Silver Surfer/Thor: "Tiusday... Bloody Tuesday!" Chapter 1

Written by E.A. Morrissey
Published by the Cosmic Powers Fan Fiction Group in

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"Tiusday... Bloody Tuesday!"
by E A Morrissey

"For Jandi, she went away though she's in my Heart!


Louise Simonson, the lady who killed Galactus, dare I say what are the ramifications? If there is a writer that can pull it off, I am certain it is she!"

List of Characters

Current names/Titles by first in appearance!

Tyr: God of War (Battle) in the past he was known as Tiwas, the All-father before Odin, Tyr had other names from different North-men such as Tui, Twi, Saxnot, and Cheru.

Frigga: Wife to Odin, the Mother of/to most, Goddess of Marriage, foreteller of the Future!

Thialfi: The first Servant (Thrall) Second in command, looks after the day-to-day business of Bilskirnir, Thors Palace. Bilskirnir is the largest Hall in Asgard.

Thor: Lord of the Morning, Watcher of the endless night, God of Thunder. In times before this incarnation, he was known as Old-Man-Thor, he was called this because he has been around since primal time (Indo European myth), a god full of vigor, portrayed as a God in his prime! Wielder of Mjolnir, instrument and symbol, arguably the most powerful weapon in the universe. He was known in later times as the charioteer, Thunnor was his name for the British, Donar for the Germani. Thor was the last known God of the pagans!

Mjolnir: The "Crusher," instrument of Thors wrath, Thors symbol, Mothers who are blessed by Mjolnir are rewarded with fortune, as in long life, strong children, etc. Mjolnirs accomplishments are well documented. AKA Asgards redemption!

The Vala, or Last Druid: In out times she is known as Dana Campbell, tasked by Frigga, Tyrs mother to record the "goings-on" when the sword of Tyr is in the hands of mortals. She is also the one that tells the world that the sword is amongst us mortal, one more!

Norrin Radd: The sentinel of the space-ways, AKA Midgard's blessing, the one who shalt atone for his sins, the one who may become more! Ex herald to Galactus, a learned man able to wield the Power Cosmic, arguably the most powerful scientific source in the universe!

Toothnasher and Toothgrinder: Thors mythical goats, Both male of the species, able to bridge time and space, to go anywhere Thor wishes. AKA Tothingnasher and Tothingrinder in the archaic tongue.

Odin: The Aud-father (All-father) usurped Tiwas (Tyr in previous incarnation) as supreme sky-father/God. Oft-time chess partner of Eternity, father to Thor. Odin has gone by many names, too many to document here but, he was also Woden, to the British and Wotan/Wodan to the Germani!

Brothers to the storm: Thunder and lightning, Thors elemental servants, Sons of Vingnir and Hlora (Foster parents to Thor), the brothers, like there parents are foster parents to Thrud, Thors daughter. Destructive or otherwise, the brothers are another instrument for Thor to command.

Thrud: Wind-walker, Goddess of strength. Daughter of Thor and Sif!

Sif: Mistress of the harvest, Goddess of the hunt. Wife to Thor, Mother of Thrud and Ullr, the skier.

Roksva: Seeress, a witch and a wife of a lawgiver. Turned philosopher during the conversion from paganism to Christianity. Known as the Don of thought, whereupon by order of Thor, everybody that lives in Bilskirnir must attend Roksva's teachings!

Iarnsaxa: The Iron Maiden, wife to Old-Man-Thor, her God force resides at Bilskirnir.

Wielder of the sword: The current wielder of Tyrs sword, a very successful, but bored businessman found the Location where the sword was buried! Two previous wielders gained prominence before suffering the consequences of being wielder; they were Vitellius of Rome, and Attila-the-Hun.

Sol's Daughter: Daughter of the original Sun that was slain by, Skol and Hati, sons of Fenris. Sol's daughter was ignited by Norrin Radd in the beginning of 'this' time, at the behest of Odin, thus causing the current incarnation of Asgard and its Gods!

T'orston: A skald, a storyteller and wanderer, wielder of the Will, the word, and the Way! Subject to Thor!

Hlidskjalf: Eternity in one of his many manifestations, The Throne of Odin, a place to see things and sometime oracle.

Bifrost: The legendary Rainbow Bridge, the link between Asgard and Midgard!

Reed Richards: Mr. Fantastic, of the Fantastic Four, nuff said!

Anthony Stark: Avenger, when garbed in is suit of Iron, nuff said!

Janice Badillo: A prominent woman of a small town, oft time surrogate mother/councilor to the wielder!

Didi: Daughter of Janice Badillo.

Sleipnir: Son of Loki, Eight legged horse of Odin!

Mordrin: The antithesis of Norrin Radd, the evil contained within Norrins Mind! His previous movements well noted during the 'Twilight War' by Warren Entros!

Hela: Daughter of Loki, Goddess of death, empress of Niflheim.

Old-Man-O-the-Cosmos: Eternity, nuff said, father of the all fathers!

Ginnungagap: AKA, the yawning gulf, and a place from the beginning of time. A place where the portents of Evil shall emerge on the last day of the 'Endless Night.'

Kormt and Ormt: Ice giants, named after the two rivers Thor has to cross to get to the Trysting place! Curious in nature, lucky they are not!

Alvis: Dwarf: he had a few moments of fame in the Eddas. He had the 'hots' for Thrud, daughter of Thor. Photosensitive in nature!

The Wyrd: Three for now, four in total when there lost sister returns. Threading the weave of life, enigmatic in nature, subordinate to Eternity!

Shalla Bal: Norrin Radd's first love, nuff said!

Gabriel: Computer program, Angel of death to all computers!

Woden: becomes Odin in a future life, a bothersome Wind- God of Ill repute!

George: Ex SAS officer, currently, the head of the wielders security division, part of a vast Empire!

Fenris Wolf: Son of Loki, Bane to Odin, nuff said!

Eternity: Old-Man-o-the Cosmos, the entity that is everything. What more can I say!

So, to a story that needs to be told, a beginning as such...


Frigga watched as her son walked pensively through the doors, shoulders lowered as if the nine worlds rested on his shoulders. She did not like seeing her son this way, but she knew this has to be done! "With great power, comes a greater responsibility!" The Antithesis to this statement is "Absolute power corrupts absolutely!" Her foretelling told her it was so; having thought of the ramifications she concentrated on her son who is now directly in front of her.

"What ails thee, my son? What causes thee to have the nine worlds on thine own shoulders?"

"The mortals, mother O' mine. When it comes to "Time" they are so linear?"

"Say what is on thy mind, my son, lest ye confuse the issue at hand with playing a game with words!"

This brought a smile to Tyr's face. Why did he bother, his mother knew him so well… He thought about getting to the point… A wise move, if he wanted to stay on the good side of his mother!

"Today is the day, foretold in the days of yore… that I release my sword… My sword upon the world of Midgard (Earth)… the sword, (when out of mine own hand) that is cursed to slay its welder in the end, but gives that wielder great power till that time!"

"What is thy problem my son? The sword is but an instrument for a lesson to be learnt, so again what is thy problem?"

"'Tis not the lesson learnt that bothers me so, but thine own step son who wilt prevent such a lesson being learnt! Thine own foretelling whilst corroborate this… Whilst he not prevent such an action? Whilst he not embarrass me through his own actions to thwart such a lesson… Thou knowest in thine own heart how he cares for the Monkeys on Midgard (Earth)!

"Nay to worry mine own son, for the Son of Odin and Earth's whore shalt be bound by honor, I whilst see to that! Be steadfast my son. Go to the Halls of Gimli. See "Just as high" and release thy instrument into the Thread of life!"

The nine worlds were lifted off his shoulders, he kissed his mother in only the way a son can kiss his mother, shortly there after he left to go a see "Just as high!"

The Hol of Gladisheim witnessed a lonely figure leave. Frigga put on Freya's "cloak of flight," transforming the Goddess into an eagle! She took fight and went in the direction of Thrudvang, specifically Bilskirnir-Thors Hol!

"What say you Thialfi, where is thine own master?"

"He watches, Mother of most!"

"Ah, the "Endless night!" Whilst in Asgard he still carries out his task. Well, I whilst take my leave of Thor's faithful servant, my thanks to 'you and Yours' as She dons the cloak again, flying with great speed!

At the very edge of the plain of Virgrid, did Thor watch? Out into the "yawning Gulf" did Thor watch waiting for something… the presence of omens telling of the days that may come? His vigil was broken as an eagle landed, and after a moment, the bird changed form into Frigga, his stepmother!

"How fairs the night, Stepson?"

"Till now the night is fair, all is well!"

"Well met Stepson!"

"What brings you to the edge of creation, wife of my father?"

"A Boon… An Oath on the Crusher (Thor's hammer-Mjolnir)!"

"Say on, one who has been a mother to me!"

"Cheru's (Tyr's) Sword is fated to be released on the Morrow; I wish to call in my mark… promise me thou wilt not interfere, for there is a lesson to be learnt!"

"Aye but is the lesson worth the cost stepmother?

"An oath my son, I call in my mark… please, for me!" Frigga spoke with authority, yet it would seem there was a pensive quality to her tone!

"Very well… "Thor held Mjolnir in front of Frigga, then placed his right hand on the head of the hammer. "Excepting portents of the Endless night whilst I Thor, lord of the Morning declare to all and sundry that I whilst not act against Cheru's Sword!" Thor lowered his hammer and looked into the eyes of his stepmother, waiting for her to refute the Oath!

She sighed and said. "The oath will have to stand, 'tis good enough, I will take my leave of you now! She changed form without looking back!


Thor looked at his stepmother as she flew away; she knew his oath was carefully worded and acted upon, once dawn brought daylight to Asgard!

Thor talked to "the Crusher" then hurled Mjolnir at the "yawning gulf!"

At the same time Tyr was instructed to hurl "Cheru's sword" into the thread of life, sending the cursed sword through time… only to be found by a man, who is known as "Attila the Hun?"

Attila the Hun was the third person in recent times to wield the "Cursed Sword!"

Chapter I: Be careful of what you step on it may be sharp!

 Time as the scientists see it (if they follow the principals of E=MC2) is relative! To the Gods and their Ilk time follows the "Mobius route, " a loop of sorts, the symbol for infinity, step onto the squashed "8" and time can be traveled with ease to any point of time or space! Frigga did just this; taking the form of an Eagle she dove into the "Yawning Gulf" into the continuum of time and space!

438 CE

The young Vala, a prophetess, a druid in training was making her yearly Yuletide trip to Stonehenge. This would be a time of meditation, a time to reflect, and a time to forget the past. This will be the time for her to stop being an apprentice and go into the world as a full-fledged Druid!

During the journey she was accompanied by the "Guide," the guide is a huge man… though mute… he can take care of himself, his mistress, and any trouble that might come upon them during the journey.

The evening waned and they settled in for the night. Out came the travel packs, and a fire was started! Rabbit was the staple course for this evening, for some reason the "Two" reasoned this would be a special night; nothing specific but they have a feeling in their water, something was going to happen! She pulled out the Grog passing it to the guide!

"Sate thyself well 'Able' but not to the extent of dulling thine own senses." The man called able grunted thanks in his "mutish" way. Able was swilling the grog in a comfortable manner whilst he was in his bedroll. It made him happy or silly might be the correct word, though he did take his mistresses advice; soon enough, he was a sleep with one eye open!

From the Heights of the night sky, did the Eagle observe the happenings of the two journeymen? The Eagle wished to see more, slowly she descended on silent feathers, looking… looking into their souls, finding what she wanted to see, yes here was the young woman, a woman of the faith, a woman chosen for destiny! The silent feathers arced forward causing the bird to be stationary for a brief moment allowing her to perch on a branch of Thor's tribute, an oak!

Sensing a presence, the Vala looked to the skies! Her eyes followed an ark until they focused on a "Bird of Prey" looking intently at her!

"What say you, Druid who is yet to be?"

"All's fair considering? Mayhap the Yule will go without happenstance?"

"Daughter of Saxnot prepare to receive "Tiu's" Mother, for I have a task for thee!"

The Vala took a sharp intake of breath, How did you address the Mother of Most?

From the perch did the Mother of Most lazily glide to the ground, within a few inches of touching down, the Eagle changed form into a woman of mature years… the passage of time did not belie her beauty!

"Again what say you, druid to be?"

"What is thy task, mother of most?"

"This year the Yule is not for thee! Learnt all thou hast for what thou needs, in your own right hast thou deserved the right to be called druid! Make haste to Cologne for on that journey shalt you meet with Cheru's… my son's sword. Having attained the sword make haste and give the sword to Vitellius, a man of import from the south, pass the sword onto the one that is deserved."

"Deserved… Mother of most?"

"Thou whilst know when the time comes!"

"As thou sayest, Mother of most, perchance when whilst mine own journey commence?"

"As of the morrow yea shalt go in the opposite direction, fear naught for thine own peers shalt be informed of thine own task, dispensation shalt be made for your indoctrination and acceptance as kin to the Circle! One Concession thou whilst make! Let the world know of Cheru's curse, that being whosoever is the wielder, shalt become prominent, however the prominence comes at a price! The price shalt be the swords choosing; usually this means death at the hand of the Sword. Make reparations for the morrow, thine own journey whilst be long and long, Fare yea well, she who shalt be the Last druid!"

With the last words, the Mother of most changed form again, back into the appearance of the Eagle… flying of into the night's sky. The Vala was dumbfounded, where did she start making sense to all that she had heard!

The cock crowed as the Vala and her guide made haste in the opposite direction!

To Be Continued . . .

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