CoverSilver Surfer #31, Vol. 3
Published by Marvel Comics

December, 1989


Writer: Steve Englehart
Penciling: Ron Lim
Inks: Tom Christopher & Keith Williams

Color: Tom Vincent
Letters: Ken Bruzenak

Editor: Craig Anderson
Chief: Tom DeFalco

Original Price: $1.50
Current Value: $5.00

History Behind Issue: This marks the end of writer Steve Englehart's run on the Silver Surfer since he brought the title back to life more than two years earlier. It also concludes his current storyline

Plot: The story starts out with the Silver Surfer, Shalla Bal, and S'Byll speaking in front of many Kree pleading for peace. The Kree say that there can be no peace there can only be a truce. Later the Silver Surfer brings Shalla Bal back to her planet and leaves her, again.  Meanwhile, back on Hala the Contemplator gives Clumsy Foulup a job. He is to join the Kree, so that the Contemplator can enter the empire invisible, beside him. And Clumsy will kill Cap'n Reptyl. The Contemplator has already rallied the pink Kree the Clumsy's cause, so that he will become the popular hero he is. Because the Contemplator has recreated the Supreme Intelligence who ruled the empire. The Contemplator will take over the mind of the Supreme Intelligence and rule the Kree empire. Elsewhere, in deep space, the Silver Surfer follows the Stranger into deep space. The Stranger questions the Surfer's motives for following him. The Silver Surfer wants to know about the life of the Stranger. The Stranger tells the Surfer many lies and they engage in battle. They are stopped by The Living Tribunal.

Back on Hala, Clumsy Foulup makes a deal with the Wizard (talking plants). They say they will help him take over the Kree Empire. Back in deep space, the Silver Surfer learns that everybody in the multiverse is connected to something else. The Surfer learns that the three faces of the Living Tribunal stand for vengeance, necessity, and equity. The Silver Surfer also learns that his other is Galactus. The Living Tribunal offers the Silver Surfer a moment of godhood. Meanwhile, with the Kree the Supreme Intelligence returns, but it is not the Contemplator. It's the Wizard. He passes power over the empire to Clumsy Foulup. The Contemplator attacks the Wizard and is disintegrated. Back in space, the Silver Surfer, the Living Tribunal, and the upset Stranger converse. The Living Tribunal tells the Surfer if he wants a moment of godhood he has to touch the faceless part of his head. He does so and is one with the universe and is extremely happy. Then for the first time in a long time ends the comic with a smile.

Comments: Great Ron Lim art. Two seperate stories entwined in one story. The story between the cosmic entities and the Silver Surfer was great. The story with Clumsy Foulup wasn't that good. Can't the Kree see that he's an idiot?

Review written by Matt Bartke


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