Eccentric Orbits #3

Written by Mario Di Giacomo
Published by the Cosmic Powers Fan Fiction Group in

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Welcome to the another edition of Eccentric Orbits... featuring the cosmic limericks of Mario Di Giacomo.  If you come up with any clever rhymes, feel free to send them in at the bottom of the page!  Thanks... and enjoy!
This week's edition features the Guardians of the Galaxy!

Vance Astrovik refused to yield,
In the quest for America's shield.
But he's become jaded,
Since Victory's faded,
And his costume is once again sealed.

People have noticed the glare,
On the face made of minerals rare.
What bugs Martinex,
Is the way he reflects,
Is used to check on Talon's hair?

A question? Then call on Starhawk.
On answers he has a lock.
Except 'bout Aleta,
What happened to Rita,
And who in the heck is Shamrock.

Charlie's muscles are dense,
Which makes a tremendous defense.
But everyone knows,
With 26 bros,
His Harkov's card list is immense.

Hollywood's a Man of Wonder,
And Woden's a scion of thunder.
The "Spirit"'s a sleeper,
But then there's the Keeper,
Who's might can tear whole worlds asunder.

Cutest of all is Ms. Nikki,
And although this sounds somewhat icky,
It's really a shame,
If *all* her hair's flame,
since shaving her legs must be tricky.

Krugarr's no sorcerorous lout.
He knows what his magic's about.
But how in the hells,
Can he say any spells,
When he doesn't have tongue, lips, or mouth?

With Yondu, the bow was the thing.
He can always hit inside the ring.
But without his hand,
He was forced to demand,
A new weapon, new plots, and new land.

More to come... but for now, send in your own below and leave us your comments!

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