ThanosProfile of Thanos

Biographical Data

Real name:
Other current aliases: None
Former aliases: None
Dual Identity: None
Current occupation: Opportunist
Former Occupation:
Worshiper of Death, Conqueror
Citizenship: Titan, Moon of Saturn
Place of Birth: Titan
Martial Status: Single
Known Relatives:
Alars (alias Mentor, father), Eros (alias Starfox, brother), Sui-San (mother, deceased), Zuras (uncle, deceased), Cybelle (sister in-law), Thena (niece)
Known Confidants: None
Known Allies:
The Controller, the Super Skrull, The Blood Brothers, Adam Warlock, Death, Terrax
Major Enemies: Captain Marvel, Adam Warlock, The Avengers, the Silver Surfer
Usual Base of Operations: Mobile throughout the Universe
Former Base of Operations: The Starship Sanctuary II
Membership: None
Extent of Education: Unrevealed

Physical Description

6' 7"
Weight: 985 lbs
Eyes: Red, no visible pupils.
Hair: None
Other distinguished features: Greyish-purple skin

Powers and Abilities

Strength: Superhuman Class 100
Speed: Enhanced Human
Stamina: Godlike
Durability: Godlike
Agility: Enhanced human
Reflexes: Enhanced Human
Fighting skills: Thanos generally dismissed physical combat, he possesses formidable fighting skills. Special Skills and Abilities: Vast Knowledge of Science, Metaphysics, and the Occult.
Superhuman Physical Powers:
Besides the above listed attributes, Thanos possesses various superhuman powers, including the ability to tap, transform, and direct vast quantities of cosmic energy for destructive force.
Superhuman Mental Powers:
Thanos has demonstrated psionic abilities, including telepathy, the limits of which are unknown.
Special Limitations: None
Source of Superhuman Powers: Thanos is a mutant member of the race of superhumans known as the Eternals, who has augmented his abilities through scientific and mystical means. Further augmentation performed by the manifestation of Death upon Thanos' resurrection.


Costume Specs:
Alien Materials
Personal Weaponry: None
Special Weaponry: Thanos once gained possesion of a Cosmic Cube, and used it for his own purposes. Later he aquired all six Infinity Gems, to form the Infinity Gauntlet, which granted him mastery over six basic aspects of existence: Time, Space, Power, Mind, Reality, and the Soul, making him virually omnipotent. Transportation: A throne like chair capable of Faster than Light travel, teleportation, and dimension travel. The Starship Sanctuary II, the Starship Demeter.
Design and manufacture of Paraphernalia: Much of it Built by Thanos himself, or aquired by various means.


First appearance:
Iron Man #55
Origin Issue: Captain Marvel #29 (partial)
Thanos is one of the Eternals of Titan (The Eternals are a powerful race of near-immortal beings from Earth's past. Centuries ago a group of them moved to the Saturnian satellite, Titan). The son of Mentor (leader of the Titans) and his wife, Sui-San. Ever a problem child, Thanos eventually grew to manhood and became obsessed with death, and eventually came to meet Her, and fell in love with her. After committing Titan's greatest crime (building a weapon), his father had him exiled from his home world. Years later Thanos returned to his home world with a space fleet crewed by some of the worst the Universe had to offer. With his crew of murderers, brigands, and pirates, Thanos brought Titan to its knees, slaughtering most of the inhabitants. Out of 35,000 Titans, the attack claimed all but 100, and left Sui-San among the dead. Eventually the Mad Titan was sent into retreat. But would return many more Times to plague the Universe. 

His next big gambit saw Thanos acquiring a cosmic cube (a field of nearly sapient energy possessing vast power, enough to grant the bearer nearly any wish), and ascending to Godhood. But during this affair Thanos developed an interesting trait, whereby he subconsciously supplied the means to his own defeat. His nemesis, the Kree hero Captain Marvel opposed him, and instead of using his vast might to merely destroy Mar-Vell, he toyed with him, giving Mar-Vel the chance to shatter the Cosmic cube. The agonized scream of the defeated Titan echoed through the victor's ears for what seemed like an eternity afterwards. However, Thanos survived. In his next ploy, Thanos acquired 5 of the 6 legendary Soul-Gems and combined their power with the intention of using their vast might to destroy every star in the universe. But in this also, Thanos would again plant the seeds of his own undoing. Thanos purposely enraged his ally, Adam Warlock, by wiping the mind of Adam's companion Pip, and leaving him to be found. 

When Warlock found Pip's mindless form, he drew his friend's spirit into his Soul-Gem. But before Thanos had attacked Pip, he told him of his plan. And when Warlock drew Pip's soul into the Gem, he learned of the plan. Warlock and Captain Marvel immediately attacked Thanos, destroying his projector. Mar-Vell was rendered unconscious, but Warlock savagely attacked Thanos, who promptly struck him down. Before Thanos could move his Star-Gem into another Projector, he was attacked by Thor and Iron Man, who followed behind Warlock and Mar-Vell. Thor attacked Thanos, while Iron Man shattered the Star-Gem. Thanos teleported away with Warlock's body, and led his crew to defeat the Avengers. 

With Warlock's gem he possessed enough Power to at least destroy the Earth's Sun. But before he could do so, a wild card was introduced in the form of Ben Grimm (The Thing) and Spider Man, who was compelled to find the battleground by Lord Chaos and Master Order. Spider Man freed the Avengers and in the melee' that followed shattered the sphere holding the Soul-Gem. The gem hit the floor and in a flash of light the Soul of Adam Warlock appeared from within the Gem. Now a being of pure energy, Warlock lunged for the panicked Thanos, and killed him, turning the Titan's body into solid Granite. Afterwards, the spirit of Warlock retreated back into the blissful world inside the Gem itself. 

But Death was not yet done with the Mad Titan. Years later Death decided that since there were more beings living now than had ever died, the universe was in a state of imbalance. Deciding that half of the sentient population of the Universe needed to die, she resurrected Thanos, and greatly augmented his already incalculable might. Thanos decided that the most expedient method to do this was to collect the 6 Soul-Gems once more. But Thanos expanded his knowledge of the gems, and renamed them them as the Infinity Gems. Learning the true nature of their power, he used murder, deceit and guile to wrest the Gems from their bearers and attached all 6 to his left glove forming the Infinity Gauntlet. With all six gems in his possession, he was granted ultimate power and became a God. Soon afterwards he fulfilled the wishes of his beloved Mistress Death and instantly and randomly extinguished half of the sentient population of the Universe. Opposed by some of Earth's Mightiest heroes, and the Universe's most powerful cosmic entities, Thanos triumphed and briefly ascended as the center of all reality. However, as with every other time Thanos seemingly triumphed, he subconsciously supplied the means of his own undoing once more, and was usurped by a soul even less worthy of Godhood than he. Nebula, his "granddaughter," was eventually deposed and the mantle of Supreme fell upon the shoulders of Thanos' Nemesis, Adam Warlock. Eventually the gems were split among different guardians, to protect them from a similar occurrence. 

Afterwards, Thanos decided that 3 defeats of such magnitude were enough, and abandoned the goal of ultimate power. In fact he would appear to work on the sight of right in several subsequent confrontations and has even been completely rejected by Death. But make no mistake, Thanos does what he does only to serve his own ends, and will let no one stand in his way!

Written by Corvus
Image penciled by Ron Lim



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