Eccentric Orbits #1

Written by Mario Di Giacomo
Published by the Cosmic Powers Fan Fiction Group in

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Welcome to the premiere of Eccentric Orbits... featuring the cosmic limericks of Mario Di Giacomo.  If you come up with any clever rhymes, feel free to send them in at the bottom of the page!  Thanks... and enjoy!

Before Adam became Supreme,
Death and rebirth was a theme.
From gem or coccon,
He'd resurrect soon,
To stop the dark nihilist's dream.

Though Moondragon's head had been shaved,
It wasn't a wig that she craved.
The power of mind,
TK of a kind.
And a father who's IQ behaved.

When Drax returned from the dead,
He wasn't quite right in the head.
Though his strength was immense,
His thoughts were so dense,
That his dialogue sounded like lead.

Gamora's complexion was green,
Like her tights, that were scaly and sheen.
But watch what you say,
Or you'll find the way,
To prove that her dagger is keen.

Though Pip's reputation preceded,
The curse that made his height receded.
He still has his bars,
His babes and cigars.
So a cure has yet to be needed.

When Thanos put on the glove.
He did it in honor of love.
He killed half that live,
But Death won't forgive.
The fact that he now sat above.

Though Maxam was skinny and frail,
He joined an Infinity tale.
He gained newfound strength,
But his arc had such length,
That most of the readers did bail.

The Living Tribunal passed sentence,
On the outcome of Thanos's pretense.
No diff did he see,
As the Eternity,
Between him and the star-spangled sentience.

Eternity coveted gems.
And Gauntlet from which power stems.
Since the one with three faces.
Saw it meet to replace his,
Role with those organic BEMs.

The Elders were all having tea,
In the realm of Eternity.
It went on centuries,
Till they ran out of cheese.
[They all had a fondness for Brie].

Although Death was known as a "Mistress."
It wasn't a cause for distress.
Sooner or late.
We'll all meet our fate.
In the folds of her long purple dress.

Chaos and Order were musing.
On the balance that they found amusing.
They worked out a scheme,
With the one Inbetween.
And heroes they soon were abusing.

More in Eccentric Orbits #2!  Now leave us your comments below!

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