CoverInfinity Gauntlet #1, Vol. 1
Published by Marvel Comics

July, 1991

"The End Begins Here!"

Writer: Jim Starlin
Penciling: George Perez
Inks: Josef Rubinstein w/Tom Christopher

Color: Max Scheele w/Ian Laughlin
Letters: Jack Morelli

Editor: Craig Anderson
Chief: Tom DeFalco

Original Price: $2.50
Current Value: N/A (believe it or not)

History Behind Issue: Continued from Silver Surfer #50.

Plot: With the power of the Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos is god.   His omnipotent power makes Mephisto humble in front of him.  But on earth, the Silver Surfer falls into the Study of Dr. Strange, to warn earth's heroes of Thanos's new threat.  He recalls the events in Silver Surfer #34-38, where Death resurrected Thanos to wipe out half the people in the universe.  Death found that more people were alive today than have ever dies, and that was some type of a cosmic imbalance.   Thanos sought to fix this using the Infinity Gems, which he won by defeating six elders of the Universe in Thanos Quest #1-2.  Then (from Silver Surfer #44-50), Silver Surfer and Drax the Destroyer tried to confront Thanos, but were defeated and sent to Soul World, where they met Adam Warlock, leader of the Soul World.  With the help of Warlock, they escaped.  It was then Mephisto suggested they try to defeat Thanos, but fortifying their universe.  Meanwhile three robbers were driving away from a crime, when their car went off the cliff.  The car was ruined but the three managed to escape.  Although they all looked badly injured, their leader Jake Miller was using his powers to heal and modify their bodies to fit their "specific needs."   The checked into a motel to rest while their trans-mutation began.  Meanwhile, Thanos returns to Death, to bring her to his throne, but she turns away and walks from him.  Mephisto suggests he is not worthy of such brusque treatment, Thanos agrees.   Thanos continues to follow her, asking for her forgiveness.  He asks for forgiveness for using her powers to gain the Infinity Gems.  He did so, only to be worthy for her love, but now he is superior to her, and she feels his love is bondage.   Thanos disagrees.  His love is worship, and he than creates (with a simple thought) a shrine to Mistress Death.  The shrine floats in the middle of space, with a throne for her and a throne for him, but she still walks away from him.  Mephisto then tells Thanos he should show her his power, so he shows her is greatest creation.   Nebula, who in Silver Surfer #45 was forced to stay on a slim line between death and life; forced to live with the pain and injuries of dying forever, but never allowed to die.  As Death walks away, her servant (who always speaks for Death) tells him his threats are empty and distasteful.  Thanos destroys him and then gives Death what she asked for, by destroying half the universe.  Across the universe, death reigns on half the souls in existence.  In Manhattan, Earth, Spider-Man watches a city in panic as half the people simply vanish in front of their eyes, than it hits him...Mary Jane!   At Avengers Mansion, one minute Captain America is talking with Hawkeye and Sersi, the next, they vanish in front of Captain America's own eyes!  And elsewhere, the Hulk is trying to figure out who's behind the disappearance of Rick Jones.  The deaths even begin universal wars, as the Skrulls blame the disappearance of half their universe on the Kree, and declare war.  Even as Silver Surfer is warning Dr. Strange, Strange's servant, Wong, disappears.  And on Titan, where they are planning a way to defeat Thanos, Mentor, Thanos's own father, falls victim to Thanos!

Continued in Infinity Gauntlet #2

Comments: George Perez does a great job on the art, and Jim Starlin makes this one of the best stories ever!  I really love the way everything goes together in this, usually first issues like this are boring with all the re-tellings of the past.  George Perez has some nice art of Thanos too.

Review written by James Pedrick


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