establisher of the Universal Church of Truth on Sirus X during Earth’s Hyborean Age. Rune suffered from extra-universal withdrawal symptoms that can only be staved off by feeding off humanoids more frequently, or by somehow becoming native to the Marvel Universe’s present…

Sif (Asgardian) - trusted companion and comrade-at-arms of Thor and Beta Ray Bill. Recently took the throne of Asgard at the behest of All-Father Odin following the Thanos Incident.

Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd, Zen Lavian) - first Herald of Galactus. Cosmic defender of the highest caliber.

Starfox (Eros) – Titanian Eternal, son of Mentor, brother of Thanos. Former Avenger, less than ideal role model and foster father of Genis-Vell. Womanizer, hedonist and self-absorbed narcissist. Eros has apparently betrayed his fellow Protectors merely for the entertainment value and to allay the tedium of near immortality.  

Starglow (Shalla Bal, Zenn Lavian) former Empress of Zenn La, formerly inhabited the Punisher construct that defended Galactus’ Worldship. Member of the Powers Cosmic. Unlike the other four members, Starglow does not occupy her birth-body; her soul inhabits a Power Cosmic-created body, which, unbeknownst to her, is a time bomb of Cosmic energy building up toward critical levels.  

Starhawk – son of Quasar and Kismet, born of the embryo implanted upon Quasar as a test by Kismet to determine the ideal mate. Discarded as a presumably unfertilized bio-mass, Stakar awoke as a full adult after passing through the wake of the first wave of the Cosmic Union event. Having made contact across time to his 31st century counterpart, he is aware of many of that Stakar’s memories and emotional attachments.

Talon (Inhuman) - a disciple of the 31st Century Sorcerer Supreme, Krugarr. Member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. His body had undergone various changes in recent months, relative to his timeframe. He now bore a sleeker feline frame, unlike the monstrously brutish form that had emphasized his bestial nature. His mystical possessions, like the Eye of Agamotto, remained in the 31st Century to avoid the chaos of a multiple presence in one era.

Thor (Asgardian) - God of Thunder, Avenger, and warrior without parallel, whose exploits are well documented in monthly epic form.

White Raven – mercenary and assassin for hire. Trained with Gamora under the tutelage of Thanos. Registered agent of the galactic underworld of organized crime led by the mysterious Grinner. Apparently, she is romantically involved with Kireleon.

Xenith (Strontian) - cousin of Kallark, Gladiator of the Imperial Guard. Former Star Master currently on a leave of absence with her lover Morfex on the planet Calculex.

Yondu Odonta (Centaurian) - His deep blue pigmentation and the tall red crest growing from his back marked him as a member of the race of Centaurians. He was a holy man to his people, as well as a skilled warrior with non-technological weaponry. Another founding member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Yondu worshipped a deity called Anthos, whom he recently learned might actually be Thanos of Titan. The revelation was more than he could bear, and he fell into a state of complete denial, wreaking havoc with his delicate spiritual balance.

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