Silver Surfer/Thor: "Tiusday... Bloody Tuesday!" Chapter 10

Written by E.A. Morrissey, Edited by James Pedrick
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"Tiusday... Bloody Tuesday!"
by E A Morrissey

~See Prologue/Chapter 1 for character summaries!~
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Warning: This is intended for a PG-13 Audience!

Chapter X
Where there is the will...

Hlidskjalf was nothing to look at really, just a throne atop a magnificent mountain that was covered with clouds. After that most private release of memories Norrin and Thrud have not uttered one word till now. "Thrud what do I do?"

"Take a seat... and see if the visions comes to thee?"

"That's it?" Norrin asked with incredulity!

"That's it, Hlidskjalf allows you to see what you want to see, never will he talk to you, only Odin and my father have been blessed with that gift!"

Norrin stepped off his board and walked to the throne, taking a seat... it was an uncomfortable seat, the stone was worn down to Odin's form, but he did relax and the multifaceted clouds started to show visions of his past... visions of his future... more importantly Hlidskjalf spoke.

"Is this what thou wishes to see?"

"No, I want to find the differences between Magic and the sciences!"

"Well then, the answer lies at the very end of your nose!"

"How so, I cannot see it, I cannot sense it... touch it?"

"Thou art a man of science Norrin Radd," was Hlidskjalf being contemptuous?

"Faugh, Norrin Radd, close thine own eyes, unlearn what thou hast learnt, and see Majiks for what it is!"

Norrin closed his eyes, allowing him to go into that almost meditative state that allowed him to the seeing the motive of the Universe, this time it was different though. He did not see those mathematical equations behind everything; he saw a will behind everything!

"Is this all that Majiks is, the will to do things?" Norrin was perplexed expecting more,

"The answer may be simple but getting there is the difficult part!"

"Aye, that it is, science is a power based on quantifiable and even qualifiable standards, whereas Majiks is a power based or governed by will. WHAT IS, IS NORRIN... WHAT IS, IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT... IF ONE HAS THE WILL, ONE CAN TAP INTO A POWER SOURCE KNOWN AS MAJIKS!"

"Which one is more powerful?" Norrin asked.

"That depends on the will of user, Majiks is always at the forefront, since the student of science is a skeptic, always wanting to qualify what is... is, though ultimately science and Majiks are no more powerful than each other if the user has attained the highest level. For the most part Majiks rules the day because as a whole peoples of science have not attained that level! Remember Norrin, what is... is... what is, is you! Doth thou have the desire, doth thou have the will?"

"What of paradoxes?" Norrin almost grasps what being said.

"No such paradoxes exist if thou hast the strength of will... If thou thinks there will be a paradox, then there will be a paradox."

"So it is like faith?" There was a pause before Norrin got an answer.

"To answer that one way would be presumptuous and self righteous of me, but what is, is and what is, is you!" There was a pause indicating nothing more was going to be said on this matter.

"I know you, I have met you before... haven't I?" Norrin was convinced he knew the answer to this.

"Nay, thou hast ne'er met this aspect of me, for the nonce I am in the realm of Odin... He asked me to have words with thee, in a way thanking you for coming to Asgard's rescue. Odin hath taken a liking to thee, he who will atone for his sins. Forasmuch I have said too much, thou whilst have to find the answer by thine own self. Mayhap when the day is right, we will talk on your purview of what is? Good day to you, he who hath no home, fair thee well for this journey shalt start to conclude!"

Norrin was forced out of his trance; Thrud was shaking his shoulders, trying to wake him.

"Norrin... friend Norrin, mine own father calls to us. Her voice had a sense of urgency! They left Hlidskjalf but Hlidskjalf was with Norrin, "Be well Norrin Radd, remember what is, is you."

In his mind's eye he nodded in kind and thought my thanks... I think?

The government called his bluff, and so Gabriel to follow its program, the almost sentient program entered all the PC's, Mac's and mainframes, destroying all data on the hard drives, looking for the backup systems and erasing those also! Before leaving the computer it would make the power supply pulse, thus frying the Bios making the computer useless.

Gabriel multiplied itself, thus making its job easier. Working at the speed of light certainly has its advantages, 57 minutes after being released the worlds computers died in their own way. Thirty minutes after that society fell apart as the first riot started. The government thought Los Angeles would be first, but Alas a place called Wall Street in Manhattan was the first. Many a suicide and murders happened there!

On a countrywide scale, America was the first to collapse, twenty seconds later the EC signed off. When in dire straits and situations arise, then and only then, will you see the baser side of humanity, life is cheap after all!

 Norrin flew to Bilskirnir, as he has never done before, friction is problematic at best and a very physical thing. Enhanced by the power cosmic he was able to side step that problematic friction, Norrin achieved 1/4 C!

Thor was waiting outside the doors of the great hall. Thor looked at the Adventurers, he was about to say something, but thought better of it! "Norrin, word with thee, but let us repair to the study. There thou shalt learn what thou art up against! Come, the time is right! Without preamble, Norrin learned what he needed and what was happening on Midgard, he understood Thor's dilemma, promising he will do what he can! Thor slapped his shoulders, indicating that he knew Norrin would.

Two women were present at the departure of Norrin Radd. Both wishing him well, giving him their fondest regards.

Thor looked at the interaction between the women and the Silver Surfer from behind a pained window. Mayhap he will have to have a talk to Norrin when he returns.

Norrin left Asgard with one thought on his mind, "don't touch the Sword," both Thor and Odin said the same thing! Bifrost was his only companion on his way back to earth (Midgard), and when he breached the physical plain Earth looked different? The United States of America when viewed from space is usually a wondrous thing. The lights of humanity paints a pretty picture viewed from space, but this day the lights were switched off as if those lights proved that humanity was a Civilization... there was nothing civil about the inhabitants of this mud-ball called Earth! Norrin thought there was something sorely Amis, no doubt because of the Wielder of Tyr's Sword! He sped up his decent toward North America!

To Be Continued . . .

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