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Chapter 1 - Dark Appetites

The door to the limousine opened and the lovely Victoria Secret model who called herself Gamora stepped into the car, revealing nearly an infinite amount of room. However this did not surprise her, after all Adam was capable of nearly anything.  She was dressed in a green body suit, which was necessary for her profession.  Adam seemed oblivious to it, paying more attention to what was within.  She had always been special to him ever since the first time she tried to kill him, after that they were always together.

"Hi. Where are we going?" said Gamora.

Her hands were eagerly applying the strange make up around her eyes that had become her stock and trade.

“ Soul food, darlin.” said Adam's driver, a short man who went by the name of Pip.

She noticed the cigar that hung from his mouth, which seemed almost metaphysical in nature because it had an ash, which extended several inches without breaking off.  

“When he spoke, his yellow tooth gripped down harder on the end of his cigar like he was trying to contain the vulgarities that sprung forth from his mouth every time he spoke.

“Darlin, did I ever tell ya green’s my favorite color?”

"That better not be a racist crack, you little troll, or I will make you wish you still lived under that bridge!" 

"Honey, you look so good, you should be illegal!"

He wiggled his eyebrows and scanned her up and down with eyes that seemed to have unwholesome thoughts.  If he was trying to hide them, he did a poor job because the devilish grin on his face spoke louder then any words.

Adam seemed lost in his own contemplation while his driver and his date exchanged endless pleasantries.  However, there was something odd about the address...103rd of Universal Domination. Perhaps it was just the pressure of being an attorney and trying to put the crime boss, Thanos of Titan, behind bars. Nevertheless, something was definitely amiss in his city and he could feel it.

Later, they were eating at Soul World a restaurant known for both its exotic food and its interesting company.   Adam and Gamora began to converse on things of a cosmic nature, and things not so cosmic like if next Tuesday Adam could have her baby.

"So do you like being an attorney?" asked Gamora.

"A lot of responsibility, but I seem to have an affinity for such things.

"Adam began looking toward where the reservation taker was standing.  He seemed to be talking to a man who was trying to signal him for some reason although he couldn’t fathom why.”

"You talk strange sometimes," said Gamora who noticed that his eyes were elsewhere.  He was certainly a challenge she thought.

"Did you say Stephen Strange?" The word seemed to bring forth an epiphany.

"Wasn't he that surgeon who went to see a holy man after he had an accident in the mountain?” said Gamora seemingly in constant conflict trying to keep his attention.

"I think..." said Adam, as he pulled his mind from its esoteric musings.

The waiter suddenly interrupted them. He was a purple man who had his hair tied back and wore a lightning bolt on his chest. Adam seemed taken aback by the man's esoteric appearance, but Gamora seemed not to notice. She ordered everything on the menu and asked the waiter if she could get a muscatel with an extra olive.

Adam whispered, "Did you notice something different about that man?"

"Just because he dressed like a superhero? C'mon Adam. This is Soul World. Hey, isn't that Judge Kraytor? Wasn't there something about him getting paid under the table?”

Kraytor was having dinner with a beautiful actress who called herself the Goddess. She waved at Adam in a flirtatious manner, now detectable by the dour expression on Kraytor’s face.

Kraytor appeared to look like a head with an atrophied body.  His skin tone was emerald green, like Gamora’s. The Goddess was like Adam with golden skin and blond hair and could probably have passed as his sister.

"Who is that?" Gamora said in a catty manner.

"Nobody, just a former client. She was trying to get the rights for her Egg, but I had to break it off,” he said evenly. “She was too controlling," Adam replied, breaking eye contact with her.

"So you don't like strong women?" said Gamora.

"I like strong women. I just don't like women who don't have a soul,” he said vaguely.  “This restaurant is the test. If you don't like soul food..." Adam stopped as if he had just eaten the proverbial fly in the soup.

"This food...there is something wrong with it. Waiter! Waiter!"

The waiter returned quickly. "Is there a problem?"

"This has not soul! I would like to see your manager!"

"I'm afraid that it's not possible. The Soul Food entity never meets the customers and they never meet him."

Adam Warlock stood abruptly and put an egg on his head. The waiter stared strangely at Adam, as did Gamora. For a moment, he was in doubt as to what his next action should be.

"I want to see the Soul Food entity now!"

The waiter complied instantly. Gamora, along with every resident in the Soul Food restaurant looked at him as if he were insane.  Gamora was then confounded as he handed her the egg and said, “This will bind us together.”  He then put the egg where it would be safe.

The Soul Food entity returned. "Might I help you sir?" "Your soul food has no soul!  We can get you something else if you like. Please, sir. I'm sure this can be worked out."

"No. It is all beginning to make sense. You, the waiter, the Judge...I want my restaurant back!"

"It is my restaurant, Adam. Just like the egg on your head!" The Soul Food Entity gestured to Kraytor to lock the doors. "You are all mine - body and Soul food."

Warlock then had clarity for the first time. "There is no need for this subterfuge, creature. You cannot vanquish my will. Our encounters have shaped my soul so that you can no longer affect it!"

The Soul World entity was before him. His elaborate hoax exposed for what it was.

"Yet I have no wish to be in your place. Let all be as it was."  Warlock gestured and the illusion was dispelled. Soul World was restored to its former state, along with all the souls, which made up its metaphysical domain.

"You're not going to take vengeance on me?"

"Why should I? You merely fulfill your function. I cannot fault you for being true to your nature. Soul World is restored and everything is back in its proper place. Now there is only Thanos to deal with…”

Adam awoke in a sweat. His bed completely drenched. What was it that he had experienced? Was it the Soul Gem reasserting its will? It had been a long journey from godhood to the flesh, to the guardian of the gems, finally losing the gem to the interdimensional vampire, Rune, and then full circle. The gem was once again his, along with the dreaded responsibility and the chaotic emotions he thought that he had rid himself of. He had to integrate the parts back into the whole. The Magus and Goddess had to return to their rightful place, Adam Warlock’s soul. He steeled himself as he prepared his mind for the upcoming conflict and those who would help him. After all Thor, the Surfer, Dr. Strange all owed him along with many more. It was time to start collecting debts.

To Be Continued...

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