Galactus: Devourer of Worlds

As a being not of this universe Galactus must constantly replace the life force which sustains him. He must constantly devour specific life giving energy of certain planets to maintain his survival, in much the same way as a diver needs an air tank. And as a shark cares not one wit for the thoughts of the fish, Galactus cares not about the sentient life on the planets he consumes. But The Silver Surfer after a millennia of service saw on a backwater planet named Earth a spark of life that rekindled his own humanity. No longer could he be a part of unending, uncaring genocide. As insignificant as his power was in comparison, he confronted his master and attacked. Though no more than an annoyance to Galactus, it gave him pause. This daily enabled The Fantastic Four to retrieve the awesome weapon known as The Ultimate Nullifier and ransom it back to The Word Devourer for his promise to spare the Earth.


Cosmic Characters of Marvel Comics

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Eternity - The Living Embodiment of the Universe
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Galactus - Devourer of Worlds
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Ego - The Living Planet
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Grand Master - An Elder of the Universe
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The In-Betweener - Between all concepts of the universe
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