Supergirl: The Resurrection Chapter 4

Written by Dylan Clearbrook, Edited by E.A. Morrissey
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Note: This issue is continued from Supergirl Chapter 3 in Cosmic Powers Unlimited #5
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"Physically, she is in the peak of health." Calling on his past as a surgeon, Strange had insisted on examining Kara after a light breakfast "What we are seeing now is the process of her psyche taking up residence."

"Which would account for the fact that she has yet to realize that she has full use of her powers." Xavier mused. He and Strange observed Kara through a window of Strange's mansion as she wandered slowly through the immaculate gardens of the estate. How Strange had contrived to create a vast garden estate, apparently open to the sky, within a brownstone in Greenwich, Xavier did not even try to understand. Wong, keeping a discreet distance, trailed her in the off chance she would need anything.

"Which brings to mind another question." Strange looked down at the chair ridden man. "Her lack of knowledge does not mean the powers are not there. What is stopping her from accidentally crushing something or suddenly taking off in flight?"

"Habit." Xavier stated. "For many years she existed in dual roles. One as Supergirl, the other as a normal Earth woman. To maintain her identity as the latter, she was forced to exhibit extreme caution, allowing none of her unique abilities to show. I would imagine that, eventually, it became so ingrained that it was subconscious on her part. She no longer had to think about it. Both the body and the psyche know this and are reacting accordingly. Merely on a subconscious level."

"So, once she has 'settled', so to speak, she should be come aware that she has those abilities?"

"Perhaps not." Xavier countered. "At this point in time, her own psyche is keeping her from questioning what has happened. For the moment, much of what she knows has been blocked off from her conscious mind. For the time being perhaps that is for the best. Yet when she does begin to recall and can work through the shock, she will naturally assume that she is powerless. She herself had exposed the clone to the Yellow Kryptonite."

"The yellow what?" Strange turned and looked at Xavier, puzzled.

"The yellow radiation that masked the clones powers." Xavier explained. "I learned during my brief contact with her that the substance was known to her as Kryptonite. A radioactive substance, I do believe, from her home world."

Totally unaware of the men discussing her, Kara walked through the gardens, stopping now and again to admire a piece of art work and a beautiful floral arrangement.

Prof. Xavier, as the man in the floating wheel chair had introduced himself, had been correct. Though Dr. Strange had seem extremely familiar, she could not recall at any time meeting him.

Breakfast had been wonderful. She had not realized she was so hungry until the smell of food caused her mouth to water and her stomach to rumble. She smiled now, remembering her embarrassment, hoping neither of the gentlemen had heard the grumbling.

She swayed slightly as the world wobbled again. She had asked Dr. Strange about the dizziness when he examined her and had been extremely relieved when he informed her that the periods of dizziness would eventually diminish in frequency and in duration.

Moving carefully, she found a spot near a small fountain and settled to the ground, her legs tucked up under her. What had happened to her? From the way Dr. Strange and Prof. Xavier talked, she had been .... unwell.... for some time. She couldn't recall coming down with any illness. She sighed heavily. The truth of the matter was, she could recall very little of anything. But something kept nagging at her. Puzzled she looked up in the if searching for something.

"Kal, where are you?" She whispered.

When Xavier grew tense, Strange picked up on it instantly.

"What is it?" He demanded. He looked out the window, but all he could see was the girl, looking up into the sky.

"She is starting to remember." Xavier announced. "Slowly, and in fragments, at best. But starting, nonetheless." He turned sad eyes to Strange. "She is starting to wonder where her cousin is."

Lit primarily by torches set in holders along the walls, the throne room was cast in shadows that danced in counter point with the flickering flames. The medieval affect was, however, ruined by the flat view screen that extended from the ceiling before the throne and the robotic servant/guardians that stood to either side of the throne, their metallic bodies burnished and painted so as not to cast any form of reflection

On a stand to the right, a metallic mask/helmet rested. It's cold, dark visage a mere reflection of the inner turmoil of the throne room's single, living, occupant.

His horribly disfigured face hidden in the shadows, Dr. Victor Von Doom once again replayed the recording he had received from his spy-spider.

"A Supergirl." He mused. Already his twisted, genius mind was running through possible advantages and problems this new player could cause him. In the end, he decided simply to wait and watch....for now. "It shall be interesting to see what comes of this. " The picture on the screen zoomed to a close up of the blonde woman on Reed Richard's examination table. "By now she has been taken to Stephen Strange." With a wave of a hand he dismissed the viewer, allowing it to retract into the ceiling and out of sight. "Supergirl. A woman to watch for. Yes. This could be interesting indeed."

Gods she hurt! She could never recall hurting so much in her life. She could not stifle the groan that passed her lips as she struggled to her feet.

The battle still raged, though now some distance from her. The Anti-Monitor's last blast had knocked her for a loop, that was sure. Taking stock of the situation she winced as first Green Lantern and then Superboy went tumbling away. Soon, the battle area was cleared with the exception of two combatants, steadily slugging it out. Kal and the Anti-Monitor.

She gasped as Kal was forced to his knees and then sent tumbling head over heels to lie motionless some distance away.

"KAL!" Fear for her cousin swept through her, kicking her in to action. In a single leap she had cleared the distance between them, landing lightly by her cousin. "Kal." His face was a mass of bruises, blood trickling from between tight clenched lips. He groaned, trying to rise.

"Have to stop him." The words were forced out as if he had to physically wrench them out of his mouth. Fear turned to rage as Kara turned her eyes to the rapidly approaching Anti-Monitor. Coming to finish the job.

"You Bastard!" She screamed, launching herself over the still struggling form of Kal-El. She became a blue, yellow and red streak as she vented her rage in an all out attack. With this bastard there was no holding back. For the first time, Supergirl unleashed every ounce of her power - and aimed it at the Anti-Monitor!

With heat vision streaming from her eyes and her powerful fists moving in a blur to fast to follow, she pummeled the startled Anti-Monitor. Bringing him to a stand still and then backing him up.

She had no idea what any of the other heroes were doing. Right now, the only thing that concerned her was the complete and utter destruction of this vile being that threatened her, her cousin, her entire adopted world, her very reality. She smashed her way through the Anti-Monitor's guard, her fists battering him non-stop.

"NO!" The Anti-Monitor's defiant shout was tinged with fear as he steadily felt himself being beaten back and then, as his footing became unstable, lifted and thrown by a single massive punch. Yet even then he was not granted a respite. Launching herself like a missile, both hands extended in white knuckled fists of rage, she struck the Anti-Monitor again, the sound of the impact ringing throughout the battle field.

Again and again she struck, knowing instinctively that her foe was weakening. Yet this foe had at least one more trick. As she swooped in for another smashing blow, she was caught in a tremendous surge of energy.

Things became blurry after that. She was aware of striking the ground and of Kal yelling her name and then nothing for several long moments. She knew she should get up, get back into the fight, yet no matter how much she willed it, her body would not respond. Finally, she felt gentle, shaking hands, lift her head. She opened her eyes, looking up at Kal's tear streaked face.

"I tried." She managed to whisper.

"You weakened him, Kara." Superman replied, emotion constricting his throat. "We stopped him here."

She tried to smile but had no way of knowing if she succeeded. As everything began to fade she could hear Kal crying out.

"Kara! KARA!"

"Kara?." The voice was calm and sounded nothing like Kal's. "Kara, wake up. You are having a nightmare."

Her eyes flew open and she looked up at the concerned face of Prof. Xavier. Standing just behind him, his concern equally apparent, was Dr. Strange. With a sob, she turned her face away from the men, allowing the tears to flow. She felt the bed shift as Dr. Strange sat on the edge, a hand touching her shoulder gently.


"I died." She whispered. She turned her head and looked at the men, their faces blurred by the tears in her eyes. "I remember. I died and you brought me back." She lifted a hand and looked at it. "I remember it all." She clutched Dr. Strange's sleeve. She missed his nervous glance. If she lost control, the last thing he wanted was his arm in her grip. "You found me and brought me back. In this body. The clone's body."

"This is true." Prof. Xavier replied before Strange could say anything.

"Kal must not know. He must still think me dead."

"Superman does not know that you live." Xavier answered. Truthfully.

"I have to get to him, let him know." She started to rise, her eyes widening with surprise when she felt herself being held in place, by....nothing.

"First you must rest. And heal." Xavier told her. "You realize that this body is not the one you were born with, even though it is an exact duplicate. You must give your body and psyche, or spirit if you will, time to merge fully. It is that process that is causing your dizziness."

"Soon," Strange spoke up. "You will be able to do what ever and go where ever you please." He covered the hand that still clutched his sleeve and smiled. "But for now listen to your doctors and take care of your health first. Get settled with yourself first and then we can tackle other things."

Leaving Kara to return to sleep, both men exited the room and conferred.

"She is coming along nicely." Xavier commented. "And rapidly. I believe her restorative powers are finally beginning to kick in." He glanced back at the closed door, rubbing his chin with one hand. "I believe it is time to let her get acquainted with another woman. Some one she can identify with."

"Sue Richards, perhaps?" Strange inquired.

"I think not." Xavier shook his head. "For one thing, it would require a lot of her time. Besides, I believe a single female would be more appropriate."

"You have some one in mind, I presume?"

"As a matter of fact, I do." Xavier nodded. "That is, if you do not mind extending your hospitality to one more person."

"Of course not." Strange waved the suggestion that anyone was imposing upon him away. "I shall inform Wong that we have another guest coming and ask him to prepare a room for her."

"Let her have my room." Xavier said. "I really must be getting back to my school." I shall check in from time to time and keep a mental watch on her." He smiled and turned his chair towards his room. "In fact, I shall be leaving at once and informing my replacement of her new duties." As his chair moved off, Strange could swear he could hear Xavier chuckling to himself. "Gambit's going to be a lonely boy for a while."

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