CoverSilver Surfer #143, Vol. 3
Published by Marvel Comics
September, 1998

"The Forsaken"
Reviewed by Lord Thanos

Writer: John Marc DeMatteis
Penciler: Denys Cowan
Inks: John Floyd
Colorist: Tom Smith
Letters: John Costanza
Chief: Bob Harras

Original Price: $1.99
Current Value: $1.99

History Behind Issue: The Mergence Saga Continues from issue #142

Plot: The Surfer and the Coroner are sprawled on the ground of the desert. The Surfer awakes confused. He ponders his time spent in the Macroverse and wonders where it is that he has awoken. He is relieved to discover he is back on Earth. He remembers The Mergence. "Was my attempt to stop them successful? Did I repel the attack?" His mind echoes with these questions as he gathers himself off the sands of the burning desert. On his board he rises to the sky, searching the heavens for a sign of his foes or his lover, Alicia Masters. But there is none. He streaks down to the curled and motionless body of the Coroner. The power cosmic radiates from his hand as he places it upon the head of this traitor to humanity. Probing the old man's mind, he finds only madness. Silverado turns to Tenebrae's ship for answers to Alicia's where abouts. Nothing matters but finding Alicia. Guilt overwhelms him. He is ashamed of his rationalizations for continuing to surf the cosmic oceans of the Macroverse. Repressing his feelings, he plunges deeper into the crashed space ship. He finds the machine the Mergence used to fold Alicia & himself into that parallel universe. Anger boils within him as he reflects on how they were used and manipulated. His fists power up to blast the offending machine to oblivion. Sudden insight, the Surfer realizes the intimate link between this technology and Tenebrae's consciousness. Probing the quantum layers of the machine, he finds her, in the microverse called Sub-atomica.

Tenebrae finds herself cut off from the group consciousness of the Mergence. She is confused and frightened. She has never been alone before. She searches for cy-phyrr-4. Alicia continues to battle the swarm of bimechanical creatures attacking her and the alien droid. To help maintain her grip on her fears, Alicia pretends she is Sigourney Weaver in the "Alien" movies.

She drives them away, giving her incapacitated cybernetic companion time to recooperate. Thinking it is "dying" Alicia holds its hand.

Silverado traces Tenebrae's consciousness through the machine. Channeling his own quantum energies into the coroner's cane he "jump starts" the machine. Reactivating the portal, he travels into Sub-atomica. He follows the psychic trail imprinted on the cosmic winds by Tenebrae.

A swift and massive ship approaches Tenebrae's craft. A communication is sent by the overwhelming craft. "Alien craft--surrender...or DIE." In vain she tries to escape. Her weapons have no effect. A tractor beam locks on and pulls her inside. She waits. Naked terror envelopes her and she passes out. Towering over her the amoured figure of PSYCHO-MAN. His stimulation of her fear-centers have driven the once powerful representative of the Mergence into psychic shock. Scanning her mind he takes her away, so they can "become better aquatinted."

Cy-phyrr-4, after laying still many hours reassembles himself, much to Alicia's shock & joy. The machine-man is unimpressed by her sentiments on his recovery. It has become aware of Tenebrae's energy-probe, searching for him. Cy-phyrr-4 states Tenebrae is in danger & he must go to her. "What about me?" says Alicia. "You are useless to me... your current configuration," comes the cold reply.

Having traced Tenebrae's ship the Surfer is confronted by the unexpected: a second ship! Vowing not to be discouraged Silverado approaches the craft. A robotic construct emerges. It attacks. The Surfer fires a massive blast in defense, but to no avail, it is protected by a quantum force-field. A myriad of mechanical tentacles menace the Surfer and finally attach themselves to his skull. He screams, "GET OUT OF MY MIND!" In his brain, he hears Alicia screaming, dying. He "sees" her eyes-- devoid of life and hope, piercing his soul and damning him with unspoken accusations. The unbearable guilt explodes in shards of light and pain. The Surfer is grateful when unconsciousness claims him.

Psycho-Man musses on his good fortune. First The Mergence, now a herald of Galactus. Tenebrae listlessly rolls her head toward the Silverado and gasps " me! Don't let him hurt me any more!" A malignant reply from Psycho-man rolls around the room " Unfortunately, my dear-- the Silver Surfer is in no position to help anyone-- except perhaps... ME.

Comments: Despite the guest penciler the style is very much like Muth's. The story is well written. Although Alicia Master's a tough girl like Sigourney Weaver in Aliens?? NOT!! Sorry I don't buy a blind girl with a big gun laying waste to bio-mechanical attackers! Sub-atomica!!!! Very cool! Cosmic power points for this return of the Surfer's to this microverse! Psycho-Man!!! Bonus cosmic power points for the return of an old FF villain! I feel the beginning of the story is a bit choppy. The Surfer calling Alicia his beloved grates on me. What ever happened to his undying love for Shalla-Bal? When the Surfer says "my beloved" I still see the beauteous Shalla-Bal! Call me (cough) a hopeless romantic! This is one of DeMatteis's better endeavors as the pen behind the Surfer.

Story continued in Silver Surfer #144

Written by Lord Thanos



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