OverlordProfile of Overlord

Only appearance: Silver Surfer Vol.1 #6

Biological Description

Overlord is a future mutant conqueror of the universe.   His father was an alien nuclear research scientist, who was exposed to radiation in a lab explosion. The irradiated scientist passed his mutated genes to his son. Overlord was born deformed and reviled. As an adolescent he was violent and uncontrollable.

After his parents death he went on rampage through the capitol. The military was called out but fell before his furry. In his hatred and rage against humanity he went on to conquer the universe, slaughtering most sentient beings and enslaving the rest.

Physical Appearances

Height: 57 ft. 9 in. (approx. 17.5 m)
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black

History: The Silver Surfer found his cosmic powers useless in his battle against this brutal despot. Using his power cosmic to fly back in time, the Silver Surfer averted the nuclear explosion responsible for the Overlord's mutation, thus altering the timeline. The being who would become the Overlord was born a normal humanoid and Never became the cruel mutant conqueror.

Written by Lord Thanos
Image created by Lord Thanos



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