CoverInfinity Gauntlet #6, Vol. 1
Published by Marvel Comics

December, 1991

"The Final Confrontation"

Writer: Jim Starlin
Penciling: Ron Lim & George Perez
Inks: Josef Rubinstein

Color: Max Scheele & Ian Laughlin
Letters: Jack Morelli

Editor: Craig Anderson
Chief: Tom DeFalco

Original Price: $2.50
Current Value: N/A (believe it or not)

History Behind Issue: Conclusion of the Infinity Gauntlet, continued from Infinity Gauntlet #5.

Plot: On a free floating satellite many light years from Earth Nebula speaks to Thanos of Titan . But the strangest thing is that she allows Adam Warlock to walk so freely around her . It is as if she isn't even aware of his presence . Nebula imprisons the gloating Thanos in cement . Nebula dislikes what Thanos has done with infinite power . So she makes everything as it was 24 hours ago . The wish became reality . Half the universe is resurrected , mere moments after its unexpected death . Most will remember nothing of what has occured . Some will have a nagging feeling that something is or was amiss . While others will remember , but that memory will prove maddening . For it will justify just how truly helpless they are . Powerless against a force beyond their comprehension . A will capable of either causing galactic genocide or returning a frozen planet to its proper orbit . So let there be celebration throughout the heavens . For a false god has fallen . The reigns of power once again shift hands , the game continues , behold a new day dawning . For dear Nebula willed that everything be as it was . When one has the power of a god , she should be careful about what she wishes for . Wishes are sometimes fulfilled . Thanos has been freed from his cement prison , and Nebula returned to the rotting husk she once was . Thanos walks up to the shattered body of Nebula to reclaim what is rightfully his . But it was a mistake even the wretched thing that Nebula was with but a thought . While Thanos's error , of gloating when he should have been grasping the power he craves , will not be so easily remedied . Thanos is again imprisoned . Wasn't that inevitable for Nebula is Power . Warlock walks up to Nebula unnoticed and touches the Soul Gem on it . A beam hits the Silver Surfer . Both their bodies appear lifeless . The discharge surprised Nebula and she blamed , the Mage , Dr. Strange and encases his hands in solid force . Nebula has been fortunate thus far , but she is about to learn that some mistakes are worse than others . When you least expect it they return to haunt you . Behold the Cosmic Beings ! The Silver Surfer awakens finding Adam Warlock and himself back in the Soul World . They are there because Adam Warlock's power is greater there than anywhere else , and its all part of his plan . The threat to the universe could not be neutralized until the gauntlet was in other hands . Because Thanos would have sensed Warlock and stop him . Nebula's inexperience and current confusion are their only edge . From the beginning Warlock knew Thanos would lose the gauntlet . For Adam Warlock knows how Thanos's mind works . The Silver Surfer asks Warlock "What now?" Warlock replies ," I do what must be done . But I will need your assistance . I am in need of a spiritual Anchor . In order to fulfill that function we must..." Back to Nebula , The Cosmic Entities have learnt well from their initial encounter . They attack now en masse , rather than diffusing their might in individual efforts . Nebula's bewilderment with omnipotence and her light grasp on this new-found power must be sensed by them . Their strategy is obviously to hammer her with an unrelenting assualt . Thus keeping her from concentrating on a multi-level plane of existance . And so her full strength is not allowed to be brought into play . As expected Nebula doesn't see this and has fallen victim to the ploy . Of course such a tactic would have proven futile against Thanos . In the Soul World " Now you know all that is Adam Warlock and I , Norrin Radd . The scope and particulars of my plan are now clear to you ?" The Silver Surfer replies ," Yes but illumination and understanding are not one and the same . I still cannot fathom your attitude toward this entire situation toward all life in general . So detached ." Warlock answers ," Emotional nerves cauterized I suppose . Somehow , I manage . It is of no import at the moment . Once again the universe needs saving ! It all sounds mundane when said like that , doesn't it ? But that is what beings like you and I do ; we defend reality . Especially a reality in which a soul can expand to fill a need . Where one such as I can reach out into the Infinite . And perhaps change the face of the cosmos !" It was only a matter of time before Nebula gained the upper hand . She possesses the Power Infinite . With such might , any dillard would eventually prove victorious . Now everything depends on Warlock's timing . It must be perfect or all is lost . From within the Soul Gem the universally huge Warlock says ," Nowhere ! Everywhere ! At one with the universe of the Soul Gem !From The One I Reach Out To The Five !" A new order exists within the Universe ! All Hail The Coming Of Omnipotent Nebula ! LET THERE BE DISHARMONY ! The Infinity Gauntlet flames on with cosmic energies . It causes such pain to Nebula that she throws the gauntlet to the ground to end the displeasure . Dr. Strange calls in the reserves from his mansion . Thanos breaks out of the cement prison for it is nothing to him but putty without being backed by the power of the Infinity Gauntlet . Then starts a Mad Rush for Infinity Power . Everyone goes for the gauntlet . Some want it for greed . Others just wish to save the universe from tyranny and death . A brilliant light flashes and the conflict ends for there is a new Omnipotent Being . Heis Adam Warlock and he will deal with all matters in his own fashion . The Infinite Power is now Adam Warlock's . Seek not to dispute that claim . Thanos presses a button on his belt and says ," I suggest you puny fools put some distance between yourselves and mt person . A Thermal Nuclear Device on my person , set to detinate in 15 seconds . Why ? Because I prefer death to imprisonment ! Pride : My one fatal flaw ." Thor hits Thanos with a mighty blow with his hammer . Thanos flys deep into space and explodes . Eros claims custody of Nebula . Titan shall judge and imprison her . Warlock sends everyone to where they wish to be except three . Thor , Dr. Strange , and the Silver Surfer remain with Adam Warlock . They remain because each of them has gazed into the depths of his heart . Warlock tells them to go forth and tell the masses that he is a god who can be trusted . Adam Warlock sends them away and Gamora and Pip the Troll arrive . Warlock brings them 60 days into the future . to pay a visit to Thanos . They discuss their recent experiences and Warlock , Pip , and Gamora depart . Thanos thinks to himself " Power . Such an emphemeral commodity ; hard to gain , easy to lose . And I once thought I understood it . What vanity . Adam Warlock , a being who wished nothing more than to spend the rest of his days within the peaceful environment of the Soul Gem . He now possesses the Infinite Power and all the responsibility that goes along with it . While I , whoose entire life was dedicated to the pursuit of power , now find myself scraping out a living from the soil . Irony worthy of a drama . Yet strangely enough though , I envy not Adam Warlock . Somehow I feel , that in the long run , Thanos of Titan came out ahead in this particular deal ."

The End

Comments: Ron Lim continues to do his best, and Jim Starlin finishes up a classic in comics.

Review written by Matt Bartke


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