Elders Quest Chapter 6

Written by Mystic, Edited by E.A. Morfex
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Elder's Quest
Chapter 6:
Black Bishop’s Opening*

*Author’s note: An opening in chess that is flexible for choice of movements.

"Ahhh! The Grandmaster was right. He thought Thanos would send the Asgardian after me," the Contemplator said standing in front of Thor and Warbird. Unworried, he remained floating approximately three feet off the ground, belly slightly protruding forward. His feet were crossed in a sort of indian stance.

"Base villain," Thor began as he twirled Mjolnir above his head. "Surrender now or face the fury of the God of Thunder!"

Not receiving an answer, Thor swung Mjolnir at the Contemplator. Simultaneously, Warbird took flight and blasted him. Not being able to see, Mjolnir shortly smashed into him. The force sent the Contemplator flying back before a mighty oak tree stopped him. He got up slowly as Mjolnir returned to its master. Standing straight up, the Elder seemed amazed. "The hammer is as strong as they say," he finally managed to voice. His somewhat flushed, chubby cheeks jerked up and down as he spoke, perhaps more pronounced due to his smaller stature. "But I have something that is mightier!"

"And what be that?" Thor said ready to send Mjolnir out again.

The Contemplator’s spirit left his body and entered a closed crate nearby. Within seconds, the crate blew open and a mightily armored figure appeared. "Behold, Asgardian! You will be defeated with a weapon of your kind! The Destroyer stands ready to destroy!"

Warbird flew down to Thor. "This wasn’t part of the plan," she spoke worried.

"Verily," Thor said still surprised himself. A moment’s hesitation was all that occurred as the warrior in him regained control. "Nevertheless, back down we cannot!"

"I thought that thing was indestructible?" Warbird said arguing. "We must retreat."

"No. The Avengers are relying on us. We will fight to the death if need be. No one shall e’er call the Son of Odin a coward." Thor spun Mjolnir above his head. Lightning crackled above in the skies. The very ground trembled as though in pain. The sky instantly grayed as Mjolnir’s energy seemed to build up within.

"You seek to frighten me, Asgardian?" the Destroyer mocked. "Your hammer is as insignificant to this shell as a pebble."

"The Destroyer be strong indeed," Thor yelled amidst the maelstrom he was causing, "But my plan be not so foolish as to wage battle with thee…but to transport thee away." Thor flung Mjolnir above the Destroyer. As if preprogrammed, Mjolnir flew directly above the Destroyer. Circling his form, it began forming a vortex.

Before completing its task, the Destroyer’s form opened its visor firing its incredible eye beam at it. Mjolnir was knocked off its path slightly, but attempted to continue its task. Another powerful blast was all it could take however, and with chips of Uru flying out, Mjolnir fell to the ground with a loud crash.

With incredible speed, the Destroyer turned around and blasted both Thor and Warbird. Warbird attempted to meet the blast in the middle.

An ill-fated attempt.

The Destroyer’s blast pummeled through her blast and through them. The weapon, designed to battle a Celestial, was far too powerful for either to contend with. Both Thor and Warbird fell easily and quickly as the Contemplator laughed.

"Grandmaster. All proceeds as planned," he said inspecting several broken pieces of Uru.

"Very well. Return," the Grandmaster replied, a smile appearing on his face. The first fight had been fought and won. All was going as planned.

Continued in Elders Quest Chapter 7: Philidor's Defense!  And be sure to visit the Elders Quest Archive Page if you have not yet read the Prologue or first five chapters of Elders Quest.   If you aren't sure exactly why the elders would want to punish Thanos, then be sure to read our review of Marvel's Thanos Quest mini-series at the Silver Surfer Website... Now leave us your comments and suggestions below.

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