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Thanks for all your support... and now, on to the letters... this week's fan mail is from a time traveler concerned with our title, Tales of the Timeless.

The following letter was sent to Cosmic Powers Unlimited about our stories on the Tales of the Timeless by a man named Sir James Anthony, who believes he knows the secrets to the universe and time travel.  Below are some of his beliefs and concerns with our Tales of the Timeless stories.

[1.] At this time I have a responsibility of addressing an issue and reproaching the manner in which some of [you] may be obtaining your [partial] information on "TIMELESS TRAVEL" over the internet ... which is then mis-perceived by material intellectual thinkers into versions of non-logic. These versions are concerning but not limited to my [partial] explanations of "DIMENSIONS"; "ANTIMATTER UNIVERSE"; "TIMELESS TRAVEL" related to a certain "TIMELESS TRAVEL CHARACTER" known to me in the Life able to [use] "THE UNLIMITED FORCE" as a "HYPERDIMENSIONAL LIFEFORM".

[2.] My "SPIRITUAL INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY" already on the Public Domain since on or before 1997 ... is based on Logic and Truth according to my experience and understanding of many types of "DIMENSIONAL SHIFT" and my [innumerable] "TIMELESS TRAVEL VENTURES". Your version ... "TALES OF THE TIMELESS" only recently developed over the past months according to your editor ... is based on [partial] information that you receive and further mis- perceive from anonymous individuals over the internet thru a so- called "disclaimer". You may not Copyright something already within the Public Domain ... nor may you Characterize me and damage my "SPIRITUAL INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY" for my own further use by referring to [it] or [me] in a non-logical way as such as "TALES".

Sir James, Tales of the Timeless is only a fan fiction story based on Marvel characters.  The team of characters featured in the story is called the Timeless.  It is only a coincidence that the name is similar to your Timeless Travel Ventures.  The stories are not in anyway based on your “Spiritual Intellectual Property,” therefore we are not calling your experiences tales as the stories are not based off of them.  Furthermore, the characters are copyrighted by Marvel Comics and are only used in these stories for fan fiction purposes.


[3.] Any editor eager to shut down [all] former websites on MARVEL COMICS and raise themselves to the level of a MARVEL UNIVERSE based on "TIMELESS TRAVEL" with "TIMELESS TRAVEL CHARACTERS" must have done their due diligence to include thru search engines and a few key words as: "TIMELESS TRAVEL"; "TIMELESS TRAVELER"; "TIMELESS TRAVELERS"; "DIMENSIONS"; "DIMENSIONAL SHIFT"; and "SPIRITUAL TIME TRAVEL". Or in the alternative ... if searching for information on "UFO" then certainly "PHOENIX LIGHTS"; "LUBBOCK LIGHTS"; or "BILLY MEIER" would be included in on the search. Under countless keywords to include those mentioned pertaining to my [partial] explanations ... I am easily found in first place ... and on the commercial search engines on the first or second page.

Once again, since the stories are based off the Marvel Universe, they are based off time travel as seen in the Marvel Universe and not any other stories, unless it is the writer’s will to do otherwise.

[4] Other parts of my story already on the Public Domain which is only part of an even greater story that continues to unfold ... may be found in a 2-hour video interview by WENDELLE STEVENS and BOB BROWN for the INTERNATIONAL UFO CONGRESS [IUFOC] in 1997. Also THE LEARNING CHANNEL and STRANGE UNIVERSE video taped my brief explanation on "ALIEN ABDUCTION" and my "TIMELESS TRAVEL VENTURES" to include "TRAVELERS WITHIN THE LIGHTS". In addition to radio interviews and magazine articles there is the ART BELL FORUM in 1997... the CAMBRIDGE PHYSICS BOARD 1998 and the UFOMIND INDEX where I am listed.

[5] One reason why I refer to my information as only [partial] or brief] is because ... I place only my [partial] or [brief] explanations on the Public Domain which allows me a tremendous advantage in not only tracking my SPIRITUAL INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ... but who other than myself is aware of this. In this way I am able to further explain myself where others are not...! Albert Einstein was unable to solve his assumptions on "UNIFIED PHYSICS" and "GENERAL RELATIVITY" so I did it for him. The National Security CIA and DOD does not know about "TIMELESS TRAVEL" but only wishes they did. Movie producers are busy covering their asses with newfound information that eventually arrived in their thinking from my [partial] information. Those known to me from many of my "VENTURES" are called the "PHOENIX LIGHTS"
... and they are not telling...!



Thanks for your interest in Tales of the Timeless and Cosmic Powers Unlimited.  Good luck on your many adventures.  For everyone, we have included the URL to his website so you can check out his site and judge the information for yourselves.  Just for the record, though, all stories at Cosmic Powers Unlimited are FICTION.

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