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Shards of Destiny
Return to the War of Yesteryear: Part Two - Infiltration

This story is in fond memory to all the men and women who died at Pearl Harbor.
And to the many more that died fighting the Axis Powers in World War II.
God speed!

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They say if you want a job done you do it yourself. If you want a job done right you send in this man: Logan. The best at what he does: Killing. A beast in the disguise of a man, who is capable of extreme acts of kindness and the gravest acts of death that no human eyes should bare witness to.

His mission is simple: Ease his way into the Nazis stronghold that they’ve constructed in the farthest reaches of Canadian territory – undetected off course – download all the information from the Nazis mainframe, then get the hell out of there before he had the entire Third Reich breathing and bearing down his neck.

Logan eased his way out of the still waters; cold and wet, water was dripping off his wet suit, as he approached the cement stairs, which covered his nearing. He leaped onto the first one, quickly stripping off his goggles; he soon removed chest gear and breathing tank and other pieces needed to maintain life in the icy depths of Canada, for it was constrict his movements drastically. With little time at all Logan had removed all the underwater gear and carefully, as not to make sound and stir up the guards, he placed it all back into the water. Pulled out his only weapon, a small side arm, and started to scan the area. It appeared that he was in a massive cargo hold, which was built in the maw of a massive cave. In the far back an elevator lead toward the surface. And on one of the rock walls a massive swastika painted in red and black stood there.

Hmm, he thought looking around the underground cargo hold, looks like Fury’s intelligence reports were correct after all, there is a Ratzis stronghold this far into the Canadian border. And from the looks of things they’ve been here a while. Needless to say he was quite disturbed when Nick Fury had estranged him from his work in the French liberation movement the Marquis for such a suicide assignment. And he was even less thrilled when a gun was placed to his temple, and was ordered to do it. But when he was informed that it was his adopted home of Canada that had been laid siege to by Nazis forces he could not refuse.

Logan quickly scaled up the massive cement slabs only to find that a clearing of propane tanks covered his approach. Logan nodded, slightly and used the tanks to hide his movements for the time being. He took out a small scope, and stared to scan the area with more scrutiny. All in all there was two guards present and the cargo crates covered the entire area, it would be no problem for him to sneak in there kill the first guard and before the second even knew what was happening kill him as well.

Logan leaped over the canisters of propane and into the safe shadows of a nearby corner, unfortunately for him into a small pool of water that was present all over the main floor right before the loading bay. "What was that noise?" one of the guards uttered to himself approaching cautiously toward where the splash of sudden water came from. Logan waited. Soon – as if on cue – the guard made his sweep of the area turning his back on the natural born killer.

Bad move, Logan smiled a hellish glint burned in his eyes. He leaped forth, his muscular arms quickly wrapping around the neck of the Nazis guard-dog and with a swift and a morbid graze that comes with years of practice, he slid his arms out quickly jerking he man’s neck to the left, till the bone gave way and his neck shattered. The Nazis let out his last breath of air, and Logan eased his body onto the water-covered floor. Logan bent over a removed a long blade from the dead Nazis’ left boot and removed his side arm from his holster. Stashing the side arm in his belt, and gripping onto the blade of the knife with his teeth, Logan went off, stalking the other guard; much like a ravenous wolf would in search of wounded prey. Blood was in the air.

Logan quickly scaled the main cargo crates that over looked the entire hold and there his prey stood. His back was resting upon a small forklift in a corner; he was puffing hard on a cigarette in the futile attempt to keep warm in this godforsaken cold. Logan smiled.

"Hey!" the smoking guard called out to the now dead guard. "Did you find what you were lucking for, Jon?"

Silence, answered him.



The guard went on alert – Jon was always the talkative one on this watch he’d never been able to shut his trap in the past so why should he start now. He quickly reached out for his rifle and with his back hunched greatly his hands fumbling over his weapon, the cigarette shacking out of fear, he slowly made his approach over the massive hold toward the dead body of the one he called Jon. "My God . . ." he hushed, the tip of his boot gently nudged the side of Jon’s face, and his head lifelessly rolled over to the other side. He quickly tore off the radio receiver that was strapped onto him and shouted out a warning to the other lookouts only to find that he could not speak.

And his chest and neck was warm, all of a sudden for no particular reason.

The guard looked down only to find a long jagged piece of metal sticking out of his throat, blood gushed outward covering him, his eyes rolled to the back of his head, and the darkness greeted him in the after life.

A pool of blood was now in place all over the two guards.

Logan quickly bolted for the elevator and waited as he started to ascend toward the icy cold heavens above.

"Commander," the young German soldier reported throwing off a "Hail Hitler" salute toward his ranking superior in the massive watchtower that overlooked the main heliport of the base’s exterior. The commander returned the salute and the young German continuing with his report, "Lookout squad beta-alpha-three is forty minutes late for their scheduled check-in, Sir."

"What!" the commander shouted walking over toward the young man’s station and the looming over it. On the screen a list of all the different lookouts appeared that was station outside of the confines of the base. It had code name of each squad and beside it in red letters the time that they checked in with command, all off them were in read except for squad beta-alpha-three, the words beside it said "Has not reported in" in cobalt blue lettering.

He reached for the receiver that had been built into the young man’s control station. After intoning the thing to the squad’s designated frequency he said, "Squad beta-alpha-three, this is command report!" Static, cold harsh static answered back at him when he released the talking button. Pressing it again he ordered, "This is command! Report! What’s your current status?" Nothing but static. "Damn it!" he barked throwing down the piece of junk back onto the control board. To his second in command he ordered, "Give me a vid-up-link with the cameras down there! And patch it through this station! Now!"

His second nodded, "Yes sir." And went off to carry out his orders.

The commander stared down at the younger man, "Why was I notified sooner, Mister?"

The younger man’s hands stared to shack uncontrollably. He somehow found the courage to open his mouth to say something when he was cut off by the second, "Piping it through now, Commander!"

On the screen the underground cargo hold appeared, the camera was sweeping back and forth the area and when it reached the farthest corner of the hold, the commander knew why the squad had not reported in as commanded. One of them had a long blade jetting from his throat, the other’s neck was twisted in an ungodly manner. "Get a security detail down there, on the double!"

"Yes, Commander!" the second sounded off.

The commander ran over toward the main intercom system, activated it and said, "Red alert! Intruder alert in section five-m-m-r. Repeat there has been an intruder present in section five-m-m-r! All forces on a code red alert status. This is not a drill! Repeat this is not a drill!"

"Red alert! Intruder alert in section five-m-m-r. Repeat there has been an intruder present in section five-m-m-r! All forces on a code red alert status. This is not a drill! Repeat this is not a drill!" The words boomed over the intercom system.

Wonder what took the Ratzis so long, Logan mused to himself a smirk on his face, as he made his way through the air-ducks and ventilation shafts throughout the base. He’d been spelunking through the shafts for roughly twenty minutes now, finding access to the main command deck. It had been ease to get past the watchtower undetected, more so than in the cargo hold, due to the lack of space down there. And security was quite lax around here, the guards were sloppy – make several grave rookie mistakes. But he wasn’t complaining . . . their funerals and all.

Soon Logan came upon the last vent port before the dead on this level and he had to turn around and there it was the command center. The red alert alarms blared, and they were re-fortifying the guards at every section. These guys are pros, Logan thought, starring in. Not like those rookies I had to kill coming up here.

"Sir! Five more dead bodies spotted in the tank hanger!"


"Yes, sir! Squad omega-zulu-kappa-seven reports that they were . . . cut by some type of blade?"


"Yes, Commander."

"Could it be the same intruder, Sergeant?"

"No, I don’t believe so, the tank hangers on the other side of the base, several miles away from the cargo hold. The squad believes that the second intruder is heading in our direction, they’ve found more bodies farther back, and from the blood trail this man’s leaving behind they speculate that he’ll be at our position in no time."

"Damn! Inform all stations and command heads that we may have a second intruder! And reposition some of these guards outside, have them over the entire lobby. I don’t want anyone trying to brake in here."

"A second intruder!" Logan hushed, watching the entire conversation take place from above. "But who the hell could it be? And why?"

The second intruder discarded his blood covered blade, he tore a piece of clothing off of his uniform pant leg, and wrapped it around his arm, blood was flowing massively from the wounded that he had sustained from the brawl of the five guards, in the tank hanger. Once the cloth was firmly in place, and had stopped the bleeding, the second intruder reached up and tightened his bandanna around his head. Pulling out his side arm he cocked it and smiled grimly. Then bolted toward the command center, with unbridle speed.

About half a dozen of the guards were re-stationed outside of the command area, leaving only a small number to take care of. "Well, I’ll be damned!" Logan grinned taking a head count of everyone there. Including the one command, the three guards, and the five technicians that were boxed in, due to the design layout of the command area, Logan had to only take out nine people. And he had the element of surprise on his side. Logan grinned, pulling out both of his unfired side arms – the one that he had brought with him and the one he had gotten off of the guards in the cargo hold.

Judging from the metal content in the doors it should muffle the gun shots, Logan assessed the situation further. He prepared himself, for the battle to come taking in a lung full of cold air through the mouth, and releasing it slowly through the nose.

He kicked the fencing screen out and leaped into the command area, bullets a flying in every which direction.

The second intruder stood outside, in the corridor, in front of the command area, his weapons posed. He counted about five guards in the hall. Piece of cake, he mused, grinning devilishly. And charged forth, firing his weapon like a madman, into the crowd of Nazis soldiers.

Logan fired shot after shot, upon landing. The first barrage shredded the Nazis officer closest to the door that was running out to get the others in here. His body sagged to the ground, leaving a trail of blood streaked onto the steel wall.

"Ahh!" Another guard screamed taking his rifle and firing blindly, in sheer rage. Logan leaped over the computer tables with grace and ease. In mid-air Logan saw one of the frightened scientist stand up, trying to flee for his life, only to be cut down by "friendly" fire. Logan collided with the wall that boxed the scientist and the technicians in, he placed his back against the wall, feeling the shells of the bullets raining down on him. "Die, bastard!" the German cried in his native tongue.

Logan nodded, and crawling on his belly he managed to get a clear view of the enraged gunman. He was firing every which direction, it was as if he just snapped. His own men were ducking from him. The commander was shivering in a nearby corner, whipping and flinching every time another shot was pulled off, tears streaming form his eyes.

Logan could hear the cartridge of bullets drop from the gun and collide with the floor. "He’s out!" Logan screamed in victory, leaping forward through the air, firing only one shot, for that was all he needed. The bullet lanced forward and hit the man straight in the fore heard. His body slammed harshly against a near wall.

Logan collided with the floor and sled into a nearby compartment.

One of the terrified scientist took the opportunity to run toward the doors, she reached forth, slamming her blood covered hand upon the palm print scanner. The door gave way to the horrific scene outside. The guards were being slaughtered. One by one they dropped till it was only two men, battling for their lives.

The second intruder was in the fight of his life. At first it had been simple a few shoots rang off a few soldiers down. But some of the guards took more than one shot to take down and he ran out of ammo quickly. Now he found himself in a fistfight with the last one standing among the entourage that was once an entree Nazi squadron. The man was huge in size, and he towered over the intruder. With each blow it sent the intruder sprawling into another part of the room, he laid there slumped in a corner of the room.

"This ends now, American dog!"

"Ta hell you, Ratzis!" the intruder spat out in sheer defiance.

The Nazis reached out, with his monstrous hands, toward the intruder. He ducked out of the Nazis grasp and jerked his leg up, slamming it between his legs, the Nazis’ eyes widen by the sudden jolt of pain. The guard roared.

The intruder leaped out of the man’s way, bringing his leg up and slammed his boot colliding with the guards temple, crushing it under the sheer impact, and killing the bald man instantly. He massive man collapsed his eyes rolling upward.

The intruder headed toward where the scientist stood in the open doorway, when the bathroom door slid open with a gush of wind. The intruder turned around to see the sixth guard, his pants were down at his ankles and he wielded a rifle, he released a barrage of bullets upon the intruder.

He hit the deck and rolled out of the way. The bullets struck the women how stood there on her knees in shock of the horror before her vary eyes. She screeched in terror, the bullets claiming her instantly.

The half-naked man screamed aloud, "My love! No!"

The intruder wasted no time. He reaped a side arm from one of the now dead guards, and fired. The bullets hit their mark, sending the man spiraling to the ground, lifeless. The intruder bolted toward the command area.

Logan stood in the center of death. All around him lifeless bodies stood there. Logan made his way toward the corner where the commander cowered, tears streaming through his eyes. "Get up! Now!" Logan roared, pulling his weapon up and aiming it down onto the German’s head.

(What the German officer did not know was that the gun was without ammo – but he didn’t need to know that.)

The German arose and Logan grabbed him by the arm and turned around, that’s when he saw the second intruder.


Sergeant Nick Fury stood there, a hellish smirk gleamed in his dark twisted eyes. Dark smoke was released from his mouth, as he puffed down on a Cuban stogie. "The one and only, Knuckle-head." He stepped in the command area, brought the body of the lifeless woman in, allowing the doors to seal shut. "Do you honestly think that I’d send you on a black-op without sending someone with you? I have faith in your abilities, Logan, but not that much," he asked, making his way into the blood covered square command arena where the computers stood.

"I suppose I should’ve known," Logan grumbled joining Fury in the command arena, the Nazis commander in tow.

"Yes, Logan, you should’ve. Quickly there’s no time to waste." Fury raced toward the master computer, he throw himself in the command chair and placed a disk into the hard-drive. After entering the main frame he stumbled upon a password access window. He turned to the commander, who still had tears in his eyes, his knees was shacking, Fury knew that if Logan wasn’t holding him up then he’d collapse in sheer terror. "What’s the password, Ratzis!"

He said nothing.

"Give it to me now!"


From outside of the metal door he could hear the guards’ reinforcements arrive, they were trying to burn down the command door with a blowtorch. The musty smell of burning metal seeping through into the command room.

"Now!" Fury commanded.

Ho looked over to Logan and nodded, without a word Logan backhanded the commander with enough force to send him spiraling over the wall devider and into a pool of blood he screamed, Logan walked over to him and grabbed him by the collar. Pressing the ammoless gun barrel firmly onto his temple of the commander. "Password. Or. I. Start. Going. Trigger. Happy."

Logan grinned demonically.

"The password . . . is . . . ‘password’ . . ."

"What? That’s the most stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!" Fury rose from his chair.

"It’s truth! It’s truth! Password is password! Believe me! Please," the commander pleaded, tears running from his eyes.

"Try it, Fury," Logan said. Nick Fury stared at the German for a moment then looked behind his shoulder to see the flame melting through the metal door. Fury estimated another five minutes – ten tops – and they’d be in.

"If we imprint the wrong access code then the entire main-frame will collapse in on itself, Logan. An we would’ve risked everything for nothing."

"We don’t have the time, Nick!" Logan said with more forcefulness.

Fury nodded and ran over to the main computer that he’d been working on and entered the password. "If this code is invalid and that man-frame does collapse, I’ll kill you personally. Slow and painfully," he said to the German commander. He brought the mouse up to the "Enter" command and clicked.

A window appear; "Password valid."

Fury let out a sign off relieve. Then started the downloading process, onto the disk.

"Hey, Fury," Logan said, looking around the room. "Have you noticed how this base is filled with hi-tech experimental equipment?"

Fury nodded. "I have at that. I think this is some type of testing ground for experimental gadgets and gizmos. The likes that not even the Allied forces themselves have. I’m planning on blowing this place sky-high when we’re safely away."

"Good idea."

Another window appeared as Fury rummaged through the files then his eyes widened with disbelieve. "Hmm. Cap would kill to get this data."

"Cap? Captain America?" Logan asked, tossing the commander to the ground and gathering up the weapons of the fallen guards. "You mean the glorified boy-scout himself, right? What the hell’s he got to do with this?"

"Yeah, that’s him all right. And he has more to do with this than you think, old friend."

"Down-load complete," the computer said.

"And not a moment too soon," Logan grunted, the door was about to give way. He grabbed the commander and used the Nazis’ body as a shield. And in a low demented voice he said, "If they want to get me . . . they’re have to go through you!"

"I’m infiltrating the main power core, setting it on a continues feed-back loop. Sooner or later the core will reach critical mass and this base is nothing more than a fireworks display on the forth o’ July!" Fury said, adding the final touches to his plan.

"Twenty-five minutes till critical mass," the computer sounded off.

Fury arose from the computer eject the disk and placed it in one of his uniform’s jacket pockets.

"Where to now?" Logan asked, pointing his rifle in the direction of the door, which was a mere inch from giving way.

"To the Heliport!" the sergeant ordered, aiming his own weapon in the position of the door. "I have transportation already scheduled." He pulled out a grenade, pulled the pin and readied himself, for the swarm that would soon be upon them. The door swung downward and thirteen guards stormed in. Fury let the grenade soar through the air, it landed in the midst of the squad and exploded, killing most of them. The others shook of the blast and charged, bullets soaring in every which direction.

"Here they come!" Logan screamed, opening fire. The German commander’s chest exploded, sending blood into the air.

The battle was over, Nick Fury and Logan found themselves in a sea of bodies that with each passing step they took it was paved in the blood of their enemies. Logan dropped the German commander who had been lung shot, blood rushing out of his mouth, like a flood, his face quickly turned pale white; he had served his purpose as a human shield.

"Let’s move," Fury urged on, bolting toward the nearest elevator.

Soon the two found themselves back in the icy cold of the heliport. The watchtower’s searchlight caressed the ground, as it was slowly moved from side to side in a search pattern. They searched the pad, there was no guard in sight.

Not a good sign.

"Where the hell’s this evac. o’ yours anyway, bub?" Logan demanded.

Fury lifted a small radio to his ears. "Silverback! This is Fury! Come in?" Static. Soon a barrage of bullets lanced out from the watchtower, raining down upon Logan and Fury, they bolted toward a nearby armored cargo truck. They used it as a shield, the bullets roaring next to them. Fury struck his head out for a moment only to watch a bullet nearly take out his eye. "Damn," he grunted, and brought the radio back up to his ear. "Robin! Come in! We are under fire! Where the hell are you?!"

"We have them! There down! All troops report to section m-m-r-4! Heliport! We have them! Repeat all troops to section m-m-r-4!"

"Damn it," Logan grunted. "Where’s this chauffeur o’ yours, Nick?" He leaped onto the roof of the armored car and returned fire. Only to squeeze off a few rounds (which wasn’t even near their intended mark) before an entire barrage of bullets lanced forth.

"Right behind you! Nice to see you too, Knuckle-head!" came the response of the radio. The two turned their gaze skyward and watched as an American – what the hell was that thing! Logan had never seen it before in his long life – flew overhead. They watched the whatever the hell it was soar by the tower, missiles roaring to life. The tower erupted in flames, and started to collapse onto the thick snow covered ground.

"What the hell is that thing, Fury?" Logan grunted.

"It’s called a jet plane, more maneuverable than normal everyday planes, but mind you its totally experimental though," Fury answered, grinningly.

The jet roared around and lowered toward the landing pad, it gracefully swooped in and touched down. "Let’s move!" Fury barked, dashing across the snow and leaping into the jet’s open door, Logan was right behind him. And even further behind them the massive bay doors slowly started to part, and a swarm of Nazis soldiers filled out, weapons firing. "This just ain’t our day is it, Logan? Robin," he checked his watch, "we have less than two minutes to clear this facility."

"Then what?" the blond woman asked pull the jet’s noise upward. He looked at her with a half-cocked expression and she merely nodded in understanding. "Forget I even asked, Nick. I know you all too well."

The jet’s energies fired off and it started to increase in speed. Soon it was airborne and started gain altitude and distance at an excelurated – almost alarming – rate, but it still wasn’t fast enough or good enough. The base exploded and the shock wave hitting it from behind. It started to sway back and forth uncontrollably, Fury and Robin Silverback fought with all their strength to keep the bird together.

And the world exploded around them.

Moments past, moments that seemed to be longer than even eternity itself, the explosion lighted up the night Canadian sky bright, a gentle snow started to descend upon the soaring plane that didn’t even seem to make so much of a sound, as it pulled away from the Nazis base. Gentle green pine trees greeted them into the wilderness that is Canada.

Fury passed Logan one of his Cuban stogies that he had had stashed for those special occasions of his, as he puffed down on a new one of his own. He slowly exhaled the smoke. "Well, well, well, what do we have here?" he took the computer disc out of his jacket pocket. "Mission accomplished, Robin, we have the data we needed, for the Patriot. Good job, Knuckle-head."

Logan grunted, "Next time you have a black-op whose survival rate is zero or lower – do me a favor – and call someone else?"

Fury chuckled at that.

"What’s next, Nick?" Robin Silverback asked rising the copter over the treetops.

"Put in a call to Iowa, I want to speak with Captain America we have something that he’s been looking for right here." He smiled lopsidedly, twirling the disc in his hands, demonically.

"Well, sir," the commander from the watch tower grunted, his face was badly and singed, from the explosion that had happened mere minutes ago, he was shifting through the rubble and charred bodies that had falled victim to the unknown bird-of-prey. "I hope you are happy they got the data."

"I am," the hideous voice on the other side of the line.

"At the coast of two dozen of my finest men! This is an outrage!"

"Watch your tongue with me, Commander! They are merely martyrs in the greater campaign! It will be wise to remember that in the future!"

"Aye, Sir! Hail Hitler!"

"Hail Hitler," the voice laughed. He slowly hung up the phone and laughed, smoke blowing out of his mouth demonically. "Everything is going according to plan."

To Be Continued . . .

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