Maximum Vengeance #7

Written by R.A. Sidor, Edited by Marvelite
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Continued from Maximum Vengeance issue #1, issue #2, issue #3, issue #4, issue #5, and issue #6


"Halt, humans!"

Vision and Photon whirled around to see Nartissa.  In her hands, she held a  blaster rifle.  Vision calmly walked towards her.  She let off a quick burst.  The shot passed through Vision's intangible body and hit the bulkhead behind him.  Vision extended his arm out into Nartissa's head and solidified it, causing Nartissa extreme pain.  She fainted and Vision let her plop to the floor.

"We will need to be careful." Vision stated, "Some of the crew may have heard the gunshot and come to investigate."

They moved on until they made it to the prison level.  Iron Man, Sersi, the Black Knight, and the Wasp were scattered about on the floor, beaten, battered, and unconscious.  Nearby, Commander Corbin lay dead.  His head looped to the side at an irregular angle. 

Wasp crept her eyes open and saw her newly arrived friends, Vision and Photon.  They helped her to her feet.  "Thanos is mad.  He has a sick plot to assume control of the entire Kree Empire.  He's going to have a nega bomb detonated in the center of  the Shi'ar territory."  Wasp explained about Thanos' Skrull spy serving as the Supremor and his plan for another Kree-Skrull War once he had control.

Photon used her Avengers communicard to contact Thor and the Starjammers on the Kree shuttle.  Wasp then told them a brief summary of what Thanos was up to.

"You have to travel to the Shi'ar throneworld and warn them.  Captain America's Avenger team should be there.  You all must watch for the arrival of the nega bomb."

Corsair received the instructions over the shuttle's radio, "It's more like 'mega' bomb.  They have three nega bombs that will be used as one.  Corsair out."

Hepzibah, then, took the shuttle into subspace.  They only hoped they could reach Lilandra and the Avengers before it would be too late.

Sintariis was in the throne room on Hala when he was informed that the three bombs had arrived.  He immediately took a small transport shuttle up to Hala orbit where he caught hisfirst glimpse of the ship that contained the three nega bombs in it's tractor beam.  The bombs were connected to each other by a series of rectangular tubes and walkways.  Sinstariis' shuttle took him to the towing ship.

As Sintariis walked down the corridor and entered the bridge, he got the surprise of his life.  Ronan the Accuser stood next to the captain's chair.  Beside Ronan was Captain America.  His wrists, behind his back, and ankles bound.  His famous shield was strapped to Ronan's back.

"What are you doing here?" Sintariis demanded.

"I am the chief military officer, so I thought I should join you on this historic voyage where we rid ourselves of the Shi'ar, finally." Ronan did a good job at lying, "This is my personal prisoner, Captain America.  I thought he should see his friends and allies die in the explosion of the Negative Zone's energies."

Sintariis kept his cool, "Welcome aboard, Ronan.  It will be a pleasure to have you with us." he said, although he was cursing Ronan in his mind.  He couldn't ruin his cover. 

Aboard the Sanctuary II, soon, the other Avengers awoke.  "Now we have to hijack this ship and get to the other Avengers at the Shi'ar Empire.  They'll need our help to stop those nega bombs."

The Avengers charged into the corridor.  Wasp stung on of the two guards and the Black Knight cut down the second with his sword.  They then split up.  Iron Man and Wasp went way, Photon and Black Knight another, with Sersi and Vision in the other direction.  They each had their goals such as getting to the bridge or taking down Thanos' crew.

Thanos wasn't at the bridge when Iron Man and the Wasp burst through the doors.  Iron Man's repulsors took down the seven officers there.  Iron Man then went over to a computer console.  A thin wire extended from his armor and connected with the computer.

"I've gotten into the ship's main system.  Now I'm locking the bridge so that no one can get in." Iron Man explained to Wasp.  A minute later he reported: "Now the main computer will respond only to my commands.  I have set on a course to Shi'ar space."

Wasp laughed, "I can't wait to see Thanos' face when he finds out his ship won't listen to him anymore."

The Black Knight's sword dropped four more of Thanos' crew.  Six more fell victim to Photon's electrical charges.  There was no sign of Thanos.  Photon assumed he would try to challenge all the Avengers at once.  It was like he deserted the ship. 

Twenty decks up, Vision and Sersi too were bringing down Thanos' troops.  Sersi turned most of them into harmless hamsters.  "That is most effective." Vision noted.  "We do not have to spend extra time in combat with them."

The Black Knight kicked open a door and stepped into the room.  It seemed to be the private quarters of Thanos.  It was empty of all signs of life.  Photon walked across the room to a table, which had a book resting on it.  "It's the Captain's Log!"

Photon turned to the last page of the book and told Black Knight of what it contained, "It says that Thanos left the ship about five hours ago to carry out the mission with the nega bombs personal."

Iron Man's voice came over the intercom, "Then the ship is ours.  Come to the bridge right now.  We have to get to the Shi'ar and stop the detonation of those bombs!"

As Iron Man spoke, in the sub-level of the Sanctuary II, Thanos stood in the darkness of the empty room and smiled.  What fools the Avengers truly were.

The small Kree ship flew through subspace, three hours later, towing the nega bombs behind it.  They were nearing Shi'ar space and Ronan was ready to make his move when an officer reported in, "Sirs, a pirate ship is tailing us.  It appears to be the Sanctuary II."

Sintariis frowned, why was Thanos here? he thought.

The ship shook violently as it was struck from the Sanctuary II's laser cannons.  "Our shields are lowering.  He's forcing us out of subspace," an officer said.

Another blast barraged the ship, finally they had no choice but to reenter normal space, with the Sanctuary II following.  They were within the center of the Shi'ar Empire.

Wasp checked her station's scanners, "I'm only picking up twenty life-signs aboard the tow ship, including Ronan and Sintariis." Wasp frowned. "There's one Skrull and one Human life-sign detected."

Iron Man nodded, twenty was an okay number for them to take on.  He hailed the tow ship, "This is Iron Man of the Avengers.  Prepare to be boarded!"

It was due to this announcement that made Sintariis cry out with surprise, "What happened to Thanos?"

All heads turned to face the Supremor, "I suspected that you were the Skrull life sign that I detected earlier." Ronan said calmly.

Sintariis shifted to his true form, "It doesn't matter what you do.  The mega bomb will obliterate the entire Shi'ar Empire and Thanos will be the Kree Supremor.  And you, Ronan, will be nothing more than some atoms floating through space."

"Shut up." Ronan fired a blast from his power mallet.  The Skrull toppled over, dead.

Then Del-Mor reported, "Sir, the Avengers hve just gotten aboard and the nega bombs are gathering energies from the Negative Zone."

Within the center of the nega bomb complex, an enormous portal began to expand.  On the other side of the portal was the dimension of the Negative Zone…


A Shi'ar battleship came to an abrupt stop in space near the Kree ship that held the three joined nega bombs in a tractor beam.  Aboard the bridge sat Lilandra, Starfox, Jack of Hearts, Warbird, Hercules, Hawkeye, Thor, and the Starjammers.  They only silently sat there since there was little more that they could do than hope that Iron Man's team prevented the detonation of the bombs.

As the Avengers stormed into the tow ship, Thanos stealthily slipped onto the ship through the airlock behind them.  He went down system of corridors that would lead to the nega bomb complex.  Now that his agent was dead and the Avengers were aboard, he had to personally see to it that the weapons' detonation was not interrupted.  His personal force field would be strong enough to protect him from the energies of the Negative Zone.  

A Kree warrior lunged through the air at Iron Man's Avengers.  The Black Knight came forward with his ebony sword and cut the warrior down.  Hercules plowed his mighty fists through the next five Kree as iron Man brought the remaining three down with a repulsor blast.  They moved on down the corridor, taking out Kree guards, nearing the bridge.  

Ronan the Accuser was seated at the bridge when Del-Mor gave some alarming news, "There seems to be an intruder in the nega bomb complex.  The lifesign appears to be Titan.  Whoever it is, they're attempting to increase the energy intake of the Negative Zone!"

Ronan unlocked the nearby Captain America's restraints, "Teleport the two of us to the complex," he turned to the Avengers, "I have need of your abilities."

As the two men vanished, Del-Mor went over to the navigation controls, he lowered the tractor beam, releasing the nega bombs.  He then moved over to the communications station, "Kree tow ship to Majestrix Lilandra and all Avengers aboard this ship.  You have our surrender."

Ronan and Captain America reappeared on a catwalk overlooking Thanos at the control console.  The portal leading into the Negative Zone continued to expand.  "That maniac will kill us all!" Captain America exclaimed.

Thanos looked up at them, "Not 'all', Captain.  Only those who are unfortunate enough to be within Shi'ar space in the next ten minutes."

Captain America dived off from the catwalk, kicking into Thanos' chest as he landed.  Thanos grasped his leg and hurled him across the room, nearly sending him through the portal.  Then, Ronan jumped down beside Thanos.

Ronan removed the round shield that was strapped to his back and tossed it over to Captain America who gratefully caught it.  Thanos whirled about and smashed Ronan hard in the face, "I'll crush you both!  I've come so far to fail now!"

Ronan ducked down an inch, dodging another blow from the mad Titan.  He brought his fist hard up into Thanos' side and his opposite fist plowed into his abdomen.  Thanos raised his knee into the Accuser's face, putting a brief end to Ronan's assault.

Captain America, ready to join the battle, was hit from behind.  Looking back, he saw the injured Skrull. "None may interfere with Master Thanos' plans!"

The Skrull's arm stretched out and draped around Captain America's neck.  He let out a slight gasp before slamming his shield into the Skrull's chest.  The grip loosened, freeing the Avenger.  Captain America lifted the Skrull up from the floor and flung directly into the nearby control panel.  Sparks burst from the console and the giant portal began to shrink in size, however slowly.  

"You fool!" Thanos cried out with burning rage. "The controls are destroyed!  Once that portal closes these bombs will be useless!"

In his anger he lashed out with a most powerful kick, hitting Ronan square in the head.  Ronan pulled out his mallet and swung it into the Titan's kneecap, shattering the bone.  

The computer voice broke out at that moment, interrupting the antagonists, "Warning!  The energy absorbed from the Negative Zone has gone past the safe limit.  This complex will be destroyed if the energy level is not reduced within three minutes!"

Ronan struck the downed Thanos in the gut and turned to the Avenger, "Get out of here, Captain!  The lifepod is two level up."

Captain America shook his head, "I won't leave you!"

Ronan became annoyed as he avoided another hit from Thanos, "GO!  You must tell the Shi'ar and the Kree what happened here!  If I were to leave, he would just find some new way of detonating these bombs! Go!"

Captain America hesitated for a minute, he hated to do those, but he turned and took off down the corridor. He heard Ronan command the computer to enter subspace.  There no one could be harmed in the explosion.  He made it to the single escape shuttle and was jettisoned from the great complex as it disappeared into the realm of subspace.

The portal continued to decrease. Thanos had the Kree Accuser pinned down just a mere three feet away from it.  "We perish together, Kree cretin!"

"I wouldn't be so confident if I were you, Titan."  Ronan gathered his strength and sent Thanos off of him with one mighty shove.  he leapt to his feet and aimed his mallet at the mad Titan, "See you in the next life, Titan."

A quick burst of energy was sent through the air and slammed into Thanos. lifting him off of his feet and throwing him through the portal to the Negative Zone, which soon sealed shut forever.  Ronan stood up, triumphant.  Then the complex was ripped apart in a blazing ball of fire.

It was not long later that a Shi'ar cruiser detected Captain America's shuttle and brought him to the Throneworld where he was reunited with his fellow Avengers who were relieved to see him once more after believing him to be dead.  He spoke with Lilandra who explained to him that they had received a message from the Kree during his absence.  They had given their surrender, the war was finally over.  The Kree would now have to devote their time to attempting to come up with a cure to stop the deaths of the "blue" Kree.  It was over and time to return to home.

The End

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