CoverGuardians of the Galaxy #25
Published by Marvel Comics, June 1992
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"And Now... Galactus!"

Writer: Jim Valentino
Penciler: Jim Valentino
Inks: Steve Montano
Colorist: Evelyn Stein
Letters: Ken Lopez
Editor: Craig Anderson
Chief: Tom DeFalco

Original Price: $2.50

History Behind Issue: Continued from issue #24, this story continues the origin of the Keeper and pits the Keeper and Guardians against Galactus!

Plot:The Keeper leads the Guardians of the Galaxy in their starship, Dry-Dock, through quantum space, to the coming battle against Galactus.

On their way, the Keeper continues his story from last issue on how he was transformed from the Silver Surfer into the Keeper. He explains that after mourning the destruction of his homeworld, Zenn-La, he blamed Galactus for all the anguish in his life. He decided to attack Galactus, who easily defeated him, destroyed his board, and stripped him of his Power Cosmic, leaving Norrin Radd naked and unconscience, floating in space until he was caught by a youthful Watcher named Aaron.

Aaron, going against the Watchers’ oath against intervention, saved Norrin Radd’s life by taking him outside Eternity’s body, which made up the universe and also explained why Eon could not locate him. There, he taught Norrin Radd how to use the Quantum Bands and that the Power Cosmic laid within him, even though Galactus took it away. When Norrin Radd finally realized this was true, he was able to recreate his silver body, but he was no longer Silver Surfer, a creation of Galactus, but the Keeper, and he would dedicate his life to foiling Galactus, whenever he threatened sentient life.

He then re-entered the universe, using his powers to hide from cosmic beings as Galactus and thus Eon as well. He then explained that the first planet he saved was one that orbited an X-ray star, which the Guardians recognized as their teammate, Main Frame’s, world.

Keeper and the Guardians then approach Galactus’s large World Ship. There, Eon sends the Keeper off to a planet called Arma, while the Guardians assist Firelord in distracting Galactus.

Meanwhile, Galactus is weak from lack of energy and Firelord stands in his way of replenishing his energy. Firelord explains that as Protector of the Universe, he had to defend of the planet below them (he was picked to replace the Silver Surfer as Protector of the Universe while Eon could not find him).

Galactus then flicks Firelord away, who is caught in space by the Guardians. Then, Charlie-27 and Talon go out to distract Galactus. Firelord then recovers, with Nikki’s help, and goes off to join the battle.

Back on Dry-Dock, Major Victory finds Yondu consulting Anthos, his spirit god. He tells Major Victory that the Keeper will transport the peoples of the planet to the only other world with an ocean in this sector, Centauri IV, where Yondu is from, and that Anthos has told him his people are still alive. He then says that he has to go there now, but his star will not transport him, so Major Victory gives him his… and he is teleported to his homeworld.

Meanwhile, the Keeper encases the underwater city on Arima in an "egg" of golden energy. He and the city then disappear.

Charlie-27 blasts Galactus with a huge gun, but with little results. Galactus then swats him and Talon away, but Starhawk/Aleta save them from falling deep into space and sends them into the safety of their ship.

On Centauri IV, the Keeper and the city appear… so does Yondu, who cannot breathe under water. His lungs nearly collapse, before an Alphan woman saves him by bringing him up above water.

Back in space, Galactus swats Starhawk/Aleta aside and then threatens to kill Firelord. At that time, the Keeper arrives, the size of Galactus. He says he will not allow the destruction to continue. Galactus then says he should have known the Silver Surfer was the Keeper and then blasts him. The Keeper then, now more powerful than the debilitated Galactus, threatens to kill him, when Eon intervenes. Eon tells the Keeper that he wants to kill Galactus’s killing not Galactus himself.

The Keeper agrees to save Galactus. He allows Galactus to feed off his energies. Eon then tells the Keeper that he was made Protector of the Universe so that he could satisfy Galactus’s hunger. The Keeper then says he will not be his servant again, but Eon tells him he is to be his equal partner instead: him as Champion to Life and Galactus as Harbinger of Death.

Meanwhile, on Centauri IV, Yondo finds his lost people.

Back on Dry-Dock, Firelord and Nikki discuss their relationship, from previous issues, and agree it is best to be friends at first. Firelord then agrees to be a Guardian of the Galaxy, when Eon interrupts and offers him the chance to continue being Protector of the Universe. He said he thought the Keeper would continue, but Eon explains that the Keeper will continue but with a special assignment as Galactus’s partner. So, Firelord goes off… with Major Victory asking him to tell absent teammate Main Frame that they are okay.

And the Keeper is off, as well, this time with a new board he re-makes with him.


Comments:  All and all, I really enjoyed this futuristic version of the Silver Surfer and the outcome of this story.  The story was great, even though I probably would have prefered different supporting characters than the Guardians of the Galaxy, and the art was okay, though Ron Lim's Keeper and Galactus would have been an even greater sight!  Still, this was a really good story... and I'd like to see Marvel Comics do more with the Keeper!

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