World Engine Script Part One of Two

Written by E.A. Morrissey, Edited by James Pedrick
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Script: World Engine


 E A Morrissey

I cannot believe Five years have passed already! When Warren Ellis wrote the four-part World Engine story line, it was supposed to be a re-boot for Thor. With Ellis's writing and the fantastic Art of Deodato, Thor #491 though #494 soon became a best seller for Marvel!

As a writer, Warren Ellis evokes emotion, many of my friends were stacked on both sides of the fence, some loved it, and some hated it with a passion. For me it was a very good story, but some thing was lacking, something needed to be added to make the story complete.

Therefore, in my own way, I wrote this screenplay shortly after the World Engine story came out. It was based on a 'childish' dream I had one night. While Ellis's work was dark and foreboding, my visions in that dream was grand and exciting. In all, I think this piece is nearly complete, but... Mayhap a writer in the future, who is better able to put into writing what his imagination is telling, can complete this work.

I wish you all the very best, and I hope you enjoy.

E A Morrissey.


Silver Surfer; CGI

Mjollnir: CGI

Iron Man/ Tony stark; Kevin Klein

Captain American/Steve Rogers; Brad Pitt

Edwin Jarvis; Anthony Hopkins

Girl; cast

Thor; EAM CGI enhancement

Odin; Sean Connery

Grand Vizier: Patrick Stewart

Amora; Kim Bassingger

Detective George Curzon; Sting

Detective Stone: Louis Gosset Jr

Introduction with credits: - silent


The Tree of life (Yggdrasil)

Commentary: (James Earl Jones)

I am Yggdrasil (Igg-drasil) the tree of life within me contains the essence of the universe; everything is tied between the branches of Yggdrasil! Many have worshipped me, but only one race of Gods protects me, they are the Asgardians. The Asgardians are the famed Gods of the North peoples who have pledged to protect me until their fateful day that was written in the days of Yore. Many stories of old have been told, many have been written. One such story is Ragnarok.

Ragnarok is similar to Armageddon- the end of the universe according to Norse Mythology. The forces of Evil and good will destroy each other, causing a new beginning with survivors of a few gods and man recreated from the morning dew from my (Yggdrasil's) branches. No evil will be present at the dawn of the new era.

Ah but preordained destinies can be corrupted. Who is to say what was written will come too pass? Such a story will be told henceforth, which will show what was written may not come to pass? In this story there will be some of the same players and the result may be the same, the destruction of humanity, as we know it, it could be total. From hereon in such a story will unfold.


Yggdrasil connected to a huge engine, connected via tendrils causing pain to the tree. Where the tendrils cut into the tree you could see the tree bleeding in torture. No one could hear Yggdrasil scream except the all father Odin.

Pan to Odin looking Through the Orb of all seeing.



Star Field stationary, Nebula, center left


James Earl Jones: "In the void of space there is no sound only light or the lack thereof.


A silver blur moving very fast right of center small to upper right corner, when passing the Star field to cartwheel three times before stabilizing. Star view will then come back on itself and follow the blur use warp effect, as it catches up the blur conforms to a shape, that of the Silver Surfer. Show the comportment as contemplative.


Follow Surfer left frames on right in distance a pulsing light, show Surfer investigating sweeping to right to source of flashing light. Light grows into the shape of Mjolnir (Thorís Hammer). Hammer rotating fast. Surfer stops by Mjolnir, Surfers board below Mjolnir.

Silver Surfer: The Silver Surfer bids you well, Mjolnir. What errand has Thor have you on?


The rotating hammer shows a vision of Thorís face (lips moving) no sound.


The Surfer creates an atmosphere (air bubble) by moving his arms in an arc saying let there be air. The bubble envelops the Surfer and the hammer. Mjolnir repeats the message.

Thor (face pained): Surfer I seek thine own assistance, for Ragnarok is upon us!


The Surfer nods (in an "All knowing" kind of way?) and says to Mjolnir. "Come companion of Thor, rest yourself on my board, I will get you there on time."


Mjolnir moves toward the board resting in its shaft. The Surfer warping into space.


Anthony Stark (Kevin Klein)/ Iron Man

Addressing a convention summarizing his speech. When he finishes the crowd stands and applauds. The Avengers comm card beeps waiting to be answered. Walking down the off the podium and through the center isle. At the door he meets Jarvis.

Tony Stark: And again thank you for the generous donations so eat and be merry.

Jarvis (Anthony Hopkins): I have been notified sir, the vehicle is ready for you, so is your brief case.


Tony Stark getting into the back of a SVC Range Rover, the car driven by Jarvis pulling away from the Metropolitan. Pan view pulling away. Switch inside vehicle Stark pulling and activating the avenger's comm-card, showing Captain America.

Captain America: "Tony, get back to the mansion a soon as possible, Iíll explain when I see you."


Pan to Stark opening the brief case show a flattened helmet of Iron Man. Pan to Stark opening necktie and shirt revealing the breast plate of Iron Man.

Iron Man: " Pull into the next alleyway I need to get to the mansion in my own way?"

Jarvis: "Is this about Master Thor?"

Iron Man: "I donít know, as soon as I find out I will tell you, drive safely home Jarvis, donít forget we have a busy day tomorrow.


Iron Man getting out of Range Rover, blasting away up and over Manhattan Skyline, flying to Avengers mansion, Iron Man flying through a shield a computer recognizing Iron Man Walking through main door of the mansion. Change to control room, Captain America standing over computer console with a massive view screen in the background. Pan to doors opening automatically Iron Man walking through.

Captain America: "Tony, thank-you for getting here so soon

Iron Man: "Is this about Thor."

Captain America: "How did you know."

Iron Man: "Jarvis mentioned, it thatís all."

Captain America: "Thor hasnít checked in for 48 Hrs. He of all people is the most disciplined and punctual. If he couldnít come he would send Mjolnir, just to let us know everything is fine." "Tony, you and I are his closest friends on earth, so, what do you think."

Iron Man: There are a few reasons why he is not here, Heís in trouble, or, he is in trouble and it might cause us harm if he involves us." "I think it is the latter, you know how noble he is? All that warrior born crap." "You know how stubborn he can be!"

Captain America: "Yes, I agree with you and thatís why we have to find him." "I have a feeling it is not good, I know it in my bones. You know I lifted Mjolnir once, throwing it back to Thor. Since then there has been an affinity to Thor and the Hammer."

"Somehow, I think Mjolnir is warning me, I feel it in my water, I know heís in trouble and I know Mjolnir wouldnít directly disobey her master unless he was in trouble."

"Thatís why we have to find him."


Jarvis entering Central command.

Jarvis: "Begging your pardon Sirs. It must be something to do with his kind, His pantheon." "He would never covet the lime light."

Captain America: "Even so, We still have to find him."


Yesterday: Manhattan, dark gloomy, Thunder and lightning everywhere. A girl stealing a wallet from a personís back pocket. Her running away, person chasing and yelling "sheís got my wallet" she runs down a deserted street wedges through a fence of a construction site of a new sky scraper under construction, taking the workers elevator to top. Pan to top see lightning emitting through the sky. Girl getting out of elevator moving cautiously toward a work-mans hut illuminated by a flickering candle; shadows present.

Girl walking through door cautiously, pan to Thor slumped on a chair, Mjolnir next to him on a table. Pan to Thorís eyes red in color sparks emitting out of left eye.

Thor: "And what does a "cut-purse" want with the God of Thunder?"

Girl: "Just a place to stay, weather getting bad, see thereís lightning outside, are you the cause of weather?" "Being the lord of the storm from what I remember." "You are Thor arenít you?"

Thor: "Yes I am that cause." "For you will see a humbled Thunder God before you." I have summoned the All-father, Odin." "He is the only one who can help me no, Iím dying you see."


Thor walking outside with Mjolnir kneeling and striking the hammer once on itís shaft.


Odin in Valhol (Valhalla) drinking mead, whilst the "Warriors of the slain" are being served food by the "Chosers' of the Slain." Odin looks over his left shoulder at Hildskjalf (a throne on top of a huge mount) through one of the five hundred and forty arches. Lightning bolts terminate a few feet above the throne. Odin gets up Hunin and Munin fly off his shoulders and make for the entrance. Odinís Wolves follow to the left and right of him, outside Odin stamps Gungnir once on the ground and starts to "Wind walk" with his Wolves to Hildskialf.

Pan view of Odin "Wind walking" from Valhol to Hildskialf.


Lightning flashing, clouds coalescing into the shape of Odin with Gungnir in his right hand, sitting on Hildskialf (Throne) two Ravens to the left and right of his shoulders and his Wolves to the left and right of his throne. Odin leaning forward. Vocal interplay shift from Character to character.

Odin (Sean Connery): "Of all the wondrous things I can see in the Nine Worlds from Hildskialf what do I see with my eyes. " "I see my greatest disappointment!"


Thor: But father Iím dying."

Odin: "Good!"

Thor: "What!

Odin: You have done things to your Father and liege that lesser beings would have been beheaded for."

Thor: (anger in his face) "What! For the right of self determination."

Odin: (interrupting) "You-see, in the throes of Death you are defiant to your father and King." "You cannot be trusted." "Iíve given the mantle of Thor to a mortal." "You cannot be trusted to be at the appointed hours of Ragnarok."

Thor: "Of course I will honor my responsibilities."

Odin: "Really!" "I see no evidence of that" "Die well he who was my son, for I care not for strangers."


The vision of Odin dissipates, Pan to Thor slumping on his knees. Shaking his head.

Thor: "I donít believe it, I donít believe it, I just donít believe it, in the end I thought he cared but alas not enough!"


Girl standing over Thor. She raises her hand and slaps him as hard as she can across the face. She attempts to do so again but Thorís eye flash with lightning and she has second thoughts.

Girl: "snap out of it, man or God, or what ever you are!" "What do I see in front of me?" "Not the noble God who has saved the Earth from monsters to Daemons, no but a creature of self pity a pathetic one at that!"

Thor: "Stay thy hand, for you intentions are well clear and thank-you."


Thor stands proud of his former self for a moment, only to be bent in half in excruciating pain causing him to kneel and vomit blood. Pan to edge of building arms at first climbing over roof them heads and bodies standing tall muscular Automatons made of corpse flesh, wood and cheap electronics, brandishing Viking broadswords.


Asgard: hall of the seat of Odin. Odin looks upon the "orb of all seeing" next to him the Grand Vizier. The orb showing images of the automatons about to engage and try to dispatch Thor.

Vizier: "My lord, did you have to be so hard on the Thunder God, your son?

Odin: "Yes Grand Vizier my councilor and friend." "Death you see is a private thing, you have to face it alone." "Everybody has to even I, I faced death when I counseled Yggdrasil for knowledge, I sacrificed myself for nine days." "Enow that Thor has battled death for eons but he was convinced of the outcome, so sure of himself, he would live for another day." "This time death seems certain for Thor, so now he has to face death without conviction. Death makes the man or God." "Vizier make no more of this, look into the orb of all-seeing and watch an example of Thor facing Death with conviction for here after you will see Thor without!


Odin and Vizier gaze into the orb and from the mist images takes form.

On the plain of Virgrid which is a hundred miles wide as long. Split down the middle on one side lay Sutur of Muspel and his fire minions and on the other lay Odin, the gods of the Aesir including the heroes of Valhol (Valhalla). Odin and the warriors three, Odin astride Sleipnir the eight legged horse and the others standing next to him. Odin raises his hand, the grassís answers his call and starts to grow raising and creating a promontory to view the ensuing battle.

Sutur stood at the forefront standing 200ft higher than his minions holding Twilight the sword destined to set the universe aflame. Odin, Balder and the Warriorís three were standing on a high promontory. Enter Thor flying before Sutur swinging his hammer holding in a hovering stance.

Thor: Stand yea back noble Warriors of the slainÖ Warriors of AsgardÖ

Enter to thee oh storm and lightning, do thy masters bidding; smite the minions of Sut.


The clouds congregate, lightning flashes in a continuous fashion, disintegrating the minions of Sut. Sutur is untouched. Thor still hovering.

Thor: Jord: mother give me thy strength to your son in his hour of need.


The earth rumbles and Thor starts to grow of a size that of Sutur. Thorís hammer stops swinging and holds it at arm's length. Both of a size: Facing each other. Sutur points Twilight at Thor, Thor swings his hammer at a furious pace in front of him.

Sutur: Well-met Thunderer, surely you donít consider Mjolnir the match of Twilight? Pause.


A blast of fire emits from twilight towards Thor; the blast is consumed and dispatched by Mjolnir causing a rent in the just below and in front of Thor.

Sutur: It seems you do Godling, well blow for blow, weapon for weapon, Twilight against Mjolnir to the loser damnation for or till the end of time.

Thor: Have at thee Sutur!


Both Titans arc their weapons on the downward swing to meet at a focal point one weapon surviving. Twilight emits a red light, Mjolnir a blue. Clashing together the red light momentarily consuming the blue a few seconds pass by the blue consumes the red a brilliant white light emanates and diffuses As the light dissipates Twilight is shattered in two pieces.

Thor: Begone from here Sutur of Muspelheim, go the whence thou wert, till the end of time. Iíll look forward to the day of Ragnarok so I can best you again for the next time you will be destroyed utterly. Begone now, the sight of you sickens me Firelord.

Sutur: So shall I say, so shall I do. I have lost because this time wasnít right, but ware yea-well Thunderer, there will come a time when the universe will be rent asunder. For it is my destiny to be sure: my destiny to destroy and how the purest joy to see the Godling of Thunder vanquished. Till then Scion of Asgard.

Thor: So be it!


Sutur vanishes, Thor turns around and walks away, the gods and warriors of Valhol part allowing him access to his father and the warriors three. In doing so for each pace he shrinks to his former size. In front of his father he kneels, getting to his feet, forearms are clasped betwix father and son.

Odin: Well-met scion of Asgard, son of mine but pray tell why did you invoke your motherís strength, instead of mine own?

Thor: Should I have failed you, you would have prevailed with your strength preserved. It seemed the right thing to do.


Odin and Vizier looking into the orb.

Odin: And so the rift started to widen. To the father he was jealous his power wasnít invoked and to the son the start of independent thought. So you see Thor prevailed because he believed. And so back to the Now, gaze upon the orb once more to see the events unfold for when they do climax I will be there to oversee personally.


35 Automatons have climbed the roof circling Thor and the girl, closing the circle.

Automaton leader: "Good, almost dead." "Come to make sure it is so."

Thor: Enough, you want to see me dead, well have at thee!


Thor angry eyes flashing lightning. Thor surrounded, Thor summoning lightning obliterating fifteen automatons. Thor hurls Mjolnir in a wide arc dispatching nine more efficiently, last automaton Mjolnir switching side to side eyes following hammer suddenly Mjolnir bopping on the head, automation out for the count. Mjolnir rotating and hovering close to Thor keeping distance to Thor as Thor is fighting nine more Automatons. Thor uses the automaton sword to decapitate, see head rolling off skyscraper. In choreographed sequence all but one is left. The single automaton realizes his predicament turns to run leaping off the rooftop clasping a flag stand, in hot pursuit Thor in a raging fury.


A woman looking out of her penthouse window doesnít turn around behind her twenty men dressed in expensive suits and brandishing Viking broad swords.

Amora I want him found now, no excuses, failure will be met with the appropriate punishment."

Spokesman "Our resources are considerable we will do our best!"

Amora Best isnít good enough, failure will be death."


The spokesman at the click of a finger (Amoraís) was vaporized.

The automaton hurries into a tunnel, Thor follows behind into a vast chamber showing an engine connected to a tree via tendrils injected into the tree.

Thor "By all thatís Odin, Yggdrasil, how? Why?"


A shaded adversary uses the hilt of the broadsword to clout Thor over the head. In his weakened state he collapses.


Next day 7.30am

Police Officer Curzon (Sting) in Ash Hotel answering the phone.

Curzon: Curzon here! Ö. Ok Iíll be right down.


Curzon walking through Code blue (Special division of NYPD) head quarters.

Curzon "Hi Cathy (talking to female P.O.) Could you go down stairs, there is a chauffeur locked in the trunk of a limo and give him this tip and apologize saying I like to drive myself." "Bye the way what are you doing for lunch?"

Girl Nothing! "Are you going to barf on that bar tender again?"

Curzon "Probably."

Girl "Ok!í "Itís a date."


Curzon sitting at a desk full of documents/reports: Next to him his electronic assistant. He uses it as a recorder and collector of data and some times to suggest. Starts to read the reports.


"Switch to record mode." "A report from primary physic, seeing huge tree being tortured by machines." "15 reports from homeless people dreaming of the world burning and there is a tree in the middle and from its branches there are babies crying."

"23 reports again from vagrants seeing Nordic Fjords on fire and in the middle a big ash tree with an eagle perched on top, a squirrel running up and down the tree, with a dragon chewing the roots of the tree."

"What the hell is going on is everybody going nuts?" "Question, recorder." "What does an Ash tree an eagle, Squirrel, Nordic fjords and a dragon have in common?"

Recorder: PauseÖ "In Norse mythology there is a tree Called Yggdrasil also known as Odinís horse, World Tree or World Ash?" "This governs the life and consistency of the universe." "After the end of the universe (which is called Ragnarok) Yggdrasil will bring forth new gods and men from its branches they will be fed on the morning dew."

Curzon: "How strange people dreaming of the end of the world thatís linked to Norse mythology." "Recorder: give me a reference to Norse Mythology."

Recorder: "One can acquire information from the Prose or Verse Eddas, or you can get the best and most current reference of all, the Avenger, Thor the mythical God of Thunder."

Curzon: "Thank-you recorder." Recorder: "Well-cam."


Curzon on the phone to the Avengers scene split into two Jarvis answering the phone.

Curzon: "Good morning, Iím Detective Curzon on attachment to NYPD code blue. May I talk to Thor please?"

Jarvis: "Master Thor isnít in right now may I help you?" Curzon: "And who are you." J: "My name is Edwin Jarvis assistant to the Avengers." C: "When will he be in?" J: "We donít know he hasnít checked in for the last 60 hours."

C: "Oh! Is it serious?" J: "I donít know?" C: "If Thor does get in can he call me at NYPD code blue in Manhattan." "I have a problem, which he may be of assistance." "Thank you."


Curzon hanging up the phone, An assistant carrying a box dropping it on the desk with a note from the boss saying "Any association with the dreams." Curzon opens the box inside a skull made of corpse flesh wood and cheap electronic parts. Curzon shocked slowly picking it up and examining it holding in right hand Saying

Curzon: "Alas poor Yorick I knew him well. Hmm Hamlet, Norse, wood. Recorder; draft a memo to the boss"Ö. (Phone rings, he answers) CurzonÖ "Iím on my way."


On the roof the battle with the Automatons bodies sprawled, broken, burnt and decapitated. Officers on the scene Curzon and Sargent stone.

Curzon: What time did the incident happen?

Stone: "About 10pm last night!" Curzon: "And you are only scooping the scene now." S: "Resources are pitiful as you know, forensics has determined that Thor was here!" C: "How that!" S: "Specific emanations from his Hammer and thereís blood over there."


Curzon and Stone, examining one of the decapitated bodies.

Curzon: "This body is made of corpse flesh, wood and electronics inside. I wonder what wood this is?"

Stone: "Thatís Ash wood!"

Curzon: "And what makes you an expert?"

Stone: "My old man took us on family trips to the forests on the weekends, nature excursions he called them." "We had to recite at the different trees, flowers and all that happiness."

Curzon: "Whatís he doing now?"

Stone: "Pushing up daisies!" (Sad look on Stones face)

Curzon: HmmÖ "Ash wood, wood Ash, World Ash oh my godÖ Yggdrasil, What on earth has Thor got to do with Yggdrasil?"


Curzon running from the scene of crime.


In the penthouse of the Ash hotel Thor lying prostrate arching slowly surrounded by the executives with broadswords. He stands up and surveys his surroundings.

Thor: waking up. "Alive it feels disgusting." After surveying "get away from me I donít want to harm you."

Spokesman: "We have been told that you must not leave, itís for your own protection."

Thor: "I Said get out of my way or suffer the consequences." He starts to swing his hammer.


Enter Amora the Enchantress.

Amora: (Anguished) "Please stop Thor, they are here for your protection."

Thor: "So Amora, can I place my current demise at you feet?" Thor stares accusingly.

Amora: "No! For in fact I have cast a spell shielding you from what ever is killing you; surely can you not feel your strength has returned to you." "You have been asleep for 13 hours."

Thor: "Bludgeoned more like." "In my weakened state I presumed one of your henchmen knocked me unconscious." "Yes itís true I do feel renewed and I thank-you for that but why?"

Amora: "For selfish reasons mostly, As you know I have been exiled for quite a while as you are now!"

To Be Continued . . .

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