Silver Surfer: Untold Adventures #1

Written by R.A. Sidor, Edited by Marvelite
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"A Scheduled War" - Part One

The home planet of the Shi'ar, more commonly called Throneworld, was the heart of the intergalactic Shi'ar Empire, ruled by Majestrix Lilandra and her top advisors, five high ranking military officers. Though, there were some things that even they wished not to share with her, such as their current plotting which took place in a long since abandoned military complex situated in a desolate mountain region, far from Lilandra and the royal palace (as well as civilization.) 

The three generals and two admirals were seated around a long meeting table, directly in front of the wall that was filled entirely with a plexi-glass window overlooking the desert. Admiral Pla'Tar sat at the head of the table, on the opposite head was a female general, La'Tina.  On the sides were General Barigan, Admiral Terris, and General Gorkin.  

Pla'Tar began the meeting, "Welcome, I am pleased that you all were able to attend this gathering that I summoned you for.  As I am sure that you are all well aware, the five of us are perhaps the most powerful people in the Shi'ar Empire, just below Lilandra herself.  Also, as you know, we recently participated in a meeting with Majestix Lilandra were we presented the notion of expansion for the Empire."

Gorkin interjected, "We all remember, Admiral, and she rejected the idea.  The foolish woman is actually is under the impression that we need not increase the power and might of the Empire.  We could have become the most powerful Empire in all of space, even more so than the accursed Kree," he stamped his fist down hard against the tabletop in his anger at the thought of the Kree, "So, why is it that you have gathered us here?"

All of the voices of those whom were present murmured echoing Gorkin's question.  "This had better be worthwhile, Admiral, I had some rather important tasks that need to be completed,” La'Tina stated annoyed, "But please continue, Admiral."

Pla'Tar did so, "The point is that we still can become the moat powerful force in the known universe, Lilandra may not be too pleased about it though.  That is why we must keep our actions concealed."

Barigan stood up, "I have heard enough, Pla'Tar is obviously mad."

"Please, remain seated and just hear me out." Pla'Tar attempted to calm Barigan down, "Imagine how much the empire can be increased if we had, say, the Skrulls' territories added to it, the entire Andromeda galaxy under our complete control.  Of course, this would mean that we would have to conquer the Skrulls first, which would no doubt lead to a military conflict, possibly even a war."

"How do you propose that we do this?" Terris wondered aloud.

A smile crept across Pla'Tar's thin lips, "I'm glad that you asked that.  I intend on carrying out this operation with the help of the alien called the Silver Surfer."

"That is absurd!" Barigan hollered in disbelief, "How, in a million lifetimes, could we possibly recruit the Silver Surfer's aid?"

La'Tina answered for Pla'Tar, "Is it not obvious?  The Silver Surfer is a known ally of the Skrulls, still, though, I do not understand how we would go about this."

Pla'Tar did not reply, first he had something that was essential that required to be carried out, "Before we go any further, I must be informed if any of you wish not to proceed with this."

The officers glanced around the table at one another, finally General Barigan rose from his chair. "I do not, this is pure insanity that I shall not be a participant of.  I am compelled to inform Majestrix Lilandra of your conspiring.  You are all traitors to the Shi'ar.  I can only hope that you receive the death penalty, anything less would be undeserving of you."

Barigan headed for the door but stopped when Pla'Tar demanded he do so.  Barigan turned around with irritation, which quickly changed to fear as he saw Pla'Tar removing his blaster from his holster.  He let out a quick burst that put a searing hole in Barigan's sternum.  He plopped to the floor in a heap.  Pla'Tar replaced his blaster in its holster and placed himself back into his chair.  "Now we can proceed."

The others gave a quick glance at the corpse that littered the floor and wisely chose not to comment on what had just occurred, "So. What is this plan of yours?" Terris asked, intrigued.

The Admiral cleared his throat, "As General La'Tina has stated, the Silver Surfer is indeed an ally of the Skrulls, he even aided them during the second Kree-Skrull War.  If certain Shi'ar settlements are attacked, by what appears to be the Silver Surfer, who do you think they will accuse?"

Gorkin still did not quit follow, "How can we enlist the Silver Surfer's power?  He does not accept bribes and I doubt if we could convince him to do these things."

Pla'Tar nodded his head, "Nor does he have to."  He hit a button on the control panel near his spot at the table and the set of doors hissed open.  A tall and muscular Shi'ar male entered the room, a small metal box- like object was attached to his belt, it had two red buttons on it.  He pushed one and he was enveloped in bright flash of light.  It took the flash only a second to fade and when it did the Silver Surfer was standing in the Shi'ar's place.

"A holographic image enhancer, programmed to give T'Krill here the physical appearance of the Silver Surfer." Pla'Tar explained to his stunned audience, "He will also be equipped with a surfboard that is similar to that of the Surfer's, only this one requires a small engine and fuel to run.  For the brief time he will actually be seen, while attacking a Shi'ar colony, no one will be able to tell the difference between him and the true Silver Surfer."

Gorkin stared in sincere interest and disbelief, "By the gods, it is a perfect plan.  The empire will be expanded and no body will ever be able to link us to the cause of it."

Admiral Pla'Tar interrupted him, "There is another detail to this operation.  You see, should Majestrix Lilandra meet with an unpleasant fate then we would become the next rulers of the Empire." he grinned broadly and laughed aloud.

La'Tina frowned and raised her hand, Pla'Tar called upon her, "One question cannot help but come to my mind, why will Lilandra have any reason to accuse the Skrulls because of the 'Surfer's' actions?"

"Because as he bombards the colonies with firepower, he is will be crying out: 'For the glory of the Skrull Empire!'" he answered back.

It was three days later when Majestrix Lilandra stood in the royal palace, her eyes staring in shock at the monitor before her, which flashed images of the Silver Surfer wreaking havoc upon various Shi'ar settlements, while glorifying the empire of the Skrulls.  She did not understand it, her people never had any problems with the Skrulls in the past.  She never even really spoke with the Skrulls or heard from them.  The same thing applied with the Silver Surfer, she had not even met him before.  These acts of violence that the Silver Surfer had committed in the name of the Skrulls would not be tolerated.

Lilandra heard someone enter the room and turned around to see Admiral Pla'Tar, a saddened expression on his face, "I have already seen the footage, Majestrix.  I am terribly sorry, as well as outraged.  I have my troops spanning this quadrant for some sign of the Silver Surfer.  We will have him within our custody, I promise it to you."

Lilandra remained silent and did not give an answer.

"There is one more bit of startling news," Pla'Tar paused, "My people have reason to suspect that the Silver Surfer is also responsible for the mysterious disappearance of General Barigan, again, he was acting on the Skrulls' commands."

"What have we done to the Skrulls to deserve this?" Lilandra could not help as to wonder, "Have we some how offended them?  We have always had relatively peaceful relations with them in the past so why do they now treat us with such aggression as if we were their enemies?  It does not make a bit of sense."

Pla'Tar shook his head, behaving as if he too was just as dumbfounded by these attacks as Lilandra was, "What do you propose we do, Majestrix?  The Silver Surfer has already brought about the destruction of four of our colonies for those Skrulls.  The Silver Surfer should be dealt with first."

"Have you questioned the Skrulls about their involvement?" Lilandra asked.

"General La'Tina has.  The Skrulls deny the accusations, even after we should them our proof.  They are, without a doubt, lying to us." Pla'Tar responded, "They are obviously scheming against us and the Empire.  We must act immediately while we still are able to!"

The Shi'ar ruler nodded thoughtfully, "Where exactly is the Silver Surfer at this present moment?"

Pla'Tar glanced through the chart that he held in his hand, "He was last spotted just outside of the Andromeda galaxy.  That was about four and a half hours ago.  Your command, Majestix?"

Lilandra looked down solemnly, she was growing tired of war and battles that involved the Shi'ar, she would put an end to it, "I will send one of the Imperial Guardsmen, the most powerful, Gladiator.  I shall assign him to apprehend the Silver Surfer.  Perhaps then we can get some information as to what it is that the Skrulls are plotting."

Pla'Tar nodded, "Very good, Majestrix." he murmured and stalked out of the room, leaving Lilandra alone with her thoughts.

The famous gleaming form of the Silver Surfer shot through the darkness that filled space.  He was departing the Andromeda Galaxy after having just paid a visit to his old ally, the Super Skrull.  The Surfer's life and travels had been rather plane and not the most exciting since he given his help to the super heroes of Earth during a situation in which the Magus was attempting to gain possession of the six Infinity Gems.

The Silver Surfer kept going onwards, unaware of his unseen spy that was watching him closely.  The Surfer suddenly felt a great force ram into his side, nearly throwing him from his board.  He let out a surprised cry as the wind was knocked out of him.  The Surfer whirled about to meet his attacker face-to-face.

"Who are you to have any reason to make enemies with me?" the Silver Surfer demanded angrily.

The Surfer immediately recognized his foe being the Imperial Guardsmen known as Gladiator of the Shi'ar, "Your murderous acts have put my people on a trail for vengeance!  I am to start with you since you were the one who committed the actual assaults."

The Silver Surfer was quiet surprised, as well as confused and startled, and did not make an attempt to hide it, "I am not aware of these events that you speak of and I have surely not participated in any 'murderous acts'.  Your are obviously in need of psychiatric help, now please, move aside and allow me to continue on my way."

"You dare feign ignorance, cretin!" Gladiator hollered with rage, "You shall forgive yourself for ever becoming allied with the Skrulls when I am through with you!"

The Surfer instantly assumed a combat stance atop his board, he knew that Gladiator was too angered to be able to avoid a clash with.  He was right.  Gladiator battered his fists into the Surfer's sparkling abdomen.  The Surfer was thrown down onto his board.  He was unable to believe just how strong this Shi'ar warrior was, but then he remembered that Gladiator even fought the mighty Thor once and nearly defeated him.  

"I wish not to be locked in combat with you but it seems to be the only way you know!" the Surfer replied.  

A barrage of blue cosmic energy rocked Gladiator.  He cried out and flew straight into the Surfer with such force that it sent both of them hurtling to the planet below.  They soon plummeted past the atmosphere and the Surfer glided away from his combatant just as they were about to strike the sandy ground below them.  The nearby villagers, who were gathering food, wisely fled the area in hopes of escaping the alien antagonists who turned their planet into a battlefield.

The Surfer swooped down closer to the surface near Gladiator, "Are you through with your pointless attack so that we can discuss this misunderstanding like rational beings?"

Gladiator only frowned, "The time for talk has passed when you put two hundred Shi'ar to death!  There will be no talking!"

Gladiator took in a deep breath and exhaled.  The breeze shot out towards the Surfer, building a wall of ice around him.  The Surfer was caught slightly off guard at the attack but it did not last.  He crashed his fists through the icy formation and broke himself free where he released a small portion of his Power Cosmic at the Shi'ar warrior.  Gladiator dived to the side, barely avoiding the shot.  He lunged at the Silver Surfer and was ready to deliver a fatal punch but the Surfer expertly blocked the strike and at the same time pressed his fist into Gladiator's abdomen and fired off a quick burst of energy, which sent the guardsman hurtling through the air where he touched down onto the ground twenty feet away from the Surfer.

The Silver Surfer was very startled to see that Gladiator simply stood back up to his feet as if nothing had occurred.  He turned and glared into the Surfer's eyes, enraged.  "For that indignity you shall pay most dearly, Skyrider!"

The next thing that the Surfer knew was that two sets of thin beams of lasers were cutting through the air that had originated from Gladiator's eyes.  The beams struck the Surfer in the chest branding him with a smoldering black mark which left him with a burning sensation.  He was amazed, he had very rarely witnessed an alien with the ability to bring actual harm upon his galactic glaze coated his skin.  Gladiator saw that his latest attack inflicted pain upon the Surfer and fired another pair of beams from his dark eyes.  The Surfer was prepared this time.  He raised his board upwards so that it caught the beams and deflected them back to their source.  Gladiator darted out of the beams' path and cursed his silvery foe.

"You are well skilled in the arts of combat, Silver Surfer." Gladiator called out, "It is only a shame that you have decided to lend your services to the Skrulls, you could have made an excellent addition to her Majestrix's Imperial Guard."

"The only shame is that I am totally clue less of your accusing me of being an ally to the Skrulls!" the Surfer hollered back adamantly, "I have only served the Skrulls when my homeworld depended on it during their second conflict with the Kree!  I assure you that I have made no attack against you or your people."

Gladiator howled in abhor, "LIES!!"  Once more, he launched his assault at the Silver Surfer who was becoming very annoyed with the senselessness of the whole situation.  It was time he put an end to this pointless violence.

The Surfer flew straight at the Shi'ar and made a sharp right turn on his board.  The edge of the board struck Gladiator full in the chest, he reached out and grasped the sides of the cosmic board.  An expression of alarm spread over the Surfer's face, his surfboard was completely immobile!  Was there no limit to the strength of Gladiator?!   A mild blast of the Cosmic Power flashed brightly before Gladiator's face, the result was some temporally retinal damage being done to him.  He released his grasp of the board to cover his eyes. Even with his eyes closed, they still burned.

Gladiator leaped up and tackled the Surfer atop his board with a great amount of force being applied as he battered the Surfer's face and body with his furious fists.  The Surfer dropped onto his knees and was kicked square in the chest, he was thrown right over the edge of the board and plopped into the sand ten feet down.  Gladiator jumped down as well.  He examined his unmoving foe and determined that he was no longer conscious.  The Skrull warrior has fallen, he thought with great pride.

Gladiator scanned the landscape, he spotted the hill only fifteen feet from the Surfer's body and was soon hovering above it.  He sucked in an enormous gulp of air and blew hard, directing it at the hill.  Large chunks of rock and mud broke away from the hill, the clutter piled up upon the Silver Surfer, burying him and his board.  Gladiator nodded, satisfied and disappeared into the sky.  

Gladiator's flight was being monitored deep inside the Andromeda Galaxy by Empress S'Byll and the Super Skrull, who were drawing their own conclusions about the meaning of the battle they had just witnessed.

"It would seem that the Shi'ar Imperial Guardsman, Gladiator, was on a journey to infiltrate our territories when he was intercepted by the Silver Surfer." the Super Skrull was saying. "The only realistic explanation for this, is that Gladiator was on some type of secret mission for his leaders, possibly to monitor our defenses.  This can only mean that the Shi'ar have intentions of launching an invasion against our galaxy!"

S'Byll was obviously depressed and wished not to have to say what she knew she had to, "Go then, Super Skrull, inform the fleets that the Shi’ar have declared war upon us…"

Continued next issue

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