CoverSilver Surfer #47, Vol. 3
Published by Marvel Comics

March, 1991

"Bursting Loose"

Writer: Jim Starlin
Penciling: Ron Lim
Inks: Tom Christopher

Color: Tom Vincent
Letters: Ken Bruzenak

Editor: Craig Anderson
Chief: Tom DeFalco

Original Price: $1.00
Current Value: $5.00

History Behind Issue: Continued from issue #46.

Plot: Drax the Destroyer catches Gamora and knocks her unconscious. He then elevates himself wanting to come down at super speed and destroy soul world. Adam intervenes before he can do this and the two begin to fight. After some blow exchanges and some tricks by Adam, a stranglehold is placed on Drax and Adam subtlety suggests that he cannot breathe. Drax tries to shake him off but can't. He takes to the air but after a short period, falls to the ground unconscious. Warlock explains to the others that in soul world you don't need to breathe since you are not physical. But in his limited mental capacity, Drax did not know that. Warlock then decides that he must venture out of soul world or the mad titan will someday look into their world and alter it. Upon the Silver Surfer's request, Adam exiles both he and Drax back to the physical world and exclaims that he will be by their side when they need him. Mephisto soon appears to the Silver Surfer and Drax as they reawaken in their bodies. He warns them that Thanos is in the planning stages of something that will put shame to Hades. He then disappears and returns to Thanos who already knows that the Silver Surfer is back. He vows to take care of him, but will not do it directly. He will use "agents" instead.

Continued in issue #48.

Comments: Good story. Pace is moving at a decent pace. Adam defeated Drax in a very believable way, and Thanos was shown in the end as a true omnipotent being already knowing that the Silver Surfer had returned. The art continues to be great. Everyone is drawn consistently.

Review written by Alexander Soto


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