Eccentric Orbits #2

Written by Mario Di Giacomo
Published by the Cosmic Powers Fan Fiction Group in

Characters are the properties of Marvel Comics

Welcome to the another edition of Eccentric Orbits... featuring the cosmic limericks of Mario Di Giacomo.  If you come up with any clever rhymes, feel free to send them in at the bottom of the page!  Thanks... and enjoy!

Weezie, a writer profound.
Had a talent that make us resound.
Phrases of praise,
to the skies we will raise.
[Her hubby's good too, I have found].

(Editor's note: Weezie is Louise Simonson, writer of Galactus: The Devourer)

Galactus' tummy did rumble.
A new planet was needed to tumble.
The pangs of his girth,
Were fixed upon Earth.
Who's hereos he'd easily humble.

When Norrin went surfing with Mantis.
They traveled the depths to Atlantis.
But that one was sad.
Since our Mr. Radd,
Found that underwater they can't kiss.

Uatu secretly viewed.
Several organic babes in the nude.
It's not that he had,
Ideas that were bad.
It's just that he found the men crude.

Epoch and Eon both knew.
A hero is chosen that who,
With Cosmic Awareness,
And above-average fairness.
Could watch over the cosmic stew.

When Kismet and Quasar first met,
Twas' a meeting that neither'd forget.
But a child in the book,
Was not a good hook,
So fast-aging became a good bet.

The trouble with the Jack of Hearts.
Consists of mainly two parts.
His head's on a trip,
Since his suit won't unzip
And his stories seem lacking in smarts.

Though Gladiator's mohawk is hair,
It's usage in battle is fair.
Until came the day,
That Pip found a way,
To switch his conditioner with Nair.

Thor, the offspring of Odin.
Was filled with a sense of forebodin'.
Not for art or for text,
Did he find himself vexed,
His message board kept overloadin'.

The Beyonder needed relief.
After trying to turn a new leaf.
He joined, in a Cube.
[With Owen the rube]
And a half-machine Skrulloid's his chief.

There once was a being called the Stranger.
Who's mysterious past was a danger.
Was he the last hidden face.
Or a combined race?
The facts need a rearranger.

The Celestials sent a Fifth Host.
To a planet to turn it to toast.
But the truth, it is known.
Only evil is blown.
The rest find a nice sunny coast.

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