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CoverMaximum Security #1
Published by Marvel Comics December, 2000

"Big Trouble for a Little Planet! Illegal Aliens"

Writer: Kurt Buseik
Penciler: Jerry Ordway
Inker: Will Blyberg & Paul Ryan
Colorist: Jason Wright
Letterer: Richard Starkings & Comicraft
Assistant Editor: Lynaire Brust
Editor: Craig Anderson
Editor in Chief: Tom DeFalco

Original Price: $2.99

History Behind Issue: Continues from Maximum Security: Dangerous Artifacts #1.

Preview Text:

Marvel’s massive line-wide cosmic crossover begins!  A worldwide rash of alien menaces spreads, threatening to overrun humanity—not to mention Earth’s superhuman community! And as if dealing with the U.S.Agent in his new role as a federal "superhuman sheriff" wasn’t enough, the Avengers face a bigger problem in the person of Ronan the Accuser—who declares that, now and forevermore, Earth shall be a prison planet for the universe’s worst criminals!

Short Plot Synopsis written by Marvelite:

The story begins with USAgent going after a wanted super villain.  After he defeats the criminal, he notices an innocent bystander who was knocked out transform into an alien later identified as one of the alien Blood Brothers.  At the S.T.A.R.S. headquarters they view reports of aliens spotted all over the world.  USAgent asks Reptyl, an alien in one of their holding centers, what's going on.  He says that the aliens had been sentenced there.  S.T.A.R.S. decides to ask the Avengers for help, which does not please USAgent, a former member.

The Avengers are watching reports from around the world as well, when USAgent buts into their conference room, claiming authority over the project since it is a federal situation.  The Avengers insist they're independent though.  Goliath then contacts the Avengers and tells them he found a large spacecraft of some sort that is cloaked and in the lower mesosphere.  They board the Qunijet, with USAgent tagging along - hard feelings are evident prevalent between him and the Avengers.

As the Quinjet approaches the spacecraft, it is destroyed with all the Avengers beamed into the ship.  There, they find many aliens of different races including Ronan the Accuser.  Ronan explains that the Intergalactic Race has declared earth a prison world for alien criminals, in a way to take care of both them and earth.  He then has them transported back to earth.  Wasp tries to organize the Avengers, when USAgent again tries to take leadership of the situation, saying the Avengers have a history of being too compassionate for their enemies.  Suddenly, a report comes in of a baby born with deformities that is continuing to grow over the entire town it was born.  They discover it is Ego being reborn on Earth and that the planet will be absorbed into Ego within a week.

To Be Continued…

Review by Marvelite:  This was another exciting issue with a very awesome ending!  The character of USAgent seems too much of a jerk for me, though, but perhaps that was the plan.  My biggest disappointment is that there is no Silver Surfer, but with Iron Man #35 and Maximum Security #2 he is brought back into the story.

Other Maximum Security Books From October 11th:

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Amazing Spider-Man #24
by Howard Mackie and John Romita Jr., Price: $2.25

The long-awaited showdown with Senator Stewart Ward! Spider-Man, Detective Arthur Stacy and the superhuman Ranger race to stop worldwide destruction! But even if they succeed, one will surely die!

This reprint has no direct impact on the Maximum Security event.

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Black Panther #25
by Christopher Priest andSal Valluto, Price: $2.50

It’s a MAXIMUM SECURITY tie-in—and the wrap-up to BLACK PANTHER’s second year! Agent Ross heads to the Wakandan Resurrection Altar to revive the cast member who was struck down last month—but he’s not the only one interested in its power! It seems some alien prisoners incarcerated on Earth see it as their way off this mudball! But is there even a Black Panther to stand against these otherworldly invaders? "Comics writer Christopher Priest has turned the saga—his true identity: the African prince T’Challa—into a swashbuckling political thriller." -Entertainment Weekly

This reprint has no direct impact on the Maximum Security event.

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Iron Man #35
by Joe Quesada and Frank Tieri, Price: $2.25

The alien infestation of Earth reaches a boiling point in this pivotal chapter of MAXIMUM SECURITY! Welcome to Littletown, Nebraska... population: Evil! What is this seemingly normal town’s horrible secret? Trust us, it’s so huge that only Iron Man and the Fantastic Four have a chance of defeating it! "Joe Quesada`s proven he can make this title hum like no one has in a long time, and with Alitha Martinez aboard to bring life to the action, IRON MAN continues to be one of Marvel`s best titles." -Silverbulletcomicbooks.com

This story continues from Maximum Security #1 and explores the whole story developments with Ego very well.  Silver Surfer and the Fantastic Four (the real stars of this issue!) also make appearances.  Perhaps one of the most important tie-ins to Maximum Security.

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Uncanny X-Men #387
by Chris Claremont and Salvador Larroca, Price: $2.25

New ongoing penciler Salvador Larroca is here—and so are Professor X and Bishop! Charles Xavier and his Cadre K continue their deep space raids behind enemy lines! Meanwhile, on Earth, Jean Grey is targeted by a bounty hunter seeking vengeance on behalf of an entire race! Plus: The man known as Bishop finds himself in the early 21st Century—and once again embroiled in a conflict far from home! But the action doesn’t stop here—the shockwaves created by MAXIMUM SECURITY rock on into BISHOP #15, X-MEN #107 and X-MEN UNLIMITED #29!

This story looks like it may have some impact in the overall storyline, as it continues Professor X's, Lilandra's, and the Cadre K's appearances in Maximum Security.



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