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This weeks letters are from Cosmic Powers Unlimited Issue #4...

Dylan Clearbook, writer Supergirl: The Resurrection, writes concerning Cosmic Powers Unlimited, and specifically the Cosmic Union:

Okay, I admit it. I finally printed off all the stories from the first three issues (not including my own....I think I remember what I wrote) and got around to reading them. I love it! Especially the Cosmic Union! Excellent work. Very rarely have I seen such good work on a collaboration. Do it again!!!!!

Thanks, Dylan. We all enjoyed writing Cosmic Union and its spinoffs also. As for doing it all again [a group effort fan fiction], you never know...we're a pretty spontaneous group -- Mystic
Actually, Dylan (and Mystic)... check out the Silver Surfer Message Board now and join in on the latest round robin! --Marvelite

Mystic, a writer of Cosmic Union and the upcoming Elder's Quest, writes concerning Tales of the Timeless #4:

Az, Your Timeless story is great so far. Already they are engaged on a mission by needing to rescue Century. Looking forward to reading your next issue.

Thanks, Mystic! I try and do my best. --Azmodi

Harker, a frequent poster at the Silver Surfer Message Board, writes concerning Tales of the Timeless #4:

As always Az does a wonderful job of narration. I am a fan of this "kid" and one would be wise to keep an eye on him in the future. Keep up the great work everyone!

Thanks, Hark. Much appreciated.  --Azmodi

Eric Martin writes concerning Powers Cosmic #1:

Very good. The action got started right off and I liked what you guys are doing with Terrax. Keep up the good work.

Thanks, Eric. I've enjoyed Terrax ever since he first appeared, but the Herald Ordeal shaped my sense of his interaction with the other former Heralds of Galactus. Terrax will be a regular guest in Powers Cosmic. Do you readers think he should join the team permanently? Please let us know your vote! --Morfex

Regis Branson writes concerning Powers Cosmic #1:

So far so good although I would have preferred the Surfer as the leader.

That was my initial instinct also. But I realized that the Surfer would get top billing in several fan fictions, so he wouldn't mind taking a passenger seat here; he likes being accountable for himself, not for others. That's why Beta Ray Bill was his team leader in the Star Masters of Cosmic Union (same continuity). Gabriel the Air-Walker is an experience leader, and I felt that aspect of his characterization deserved a little more fleshing out. I hope you stick with the former Heralds to see how things evolve. Norrin is truly among a group of equals for the first time since his life on Zenn La. Gabriel is merely "first among equals." --Morfex

Alexander M. Agravante writes concerning JLA/Galactus #2:

This is great ! I am simply amused to find that Marvel Comics Group and DC Comics Group are actually two earths of different dimensions. But somehow, Galactus could travel in between dimensions. I hope both comics producing companies agree with each other as to the interesting stories that this could bring out. Its nice to note that one of the most powerful beings in Marvel Comics is making hay among the DC superheroes. I used to think that DC superheroes seem to be a lot more powerful than Marvel Comic Superheroes. It would seem to me that Superman is stronger than say, the Mighty Thor. The flash actually moves a lot faster than say Quicksilver. But I seem to notice that there are a lot more gods in Marvel Comics than that of the DC.

Thanks, Alex... Look for more DC stories by writer DJ Ferris soon... and check out the conclusion of JLA/Galactus now!  --Marvelite

Drax the Destroyer writes concerning JLA/Galactus Part 2:

This is an ok fanfic. The battles aren't very good, they are too short, the other characters aren't used as much as they should (like Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Flash etc.). There aren't any hints as to what Luthor's plans are, and that cuts out the fun of mystery. You gotta give some hints to what's going on. On a scale of 1 - 10, I give this story a 4.

Wow! I'm sorry you thought the story was only okay... Thanks for sending us your comments anyway!  We appreciate all suggestions.  --Marvelite

Galactus writes concerning JLA/Galactus Part 2:

Very good so far, the story is going well in proportion, please don't start the JLA team trying to battle Galactus again, is there really any point, lets not see a compromise, just a swift pick up and go, whatever Galactus wants, he gets!

What fun would that be?  We have to see some form of battle... correct? Write us back and tell us what you thought of the conclusion... we hope you like! --Marvelite

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