Marvel/DC: Shards of Destiny #10

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Shards of Destiny
Return to the War of Yesteryear: Part Three -
The Word is Given

This story is in fond memory to all the men and women who died at Pearl Harbor.
And to the many more that died fighting the Axis Powers in World War II.
God speed!

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Six months and still they had nothing to show for it.

It had been six months to the date that Captain America and Batman had stepped through Access’ "looking glass" back into time, the exact day that America decided to enter World War II, upon the attack of Pearl Harbor. Now, half-a-year since then, and every lead that they thought might have taken them to recovering Baron Zemo led to a dead-end, after dead-end. With no end in sight.

They had set themselves up with a small abandoned, once condemned farming house in Iowa state that over looked the majestic view of the lush and rich farm lands that made up the heart of America. It had several small computer terminals lining the walls. And on the far wall, where the Captain stood, a worn and torn map of the world laid, red tacks standing all over the world, it was mostly centralized in Europe and Asia to be general, Berlin to be specific. Each tack represented each sighting of Baron Zemo that had failed.

The phone that was in the far off corner of the War-room – as Captain America called it – rang out. "Alfred, can you get that?" Batman asked working strenuously at a computer terminal, his hands flying across the keys in a dark blur. The phone rang again, "Alfred . . ." he snapped his fingers. "Old habits and all," he mused, rising from his computer station, after saving the data that he was working on. He looked over to the Patriot with a smirk, but Cap was lost in deep thought and heard none of the conversation that the Dark Knight had had with himself. Batman darted toward the phone swiftly, he picked up the phone’s receiver, and placed it to his ear. In a dark tone he uttered, "Epsilon-Black-Omega-Kappa."

"Green-Kappa-Zulu-Blue," the voice called out. "It’s Fury. Get me the Patriot, Bats. It’s important!" The voice ordered, his words were muffled slightly, (Batman suspected that the sergeant was chewing down on one of his cigars that he had a fond weakness for).

Batman nodded, handed the phone over to the pondering Captain America. "It’s Fury," he said.

Cap nodded, and took the phone. "What’s the word, Nick?" he asked, turning his back on the tack plagued map.

"We’ve got it!" Fury said. "We are en route to Washington, right now. E.T.A. thirty minutes."

Captain America nodded. "See you in thirty, Nick." He waited for the phone to hang up the phone, once it clicked he passed the phone over to the capped crusader. "They have it, and they’re on their way." Batman stood there silent for a moment. Or two. "What’s wrong?" Captain America asked, turning toward the dark specter before him.

He shook his head from side to side, "I feel something is terribly wrong. I do not know how or even why I have this feeling, but I intend to find out . . ."

"He’s in Berlin, Cap," Nick Fury stormed into the War-room. Two persons were accompanying him into the small counting house, a man and a woman, people that Captain America immediately recognized. The man was simply known as Logan, a mutant with a healing process, and who will later adopt the code-name Wolverine in the near future. And the other was Robin Silverback, an espionage agent one of the best in the field. But they weren’t suppose to meet, yet, not until several years into the future.

"No," Captain America hushed, in disbelieve. This isn’t suppose to happen, he mused. Batman was right there vary being there was having drastic changes through the normal flow of time in his universe.

Fury walked into the room, palliating it with his cigar smoke. He tossed the disk in the Batman’s direction, for his part Batman plucked it out of the air with the utmost ease, swung around his cape flowing around his muscular body, he placed the disc into the drive, taking his seat at the computer terminal he started to activate the files in question. "It’s all there, Bats," Fury said, a smirk of satisfaction appeared on his stubble plagued face. "Cap – let me introduce you to Robin" – Batman’s eyes widened at the name, Robin? How can he be here? Have the universes started to crossover? The Dark Knight mused, slightly turning in his chair and to see a young blond woman standing there, and all of his worries were put at ease – "Silverback, and Logan, the man who risked life and limb to get the data, out of the sheer goodness of his heart."

"Sheer goodness!" Logan grunted disdainfully. "Ha, if that’s your definition for putting a gun to my head and commanding me to go on the mission or less, I’d hate to see your definition for forcing someone to go on a mission of no return, Nick!"

"Here we go," Batman announced manipulating the master controls. On the screen an image of Germany appeared, with its surrounding neighbors flanking each side. A red circular point appeared where Berlin should be, soon another window branched out of it, and he magnified the image ten percent, seeing that the resolution was not great he did so again and again and again. The image of a tall, towering building appeared, coming down from the roof was a long crimson red banner that came a few stores from touching the ground, on it in a pitch dark Nazis Swastika stood, Captain America could feel the muscles in his jaw rippling back and forth, for he had faced this branch of evil long ago and had hoped that it would never arise again. "Hmm," Batman addressed the others his back turned toward them as he consulted the computer files. "From what it states in these files, Baron Zemo, along with some several others will be gathered here to hear Hitler speak, in light of the birth of the Nazis party."

"Who else?" Captain America asked, standing behind the Batman his focus darted toward the building.

"Red Skull will be on hand, says here that he’ll be addressing the assembled guest. As would Arnim Zola, General Rommel, and Mussolini, are upon the guest list. Emperor Hirohito has respectfully declined the invitations stating that, ‘the war in the east must continue with his hand of guidance and wisdom over my honorable troops.’ Fascinating," Batman uttered to himself scanning the display.

"What?" Robin Silverback question, looking over the dark figure’s massive shoulder.

"Hmm, this is clumsy. Vary clumsy," Batman uttered bringing up a blue-print-like technical schematic of the entire building, it started from the roof, then as he manipulated the controls more, it swung down giving the people in the room a side view, soon green and red dots appeared all over. "The files also contain the troop patrols and defensive systems, power units for the entire building."

"That’s good, isn’t it?" Silverback asked, uncertainty scrutinized her face.

"Smells like a bloody trap, bub!" Logan spat out with disdain.

"Agreed!" Captain America sounded. "But a trap that Batman and I must walk into I am afraid, much lies in the balance here. We cannot afford to waste any more time merely sitting here. I cannot ask you to come – not in good consciousness, anyway. You have performed above and beyond the call of duty –Batman and I must continue, you do not."

"Have I ever bailed on you before, Steve?" Nick Fury asked.

"We are wasting valuable time, bub!"

"I’d be happy, Captain, if you’d give the word." Silverback smiled warmly.

Captain America smiled at that and nodded, "The word is given."

"The five of us against the entire Nazi's army," Logan smiled demonically. "I like the odds."

"Not five, Logan!" a voice boomed. All turned toward the proclamation to see the Prince of Atlantis, the Sub-Mariner swung the doors wide open with his muscular arms. Behind him the Human Torch stood, along side Bob Frank better known as the Whizzer. "The Invaders stand ready and willing at your side, Captain America!"

To Be Continued . . .

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