CoverInfinity Gauntlet #2, Vol. 1
Published by Marvel Comics

August, 1991

"From Bad to Worse"

Writer: Jim Starlin
Penciling: George Perez
Inks: Josef Rubinstein

Color: Max Scheele
Letters: Jack Morelli

Editor: Craig Anderson
Chief: Tom DeFalco

Original Price: $2.50
Current Value: N/A (believe it or not)

History Behind Issue: Continued from Infinity Gauntlet #1.

Plot: All is right in the heavens for Thanos possesses the six Infinity Gems . The universe will now be set right . Made over to fit his unique view of what should be . Let nihilism reign supreme ! Flight 806 was circling for clearance to land when the great dissapearance struck . It took out both the pilot and the co-pilot . The jet finally ran out of fuel and augered it onto Fifth Avenue . A pretty clean hit really . Those passengers were lucky the Avengers were on hand to help out . And luckier still that Thos was passing by . But the Avengers can't be everywhere and the whole world's currently one big emergency ! Whe the first reports of the great disappearance came in , Quasar's alias is in his office at Vaughn Security Systems , wondering what he can do to help . He figured Epoch might have some answers . But before he can ask him , Epoch arrives . Quasar runs to the door and see's Epoch in his pocket universe with someone else . Someone Epoch says can help with the current crisis . The cosmic guardian Quasar must now undertake a new mission ! He has a Astral Rendezvous to arrange . Elsewhere , Bulletins continue to flood in from all over the Kree Empire . Half of their people have mysteriously disappeared . There can be no doubt who is responsible for this outrage . This tragedy reeks of Skrull treachery . The entire fleet has been put on red alert status . The war to end all wars begins . Glory to the Kree Empire . At Dr. Strange's mansion , Strange thinks ," The condition of my unexpected house guest was such I though it prudent to seek an outside consultation on the matter . Fortunately Dr. Henry Pym happened to be in town ." Pym went to warn the West Coast Avengers of the approaching crisis . Strange started to mutter words and looked completely out of it . Strange was in his astral form . He met a being . The being wanted to be the leader in the war against Thanos . Dr. Strange questioned his leadership , so the being opened his soul to Dr. Strange . Things are now clear to him . In Dr. Dooms castle , his instruments indicate that the force responsible for the great disappearance originated on the far side of the galaxy . He has never before encountered such powerful readings . He is picking up similiar emanations from a small town in upstate New York . These transmissions are being directed to the home of Dr. Stephen Strange . What is the connection ? This question he must have answered . For this is his universe . These are his people disappearing , and no one should dare tamper with what belongs to Doctor Doom ! Plus , there is the fact that great disasters of this magnitude also present a curious intellect with great opporotunity . A chance to expand on Doom's scientific knowledge and personal power . On Saturn's moon Titan , Half the galaxy's population blinked out of existance . Eros suddenly dissapears . He has been in many a difficult situation in his life . But he knows the very moment he opened his eyes that this is a whole new cosmic level of trouble . He immediately recognizes the legendary Infinity Gems his brother wears as the source of his newfound might . And if that weren't bad enough , a few feet away stands powerful Mephisto . The devil , you say ? Yes , sir , he's into it upto his ears this time . And there is Mistress Death , a regal sight he had hoped never to see . It takes him a while to realize who the stumbling wreck wandering about is Thanos's grand-daughter Nebula . She's a real mess . Thanos introduces everyone to Eros . Thanos tells how he made sure Mentor was among the disappeared . Eros attempts to use his emotion manipulation powers on Thanos . Thanos quickly stopped that by taking away Eros' mouth because that is how it shall be with all things that irritate proud Thanos . Annoyances will simply cease to be . In Avengers HQ , Captain America tally's up all the missing heroes . He is attempting to gain as many alies as possible . In Asgard Great Odin rounds up all the Skyfathers to battle whatever evil was destroying half their population . In the hotel the Fat scum seems to have turned into Pip the Troll . He is sitting back eating , drinking , and smoking when the wall to his left where the bedroom with the cacoon on the bed was had exploded . The one in the cacoon said they are going after Thanos . The Silver Surfer slowly awakens . At the best of times the resumption of lost consciousness is a jarring , disorienting experience . But at a moment like this it can be devastating . The Silver Surfer sees Dr. Doom , and Dr. Strange is being held by Doom's mechanical menaces . The Surfer demands that Doom unhand his comrade . Dr. Doom answers with an energy blast . The Silver Surfer in his weakened state cannot take it and falls to the ground . Doom turned to Strange holding up his arm with energy read to be released from his metalic arm and asks Strange to tell him the story of the great disappearance . Doom's machines disinigrate , and Dr. Strange is released . Dr. Doom turns and sees a man who was supposed to have been killed nearly a decade ago while battling Thanos . He is Adam Warlock , and he will tell Doctor Doom of what is now occuring . Elsewhere , Thanos entertains Mistress Death with Eros and Nebula . Death is not amused . That is no problem because other entertainment can be arranged . Back at the mansion , Warlock finishes telling Dr. Doom his story , and Strange learns that Adam Warlock was the entity he communicated with earlier . Warlock says that the only way they can triumph over Thanos is if Warlock takes the position of leader . Doom questions Warlock . Warlock explains that he alone is the most familiar with the secret workings of the Infinity Gems and that knowledge is the universes only hope . Dr. Strange agree's with Warlock , and the Surfer says it is better than following Doom . Doom goes along with it . Thanos tries changing entertainment by turning Nebula and Eros into multiple cubical objects . Death is still not amused . Thanos says that he will do anything to make her happy . ANYTHING . The dark gods anger and frustration are awesome in force . The psychic wave of power rises from the stellar monument of love and washes out into the ether . The first heavenly body to encounter the wave is a 20,000,000 year old red giant star . Every law of nature revolts against this jewel's continued existance . It's end is breathtaking . Yet it is but one of many that will fall before the wrath of Thanos . The supreme being of the universe and reality . A planet Mighty Galactus was about to consume crumbles beneath the Titan's rage . Galactus keeps his anger in check . He has to for he realizes that even his staggering might is nothing compared to the near infinite power Thanos now wields . But think not that Galactus plans to turn tail and run from this upstart demi-god . Galactus is a being of power and intellect . Plans must be conceived and alliances formed . Only then may Galactus savor the cold feast of vengeance . The readings on Thanos's destructive psychic emanations are astounding . The wave devistates nearly a quarter of the galaxy . It will only be at 2 percent of its peak strength when it hits that planet Norrin Radd once talked Galactus out of consuming . The one called Earth . On Earth buildings crumble , people scream and run . But is it really helping anyone ? Iron Man is hovering on the edge of space trying to gather better readings on certain off-planet energy signals . He suspects they have something to do with the great disappearance . Suddenly , every gauge of the sensor unit redlines . The force wave hits Iron Man like a runaway train . It shorts out every circuit in his suit . Fortunately his back-up systems are able to kick in . Thats when he saw it . From his altitude it must be quite a sight , one that will surely it will give Tony Stark nightmares for the rest of his life . Helplessly Stark watches as the entire Western Coast of the United States breaks off and falls into the ocean . There is nothing Iron Man can do to help , but he will try . At Asgard , there was truly no method available to predict the approach of Thanos's destructive psychic onslaught . How would anyone know how devistating it could be ? One moment beautiful Asgard sat peacefully , a jewel in the heavens . A mere moment later the home of the proud norse gods was torn asunder its spires toppled . The rainbow bridge shattered , and Odin and the Skyfather are trapped in Asgard . Namor felt tremors and traced them across the Atlantic Ocean floor to their source . What he discovered was the incredible . Not even Namor the Sub-Mariner has never seen such a magnificent sight . But then his awe is tempered by the realization that the creation of these isles will have cataclysmic results . There will be title waves , probably even now heading toward the Eastern Coast of the United States . By sheer chance Namorita is flying over Atlantic City . It's early morning and a young couple walk along the boardwalk , alone . Probably honeymooners . They hear a roar and look up to see approaching death . The wave is nearly a quarter mile high . There'll be no escaping it . Namorita soars down and swoops up the young couple . The young lovers are the only two people she manages to save . Stranges mansion is the only building left standing thanks to a hastily cast spell of protection .

Continued in Infinity Gauntlet #3

Comments: George Perez does a great job on the art, and Jim Starlin makes this one of the best stories ever!

Review written by Matt Bartke


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