CoverSilver Surfer #73, Vol. 3
Published by Marvel Comics
October, 1992


Writer: Ron Marz
Penciler: Ron Lim
Inks: Tom Christopher
Colorist: Tom Vincent
Letters: Ken Bruzenak
Editor: Craig Anderson
Chief: Tom DeFalco

Original Price: $1.25
Current Value: $1.50

History Behind Issue: The Heralds Ordeal continues from Silver Surfer #72, this issue features the resurrection of Air-Walker!


The Silver Surfer lies on the ground, as Nova mourns for him and Firelord stands there with a big grin. And after the big guy, who took him down in the previous issue, is gone (bragging about his new accomplishment) the Silver Surfer gets big and reveals to Nova that he acted dead because it was the fastest way to get rid of the guy without hurting him. Nova then explains that she does not know how she ended up at such a scummy place as a dancer; she doesn’t even remember anything since her departure with Galactus. The three go off looking for Galactus, but they know his ship can be cleared from their senses. Thus, they must find Air-Walker’s body. Airwalker was another former herald of Galactus. who was killed by Thor. They got to the asteroid where Firelord buried him. There, Firelord explains that he was good friends with Gabriel Lan, before he was turned into Airwalker. Airwalker’s conscious was then transferred into a robotic body when he became herald to Galactus. His body was equipped with a homing beacon with Galactus’s worldship, so thy could find Galactus after repairing it. And as Firelord works on Airwalker, Silver Surfer and Nova decide they will accompany each other through the cosmos after they defeat Morg.

Finally, they must use their powers to repair cosmic cells used to power the Airwalker. After they repower them, the Airwalker returns, but he returns continuing his last recorded action, an attack. The Airwalker attacks the three, who are weakened from restoring the cosmic cells. Finally, Airwalker remembers his good friend, Firelord in the course of the battles Airwalker still doesn’t remember himself, however. He still doesn’t remember his purpose. Firelord promises to help him, but first they must find Galactus. Airwalker shows them the direction, and all four go off to form one more ally, Terrax. Meanwhile, the Well of Life has made Morg even more powerful, and Galactus wonders if this power could affect Morg’s loyalty. And preparing for another story later on, we see that Nebula is now rejuvenating and ready to rejoin her crew in a new mission.

To be continued in Silver Surfer #74, THE HERALD ORDEAL, PART 5

Comments: The story continues to build towards the climatic conclusion of Herald Ordeal, to take place in issue #75. Meanwhile, the art is at its best, as Ron Lim returns as penciler, bringing some really cool battle scenes with Airwalker.

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