CoverSilver Surfer #141, Vol. 3
Published by Marvel Comics
July, 1998

"Into the Macro Verse"
Reviewed by Lord Thanos

Writer: John Marc DeMatteis
Penciler: Jon J Muth
Inks: Jon J Muth
Colorist: Tom Smith
Letters: John Costanza
Chief: Bob Harras

Original Price: $1.99
Current Value: $1.99

History Behind Issue: Jon J. Muth continues his guest penciling on the Silver Surfer, although he has now become the regular penciler.

Plot: The Mergence saga continues!
The Surfer finds himself someplace he doesn't recognize, utterly alone! He remembers the previous reality experience with Alicia Masters. He is concerned over her mysterious disaperance. Most importantly though he has come to the realization that he enjoys being The Silver Surfer! He remarks he has often wondered what his lif would have been like had he not chosen to serve Galactus to spare Zenn-La, know he knows! He accepts who he is! Embraces his destiny! To be Norrin Radd on complacent Zenn-La would have been a slow painful death for his soul!
Alacia finds herself on a space ship with a nursemaid robot poking her with needles to feed her! She is confused & stressed! The robot tells her Tenebrae has brought her here but doesn't know where here is! Despite the poking Alicia starts to like the robot. She notices he has noble qualities like,(yeech) "her Norrin." The ship comes under attack by insect like creatures & the robot shoves Alicia into an escape pod despite her protests! (How noble! [sneer])

The Surfer continues to rome this "new universe." He finds a being ecased in some sort of energy bubble. The creature eventually introduces himself as Sama-D. The Surfer thinks him mad, but with a sort of truthful wisdom. Sama-D explains the nature of this "Macro-Universe" & that the Surfer is stuck here! After the Surfer make a half hearted attempt to return to earth & Alicia, he is content to explore this "new maco-verse."

But alas poor Surfer, this is still just another way for Tenebrae to keep you busy & away from earth. Tenebrae gloats to the Coroner about this success. The Coroner grunts & then continues to whine about his place in the Mergence. There is a little argument. The Coroner tries to grandstand but Tenebrae puts him in his place!

Comments: And there dear cosmic friends is the issue for the most part!
My personal complaints. I dislike the art! The only good character drawn by Muth is Tenebrae! The rest bite! (well Alicia is adequate!) The story is okay. I used to like DeMatteis but I hate the Surfer stuck on Earth again! In my opinion the Surfer needs to soar the spaceways! Plenty of Marvel characters on Earth! I want cosmic action! I live on Earth, I want the Surfer to be where I will never go, SPACE! & what can I say, other than, KILL ALICIA MASTERS PLEASE!!!! Off the optically impared Betty & FREE THE SURFER!!!!

Well 'Nuff said!

Story continued in Silver Surfer #142

Written by Lord Thanos


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