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This week we have a new chapter of Adam Warlock is THANOS II, as Dr. Strange must prevent Adam Warlock from reclaiming the Soul Gem.

Also, Josh Reynolds brings us the third chapter of Infinity Assault.  Continuing from where Marvel's Infinity Trilogy left off and Josh Reynolds' sequel o that, Infinity Conquest, Infinity Assault continues to follow the fate of the Infinity Gems starring all of your favorite cosmic heroes and villains!

We also have three new stories.  First, we have the first issue of Silver Lantern, a new character inspired by Marvel and DC's Amalgam Comics bringing the concepts of Silver Surfer and Green Lantern together into a brand new character!

Then, we have a reprint of our classic Firelord story Destinies Embrace, with Chapters 1-3 in this first issue!  And, for something completely difference, we have Part One of Infinity Nietzsche, an essay comparing the Infinity Trilogy with Nietzschean philosophy.  

All this plus a new Dr. Strange and Adam Warlock cover in Cosmic Powers Unlimited #55!

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In this issue...

Dr. Strange and Adam Warlock face off in a final showdown, as Strange tries to keep the Soul Gem from Warlock's grasp as Warlock continues to take on the role of Thanos II.  Also starring the former members of the Infinity Watch!

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ISSUE #3 by Josh Reynolds

Josh Reynolds continues to reveal the fate of the Infinity Gems with this new sequel to Infinity Conquest starring your favorite Marvel characters, including Tyrant, the former heralds of Galactus, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man,
Annihilus, and many others!!
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and Infinity Assault #2~
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ISSUE #1 by Kenny Seghers

Based off the characters of Silver Surfer and Green Lantern, Kenny Seghers brings the newest Amalgam Comics character Silver Lantern, in Part One of a three-part story titled The Home Trilogy!
~Click here to go to Silver Lantern #1~


ISSUE #1 by Adam F.

Firelord stars in his own story in Destinies Embrace.  This first of three issues recaps the life of Pyreus Kril, the former herald of Galactus known as Firelord, and guest-stars the Silver Surfer.
~Click here to go to Firelord: Destinies Embrace #1~

Ram Samudrala
And now for something completely different... an essay com
paring the Infinity Trilogy with Nietzschean philosophy.  Part One details The Infinity Gauntlet.
~Click here to go to Infinity Nietzsche Part One~

This week's cover features Dr. Strange and Adam Warlock!
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