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This weeks letters are from Cosmic Powers Unlimited Issue #5 (and a few other back issues)...

MDG writes concerning CPU:
Not bad..not bad at all. For your lettercol, might I suggest "Cosmic Letters Unlimited"?

Well, I think we may have a name figured out now... and we'll announce it in our special Cosmic Powers Unlimited #0 issue coming November 3rd! --James

Daniel Gordon writes concerning the Cosmic Union:
I just got finished reading The Cosmic Union part one and I thought it was excellent. I can't wait to see how the cosmic villains really work together. How did they gather? Perhaps this will be explained in future issues.

Daniel, you've given us a great idea. Watch for CPU #0, where, among several other excellent stories you will find the tale of the villains' gathering. --Morfex

Adam Warlock 24 writes concerning Cosmic Union:
You guys are doing a great job, keep it up, maybe you could submit these stories to search engines, that way you can get a larger audience. I personally enjoyed the Warlock scenes.

Adam Warlock was also the most fun to write of all the characters in Cosmic Union. James, are there search engines you have yet to contact? -- Morfex

The site should be listed on most search engines... but I'm going to start getting the individual stories up soon as well.  But why stop at search engines?!  Cosmic Powers is doing its best to get its stories seen... look for a special #0 issue in Heroes, the Fan Fictio Group Fan Mag in November... and we are going to work with other fan fiction groups to get the word out there as well.  As nearly as I can tell, though, we are, by far, the largest and most visited source for COSMIC fan fiction starring Marvel characters! --James

Eric Martin writes concerning Cosmic Union:


kron writes concerning Cosmic Union:
I like the story ...it keeps on getting better

Thank you for voicing your opinion, kron. We appreciate every letter and comment submitted. It inspires us to produce more and better stories! Keep the feedback coming! --Morfex

Nebula writes concerning Cosmic Union:
This series continues to rock!

Thank you, Nebula! Your namesake appears in a future story with Firelord
called "Incendiary!" Watch for it! --Morfex

Daniel Gordon writes concerning Timeless:

I love the part one of the Hourglass story. I am three years behind in comic book reading but I see hear that you gave Century a most unique origin. Does he have 100 years to complete his mission? I am just guessing here but did Epoch just chose Doom 2099 to be a member of the Timeless? I cant wait to read the next chapter.

Thank you, Daniel. If you're enjoying Timeless now, you will most assuredly
find it all the more pleasing once the first "filler" arc is finished, and
the true storyline begins to unfold. --Azmodi

Will writes concerning JLA/Galactus (and the fan fiction classic, The Twilight War):
I just read the JLA/Galactus part 1 and 2 and they are great! By the way, The Twillight War was almost as good, if not better than The Infinity Gauntlet!

Thanks, Will! The TW continuation, "Foundations Forged Before Nightfall," should make its appearance next month! --Azmodi

Eric Martin writes concerning Powers Cosmic #1:
Very good. The action got started right off and I liked what you guys are doing with Terrax. Keep up the good work.

Thanks, Eric. We hope you enjoy the second chapter as much as the first. You stick around, and so will Terrax. --Morfex

P. Booker writes concerning Powers Cosmic #1:
I very much enjoyed this issue of the Powers Cosmic and I am looking forward to reading further issues' of the Cosmic Union to find out just how the former heralds' regained their organic bodies and if their new bodies are as strong and durable as their cosmic physiques' were!!

Well, P., if you want to sneak a peek at how the organic bodies were regained, check out the Silver Surfer Message Board Archives. Cosmic Union was completed there several months ago. Please note that "the Directors' Cut" means some improvements and modifications, so don't miss out on the new material either! -- Morfex

Mystic, co-writer of The Cosmic Union, writes concerning Spinsterhood #1:
Out of all the teams that spun off the Cosmic Union, I am most intrigued by the Spinsterhood. Looking forward to reading more about them and seeing how they develop cohesion with each other. Good choice, Morfex!

Thank you, my esteemed colleague! Yes, this title is the one that fascinates me the most as well. I hope that continues to reflect in the stories to come. -- Morfex

If you haven't read Cosmic Powers Unlimited #5, do so now or visit the Cosmic Powers Fan Fiction Group's website to go to any of our past issues... but first, send us comments below on what you think of Cosmic Powers Unlimited so far!

To all of you who wrote in, thanks!  To all of you who didn't... shame on you!  But you can make it up by sending us your comments below.  Then come back next week, when we answer your letters from issue #5 of Cosmic Powers Unlimited!  In the mean time, be sure to vote below to give this letter column a name!

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