CoverRune/Silver Surfer #1
Published by Malibu Comics

April/June, 1995

"Into Infinity"   (Ultraverse Side)

Writer: Chris Ulm & Dan Danko
Penciling: Henry Flint
Inks: Mark McKenna

Color: Tim Divar, Emily Yoder, and Violent Hues
Letters: Patrick Owsley

Editor: Larry Reynosa
Chief: Dan Danko

Original Price: $2.95
Current Value: N/A (believe it or not)

History Behind Issue: Marvel just bought Malibu Comics.  Now, of course, they have to find a way to bring heroes from both universes together. This issue takes place around Rune.  Note: this comic has two sides, the Ultraverse edition and the Marvel edition.  Side 2 (Marvel edition) is below.

Plot: In the aftermath of the Godwheel storyline, Thor attempts to open a portal back to the marvelverse. Rune attacks him trying to usurp his powers but Thor knocks him with Mjolnir. The crackling energies of Mjolnir send Rune to the Marvelverse where he immediately encounters Powderkeg (an old Capt. Marvel villain) and slays him, drinking his blood. The feeding invigorates him further into sensing the infinity gems. He finds Gamora and uses his mesmerizing power to get her to reveal information. She tells him everything she knows about the gems including the owners and their locations. Rune then first approaches Maxam and steals the time gem. He commands the time gem to stop time and steals the other gems. When he tries to steal the soul gem, a fail safe action trips, and Rune is transported to soul world where time has no effect. Warlock begins battling him, but the soul gem betrays him wishing to control and be with a bearer that desires and hungers for vengeance. And so Rune obtains all the gems but struggles for control and domination over the soul gem. The Living Tribunal perceives the problem and goes to get help. As Rune struggles with the gem, the Silver Surfer appears and blasts Rune's hand knocking the gems away and into the forming vortex. Rune himself falls into the vortex as the soul gem vows to get revenge on him



CoverSilver Surfer/Rune #1
Published by Malibu Comics

April/June, 1995

"If I Should Die..." (Marvel side)

Writer: Glenn Hardling
Penciling: John Buscema
Inks: Bill Anderson

Color: Mike Rockwitz & Prism Riot w/Andy Walton
Letters: Ken Bruzenak

Editor: Mark Gruenwald

Original Price: $2.95
Current Value: N/A (believe it or not)

History Behind Issue: Marvel just bought Malibu Comics.  Now, of course, they have to find a way to bring heroes from both universes together. This issue takes place around Rune.  Note: this comic has two sides, the Ultraverse edition and the Marvel edition.  Side 1 (Ultraverse edition) is below.

Side 2 (Marvel side) - The Living Tribunal appears to the Silver Surfer and explains that an extra-dimensional energy parasite (Rune) has stolen all the infinity gems and suspended time. He states that this creates an inbalance between chaos and order that he would like to rectify. He tells the Silver Surfer that it is up to him to prevent the gems from causing this problem and he warns him that an agent of Oblivion will also be attempting to get his hands on the gems to prolong the current situation. The Silver Surfer then travels to Earth to try and get some clues as to where Rune might be. He flies to Monster Island. There he encounters Deathurge, Oblivion's agent. Deathurge tries to ground the Surfer by pinning his cosmic board with a spear of black energy. He then leaves to track Rune. The Silver Surfer pulls the spear out with great effort, though the feeling of ice cold needles penetrate the very core of his being. The Surfer catches up to him and they fight once again. Though Deathurge tries to use Norrin's past to weaken his resolve, the Surfer fights on and crashes head to head with Deathurge.  Only the Silver Surfer comes out of that collision and he continues his job of finding Rune. Quickly he finds him and realizing that Rune is struggling with the soul gem blasts him quickly keeping him off balanced. He then burns Rune's hand off with the power cosmic as the gems fall into the vortex. Before he is able to retrieve the gems, the portal closes with Rune falling in it also. The Silver Surfer despairs that he was not able to save the gems, but the Living Tribunal tells him that his mission was to separate them. It was not his position to retrieve the gems, just prevent them from being used in unison. A task, the Living Tribunal states, he did most admirably.

Comments: There were many errors that occured in this crossover. They ranged from simple spelling errors (Maxxam instead of Maxam) to continuity errors such as: the point where Rune takes the gems doesn't match the point he takes the gems in Warlock and the Infinity Watch. Also, Moondragon's body has been scarred and burnt.   Yet there are no signs of this as Moondragon appears to have recovered to have a creamy beige skin again when Rune approaches her. Also, Maxam actually sees Rune and makes an acknowledgement to it, yet in the Warlock and the Infinity Watch issues, he does not. Lastly, the Living Tribunal, once the majestic highest power of this reality is made to look like a sniveling coward afraid of the gems being used in unison again - instead of that being impossible by the decree that he himself set. The places of the gems are also wrong as Thanos is shown with the gem on his forehead. With the timing in which the gems disappeared, Pip, Drax and Moondragon were at a hospital and Moondragon's body was all wrapped up in bandages being treated for severe burns! The writing (mostly on side 1) appears to be rushed and not well coordinated with the Warlock and the Infinity Watch group. Side 2 appears to be a typical Surfer story with all his woes and regrets during introspection. It is at best, average, however. The art is the only thing that is commendable in the book. It is not the greatest in the world, but still very commendable and well drawn.

Review written by Alexander Soto
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