MORGProfile of Morg

Real name: Morg

Dual identity: none, the general populace of Earth is unaware of Morg's existence

Current occupation: Warrior, Herald of Galactus

Former occupation: Rebel, prisoner, Court executioner

Citizenship: Morg was the citizen of the court of a unnamed kingdom on a unnamed planet which Galactus consumed, destroying the kingdom the planet and generally everyone else who knew Morg

Legal status: currently inapplicable, formerly Morg was an enemy of the state on the for mentioned world in the kingdom also mentioned, he was however pardoned when he accepted the offer for survival in exchange for loyalty to the ruling class (Queen).

Place of Birth: Name of planet unknown

Marital status: unrevealed, presumed single

Known relatives: unknown

Known confidants: unknown

Known allies: Galactus

Major enemies: Terrax, Silver Surfer, Firelord, Nova, Air-walker, Thanos, Ganymede, Jack of Hearts, Tyrant

Usual base of operations: Mobile throughout the known universe

Former base of operations: On unnamed planet, mentioned earlier

Current group membership: none

Former group membership: Rebels on aforementioned planet

Extent of education: Unrevealed

Physical Biography

Height 6'8"

Weight: Incalculable

Hair: dark reddish brown

Eyes: red brown(sometimes pupils and irises disappear making his eyes appear red only) Other distinguishing features: Mottled brown skin, three fingers and opposable thumb (only apparent difference on otherwise humanoid physiology

Intelligence: apparently normal, possibly greater

Strength: Incalculable

Speed: superhuman, potentially supersonic

Flight speed: Warp speed

Stamina: Godlike(Cosmic powered), Demi-godlike(Waters of life powered only) Durability: Godlike(cosmic powered), Demi-godlike(Waters of life powered only) Reflexes: Superhuman

Agility: Superhuman

Fighting skills: Superb hand to hand combatant, expert at wielding a battle axe, skilled in fighting multiple opponents. Talented at fighting using destructive cosmic or waters of life powers in combat

Special skills and abilities: skilled executioner

Superhuman of physical powers: Can harness and control cosmic energy for a variety of effects including augmentation of powers to greater superhuman levels projection of energy blast concussive, corrosive, heat, or a combination of the three, can survive in space unprotected without need of food, rest, oxygen or anything else, Water of life powers enabled him to fly at warp speeds, project energy blasts, maintained his incalculable strength and superspeed and reflexes, and sustain his life force after apparent death. Also briefly augmented his cosmic powers to even greater levels, enabled him tap mystical energies

Superhuman mental powers: None

Special limitations: none (formerly when imprisoned by Tyrant he was depleted of his mystical energies he had gleaned as result of his immersion in the waters of life)

Source of superhuman powers: transformed into cosmic being by powers of Galactus(removed), Immersion in waters of life(weakened), reinvigorated with power cosmic by Tyrant, possibly given the ability to tap biospheric energy as a result

Costume specifications: Alien materials created by Galactus and virtually indestructible

Personal weaponry: Axe transformed by Galactus into weapon able to focus cosmic energy for a variety of effects such as energy blasts and creation of highly impervious forcefields (damage and presumed lost)New axe given to him by Tyrant with abilities which approximate those of his original.

Special weaponry: None, once appropriated the ultimate nullifier

Other accessories: His forearm guards being razor tipped or formidable offensive and defense weapons since they are virtually indestructible

Transportation: Flight under own power

Design and manufacture of paraphernalia: Galactus and Tyrant

First appearance: Silver Surfer vol. 3 number:70

Origin issue: Silver Surfer vol. 3 number 71

Background Info: Cosmic powers mini-series number 5

Death Issue: Silver Surfer vol. 3 issue 108

History: Morg became Galactus’s herald, when Galactus became dissatisfied with his current herald, Nova’s, performance. Nova had too much compassion and mercy for life and spared a planet Galactus could have feasted on. So, Galactus sought after a new herald, who was more ruthless. He found Morg when he came to Morg’s planet, to devour it. Morg said he did not care about his fellow citizens, but for his own life. Galactus spared him and made him into his herald, then devoured his planet. Morg then became Galactus’s herald, through the Surfer had strong disapproval. Morg eventually found a planet for Galactus, which had a special power source called the Waters of Life. Morg absorbed the Waters of Life and became even more powerful. Silver Surfer considered this to be a threat and assembled the other former heralds. They banned together to fight Morg, but were not powerful enough. If it wasn’t for Galactus intervening they would have surely lost. Galactus agreed that Morg had too much power and took the Power Cosmic away from him. With just the power he absorbed from the Waters of Life, Morg was easily defeated by the heralds and killed by Terrax, but not after he killed Nova.

He was later restored to life by Galactus and set out after Terrax to retrieve his axe. He battled Terrax to the verge of defeat and death before Tyrant's minions attacked them both and captured them as they had "tired themselves out on each other." He was later freed alongside fellow prisoners of Tyrant (Silver Surfer, Beta Ray Bill, Gladiator, Ganymede, and Terrax) by Jack of Hearts. He battled alongside those fellow prisoners briefly against Tyrant before he re-engaged Terrax in combat. He was then subsequently overwhelmed by Tyrant’s minions and kept as prisoner by Tyrant again to prevent a premature confrontation between Galactus and Tyrant since Galactus presumably was not at the top of his game. He was kept for months as prisoner and his waters of life powers seriously depleted and was interrogated by Tyrant in an attempt to subvert his will to that of Tyrant. It was on this occasion that background was put forth. He was reinvigorated with cosmic power by Tyrant who mind controlled him in an attempt to repulse the attack of his fortress by Thanos, Ganymede and Terrax. He battled all and nearly killed each but was stunned by Thanos and inadvertedly freed by Terrax during the battle. Upon the arrival of Captain Marvel III and Jack of Hearts, he returned to Galactus.

He later tried to defeat Tyrant, who was attacking Galactus, by using the Ultimate Nullifier. He lost control, however, and they all supposedly were killed by the Ultimate Nullifier. Galactus has since reappeared, showing that he had not died after all. Morg, however, is still presumed dead.

Written by Seketm and Marvelite
Image created by Lord Thanos
Character drawn by Ron Lim



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