CoverInfinity Gauntlet #4, Vol. 1
Published by Marvel Comics

October, 1991

"Cosmic Battle on the Edge of the Universe"

Writer: Jim Starlin
Penciling: Ron Lim & George Perez
Inks: Josef Rubinstein w/Bruce N. Solotoff

Color: Max Scheele & Ian Laughlin
Letters: Jack Morelli

Editor: Craig Anderson
Chief: Tom DeFalco

Original Price: $2.50
Current Value: N/A (believe it or not)

History Behind Issue: Continued from Infinity Gauntlet #3.

Plot: Infinite power at play . An ego gone wild , depraved creativity . Earthquakes , tidal waves , volcanic eruptions , cities burning , many thought Earth was bad before . A Professor Harding down in S.H.I.E.L.D's Geo-Sciences was the one who laid the bad news on Nick Fury . The damage caused by the stellar wave of force has thrown Earth off of it's orbit . It is now drifting away from the sun . In Strange's mansion , Adam Warlock is weaving a strategy . Dr. Doom and the Silver Surfer are attempting to talk Adam Warlock and Dr. Strange to attack Thanos now , but that would end in disaster . Dr. Strange casts a spell and the four vanish . Elsewhere , the situation isn't looking too great at Avengers HQ . They have had difficulty calling in their reserves . Suddenly , Dr. Strange and the other appear in Avengers HQ . The Avengers question Dr. Strange's company , Strange says that they fight on the good side . Adam Warlock goes to buisness . He raises an army . Dr. Strange summons them . They are Iron Man , Spider-Man , Wolverine , Drax the Destroyer , Firelord , Nova of the New Warriors , Prince Namor , Cloak , Cyclops , the Scarlet Witch , and the Hulk . And so Adam Warlocks little army is complete . Adam Warlock tells the group that they all know nothing of the mysterious workings of the Infinity Gems or the arrangements he has mad to gather additional cosmic allies . The Silver Surfer , and Adam Warlock go through a vortex conjured up by Strange . They travelled to a far distant corner of the galaxy . Elsewhere , Quasar tells Epoch that he has set up the cosmic summit . Then the Silver Surfer and Adam Warlock appear . All space turns white . All around stands the Astral Deities of the Universe . They are Chronos , the titan god of time . The mysterious Watcher . Lord Chaos and Master Order , the Galactic balance . The powerful and enigmatic Stranger . The mysterious embodiments of Love and Hate . The mighty destroyer of worlds , Galactus . The Living Tribunal ,the cosmic judge of all realities . Eternity , and two giants that can only be Celestials . Adam Warlock wasn't expecting Eternity nor the Living Tribunal . Eternity mentions that he is the actuality that Thanos strives to usurp . And so the Living Tribunal stands present at Eternity's request to hear his case . Eternity says that the Mad Titan seeks to unbalance that which is , throw the nature of the universe into a maniacal entropy . The Tribunal has considered that matter and cannot concur . Thanos only strives to replace Eternity's importance in the universe with his own . Natural selection is one of the universe's oldest canons : The strong replace the weak . It is as it should be . No cosmic crime is being commited . The Living Tribunal shall not become involved in this matter . Eternity and the Living Tribunal vanish . The Watcher says that he cannot be involved because it his duty to watch and take no action . Adam Warlock says ," Nonetheless I believe the powers gathered are more than sufficient to execute my plan of attack ." Mighty Galactus replies ," YOUR PLAN OF ATTACK ?! You expect Galactus to follow one such as you into battle ?" Warlock tells Galactus that that is why he is there . Galactus continues " Galactus does not heed the empty words of insects , even golden ones ." Warlock states ," Then Galactus is a fool ." Lord Chaos and Master Order back up Adam Warlock . After that everyone backs Warlock , even proud Galactus . Never have things been so tense around Avenger HeadQuarters . She-Hulk asks the Vision what the chance of beating Thanos are . The Vision replied that they are next to zero . Vision said that In both battles Thanos provided the Avengers with the means to thwart his dark plans . Whether he did so consciously or subconsciously Vision doesn't know . The only way the Avengers can win is if Thanos wishes to be defeated . Quasar , The Silver Surfer and , Adam Warlock appear in Avengers HQ . Elsewhere , a Watcher appeares . His coming heralds the beginning of hostilities . Thanos knows this , and he is ready . Thanos asks Mistress Death to stand at his side . She shuns him and walks away . So Thanos creates the perfect woman . She is called Terraxia . At Avengers HQ , Adam Warlock tells everyone to prepare themselves for battle most fierce and awesome . Dr. Strange creates a vortex . Adam Warlock and the Silver Surfer go through it . They appear little more than a light year away from Thanos of Titan . Adam Warlock explains that Thanos is truly invincible , utterly omnipotent . Such statements are not grandiose rhetoric . They are reality . Our allies' power is less than nothing against Thanos' might . They stand defeated before the battle has even begun . The true purpose of their attack is merely diversionary . They are sacrificial lambs . and may the stars forgive me this is exactly as I planned . Warlocks army goes through Dr. Strange's pathway .

Continued in Infinity Gauntlet #5

Comments: The art gets even better as Ron Lim steps in to do half the issue, and Jim Starlin continues to make this one of the best stories ever!

Review written by Matt Bartke


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