CoverSilver Surfer #146, Vol. 3
Published by Marvel Comics
November, 1998

"Fire In The Sky"
Reviewed by Lord Thanos

Plot: Tom DeFalco
Script: Glen Greenberg
Pencils: Denys Cowan
Inks: John Floyd
Letters: RS & comiccraft's Emerson Miranda
Colorist: Michael Kraiger
Editor: Jaye Gardner
Editor In Chief: Bob Harras

Original Price: $1.99
Current Value: $1.99

History Behind Issue: Last Issue of Volume 3!  Don't worry, will be replaced with new maxi-series next year.

Plot: On the planet Earth, in the continent of Asia, on the wilderness plains of Kakistia, Pyreus Kril, the cosmic powered being known as Firelord sits beneath a tree enjoying the natural beauty that surrounds him. A gazelle peacefully eats from his hand. The serenity of this scene shall not last.

Inside a military base some distance away nuclear scientist, Dr. Nital, begins a dramatic and devastating test. She muses aloud to the military attaché, "Despite my role in developing this device, I cannot help but wonder if our country is prepared to deal with the responsibilities-- the consequences-- of becoming a nuclear power....Begin the countdown."

Meanwhile back on the plain Pyreus Krim stands watching the animals strange behavior.

"Curious these creatures have suddenly become nervous, tense... As if they sense some frightening doom. What could be frightening them so..?"


Atomic fire sends tons of earth hurtling skyward, leaving bleak desolation where there was once beauty


From beneath a smoking pile of rubble explodes an enraged Firelord. "WHO DID THIS?!  Who caused such death and destruction?! They will pay for this evil act against life!  Firelord SWEARS it!"

Across the globe the sunrises in Manhattan. Snug in her bed, Alicia Masters remembers the beauty of this scene she will never see again. Despite her blindness the sculptress has a sort of vision much of humanity lacks. The sudden presence of her beloved causes her to rise from the bed. Wrapped in her blanket, she walks out to the balcony and basks in the presence of the Silver Surfer. Arms and legs splayed wide, palms face out Norrin Radd bathes himself in morning sunlight. It's golden rays dance and reflect off his glistening body. He greets her as he revels in the magnificence of this peaceful moment atop this majestic city.

Glancing back at Alicia with a smile he says, "I'm glad you're here to share it with me"

"I'm at your side... which is where I belong."

"To belong... to be part of something-- of someone-- I have not felt that way in a long time. Not since my days on Zenn-La before Galactus arrived and I became his first herald in order to save my homeworld. but Earth has proven to be a most pleasing surrogate home in recent weeks... for various reasons."  He scoops her up in his arms. She rests her head against his shoulder and caresses his chest. He carries her inside. "Norrin--! What about the sunrise?

"There will be another one tomorrow my beloved..."

Back in Kakistia, Firelord in his wrath, attacks the military research center with volleys of fiery concessive blasts: FZZAAAPP FFOOOMM

He demands they reveal who is responsible for the destruction of life he witnessed. Dr Nital wants to go out to speak with him. The military attaché tells her it wold be suicide and that their leaders, not her, are responsible. Amidst the collapsing building they begin to evacuate.

Dressed in a long brown overcoat, a fedora pulled down over his face, the Surfer strolls with Alicia down the bustling streets of New York. Silverado marvels at the variety of people, places and things to do in the Big Apple. He realizes how he did not fully appreciate all Earth has to offer during his exile here. They stop at fruit stand. Holding an apple in his hand a gazes at the hungry homeless huddling in the alley across the street. He ponders the irony of such deprivation amidst such plenty. Onward they saunter and stop before a store window.

"Forgive me Alicia, but my attention has suddenly been diverted... by an image on the "television" device in that storefront window. An image both familiar... and troubling."

Avengers mansion Thor stands by Captain America in front of the communications console. "We're assembling now, Reed... The Avengers have faced Firelord before and are well aware of just how dangerous he can be-- especially when he's as ticked off as he seems to be now! I wonder what could've provoked him like this... Anyway we'll be departing for Kakistia momentarily. So can we expect to see you and the rest of the Fantastic Four out there as well?"

"Absolutely, Captain America you can count on us to lend a hand! I must point out however, that, racing around the world to that small country will take us all several hours-- during which time millions of lives may be lost in Firelord's attack! However, Captain... there is one person who I can think of who could arrive there almost instantly, and would stand a chance of taking Firelord on single-handedly"

"Yes, Reed-- I think I know who you mean..."

After Reed telephones Alicia, the Surfer and her argue about Alicia accompanying him on this mission. Finally after some debate Silverado caves, like most males do to earth women. He discards his overcoat and hat, and leaps to his board helping Alicia jump up with him.

In the skies over Kakistia Firelord's unleashed fury falls upon the aircraft of the Kakistia military.  BOOM VOOSH FWABOOSH

"So Human's, you offer resistance against me? Observe how futile your efforts are! The power cosmic can not be challenged by the likes of you!"

Meanwhile in the military bunker...

"...He's destroying all of our equipment, General-- blowing all our jets out of the sky! So far no loss of life."

His staff held firmly with both fists in front of him Pyreus Krill surges forward pressing his attack.

"That complex up ahead-- the military forces attacking me originate from there! They must know who was responsible for the explosion-- or they were behind it themselves! They will reveal the truth to me-- or they will all SUFFER! And a cosmic bolt from my firestaff should show these puny beings that my intentions are sincere!" A mighty blast flies from his staff toward the pitiful earth structure.


But is suddenly blocked by a domed force shield. "WHAT--?! Who would dare defy my righteous wrath?!" Shock spreads across Firelord's face, as the Silver Surfer, bristling with cosmic energy, streaks down upon him from above.

"One of the few who can, Firelord."

"YOU?! Why are you interfering?!"

"So that you may be led away from this path of destruction."

"NO! There must be retribution for what has happened here!" Leading with a fiery end of his staff Pyreus Kril plummets toward the Surfer blasting him with a ball of cosmic flame.


Silverado shoulders the brunt of the onslaught and shrugs it off. "Perhaps you would care to explain..?"

Below Alicia stands vigil. Though she can't see, she can hear that Firelord is half crazed with anger. She wonders what could have enraged him so.

Striking with his staff, Kril knocks Norrin off his board. WHUMP

He shouts at his fellow former herald.

"These foolish earthers willingly destroy their own world, Surfer! They callously exterminate the innocent life forms that also live here! Life is too precious to be so carelessly disregarded!"

He speaks of his brush with death not long ago and that earthers must learn to respect death as well as life. Silverado tells him if he expects to teach humans this he is in for a disappointment.

"They will get there someday-- but on their own terms!" says the Surfer as he solidifies the molecules in the air around Firelord.

Breaking free Kril counters, "Assuming they survive that long! They must take responsibility for the devastating power at their command!"

Slack jawed Dr. Nital witnesses the awesome combatants above. She thinks, "We are judged for our arrogance!"

Firelord howls in fury, "And if they won't-- they must pay the price!"

Charging toward Kril his fists crackling with cosmic power Norrin challenges Pyreus's right to make them pay. He vows to stand against Firelord until his last breath and protect Earth and its people. Pyreus burns ever brighter as he continues to rant with his teeth clenched.

"You did not see what I have seen today! You did not see the callous slaughter of innocence, of nature and all purity! And if you insist on being an impediment-- Then you must be ELIMINATED!"

With the most powerful cosmic blast he has ever produced he shoots at the Surfer and smashes Silverado's board in two!


Far below bits of the gleaming board rain down upon the two women. Alicia worries for her love's safety. Dr. Nital comes to a realization. "This cannot be allowed to continue. Someone must stop this madness... and it looks like that someone must be me."

The battle continues now on the ground. The Surfer hurls a concentrated concessive blast at Firelord sending him flying through the air.


"Your rage has clouded your judgement Firelord! I am not so easy to "ELIMINATE"! And though I mean you no harm-- I will not hesitate to fight back!"

Silverado presses his attack with another awesome cosmic blast. WHOOOSH

The ground explodes from the sheer force of the Surfer's assault knocking Kril off his feet. He lands, smoking on a heap of rubble. Norrin Radd takes pause. He out streaches his hand to Pyreus in peace, wishing to end their conflict and calmly discuss their differences. Firelord staggers to his feet unaided. His eyes ablaze, he screams "NO!"


Fiery beams fly from Kril's eyes sending the Surfer sailing through the air. He lands sprawled upon the ground. "The time for talk is past! There can be no truce! I must prevent any further interference from you! You leave me no choice-- other than to drain you of the power cosmic and leave you an empty charred husk!"

Alicia rushes forth and begs Firelord to take her life instead. Firelord is shocked. Then Dr. Nital calls out, "Don't listen to her! Please, spare them both! I'm the one you want!"

"Kril mutters, "This is madness!"

On her knees Nital implores him, "Yes-- and I'm responsible for this madness! I developed the nuclear device that was tested today-- I'm to blame for all the destruction! My country sought to maintain the balance of power in this region-- to be able to defend ourselves! But if someone is to pay the price for our actions-- it must be me!"

Firelord raises his staff. "WAIT!" The surfer yells. "Firelord-- are you truly willing to take responsibility-- to face the consequences-- for the act you are about to commit? Every super-powered hero of this world-- all of Earth's governments-- will condemn and persecute you for committing cold-blooded murder-- as will I! If you harm this woman, you'll never find a moment's peace here again-- and I will follow you to the end of the universe if need be, to bring you to justice!"

Pyreus Kril snarls, "Blast you Surfer! She must face the consequences of her actions!" He points his staff at the doctor. FSHOOM

"And nothing will stop me from doing what I must!" The Surfer vows to to bring Kril to justice. Alicia interrupts, Dr. Nital is still alive! He asks Pyreus what he did to her. Firelord explains he has implanted an image of the devastation she has caused in her mind. She will never be able to forget the image. Firelord then flies off into the sky. Dr. Nital curled in fetal position, weeps at the horror she has wrought. The Silver Surfer deems this a harsh but fair punishment for what she has done. With a wave of his hand he causes the pieces of his board to re-assemble. He and Alicia soar off into the horizon, leaving Dr. Nital sobbing, in the arms of the Military attaché.

Comments: This issue is a tragedy and a travesty! A truly sad epitaph to a series that deserved to go out with an explosion (as the cover promised) not with the fizzle it did! The story is obviously of the one shot filler variety that Marvel uses between decent story lines. How long did this plot sit on file anyway? The writing is terrible and should have been done in crayon. The plot was poor. The dialogue at it's height was mediocre and at times sunk to a low which common decency does not allow me to describe! And what's with Firelord besting SS in a fight? Let alone breaking the board?? I might buy Firelord knocking SS down or even out but he is not of the power level necessary to break the Surfer's board! This is something only a mega-weight power class being can do, such as Uni-Lord, Scrier, possibly Tyrant but not Firelord! Cheap sensationalism, not good writing. Eye beams from Firelord? Since when? And threatening to drain his power cosmic? I don't think so!

Triple cosmic demerits. The only two things I did like were the touching balcony scene between SS and Alicia and SS donning the old trench coat and hat he wore when incognito back in Volume 1.  The Art just hurt my eyes most of the time! Occasional decent pics of SS. One of the worst Firelord's I have ever seen! (The worst being in uncanny origins).

What can I say but... "Off with their heads!"

My recommendation, true believers, SAVE YOUR MONEY! Go buy the new Warlock instead, if you haven't already!!! This issue of SS will be in the bargain bins soon, if not on the trash heap!

Written by Lord Thanos



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