GrandmasterProfile of the

Biographical Description:

Real Name: En Dwi Gast
Occupation: Galactic Gamesplayer
Group Affiliation: Elders of the Universe
First Appearance: Avengers #69

Physical Description:

Height: 7'1"
Weight: 240 lbs.
Eyes: Red, no visible pupils
Hair: White
Strength level: Unknown
Known Superhuman Powers: As all elders, the Grandmaster is immune to aging and his body is virtually immortal.  The Grandmaster has the ability to resurrect dead beings and restore to full life beings who are at the verge of death.  He cannot, however, resurrect beings dead after a certain amount of time (hypothesized at 29.5 hours).   He cannot resurrect virtually immortal beings like himself either.  The Grandmaster also has power over death and can will the death of another being, though it is not clear if he can do this to a being who is virtually immortal.  He can also bestow these powers to another, but only for a few minutes.  That being would have to use the powers within that time, or die himself.  He also has a superhuman brain, which can solve problems in tenths of seconds and memorize millions of rules to various games throughout the universe.  The Grandmaster can also sense information about his surrounding area.  He also has the power to levitate himself, project energy blasts, teleport space, time, and dimensions, transform and rearrange matter, and has a psionic link to his computers on the unknown world he uses as a base.


History: Well, he basically has the same story as the rest of the Elders. The only left from his race, one of the first to appear after the Big Bang. Has survived only through concentration on one task to keep the mind busy, in En Dwi's case games of all sorts and kinds. He has learned and mastered most kinds of games in the known universe.  Anyway, after he had mastered most of the games in the universe he got bored of that and turned to devising his own contests and tournaments. In these tournaments he involved champions or teams of champions and coerced them in some way to fight other champions or teams that had been picked by his opponent.

This happened for instance when En Dwi chose the Squadron Supreme of Counter-Earth to fight against the Scarlet Centurion's Institute of Evil. After En Dwi won that contest he decided that he should have a team of his own similar to the Squadron, since the originals did not want to participate in any further games. For that purpose he journeyed to Earth and took three earthmen and transformed them into the counterparts of Squadron members Whizzer, Dr. Spectrum and Nighthawk. In order to have a counterpart to Hyperion, the Grandmaster took some non-living extra-dimensional matter and put life, memories, consciousness and the pursuit of happiness (on second thought scratch the last one) into this slab of matter. And thus he named these counterparts the Squadron Sinister!! The Squadron got their first field test when pitted against the Avengers, when the Grandmaster fought with Kang himself, and of course they failed miserably. Thus, since old En Dwi has never been much of a humanitarian, he dropped the Squadron Sinister and decided to bet on the Invaders instead (those old WWII heroes), to fight the Avengers a second time. And what seemed to be a developing trend for En Dwi, he lost.

Later, the Grandmaster discovered that since Death had banned them from her kingdom, they should therefore live forever. But they got carried away with the idea and tried to kill Galactus. They collected all the soul gems, the ones Marvel later made the Infinity Gems and used them to try and kill Galactus, but the plan backfired and created a black hole that sucked the Trader, the Astronomer and the Possessor in. The Obliterator had been rendered powerless by the Silver Surfer before and then Galactus seemed to absorb the energies of the Grandmaster, as well as Gardener, the Runner, the Champion, and the Collector. But the Elders survived. The Grandmaster later fights Galactus in a game over one of the Infinity Gems, which he loses.

He was last seen getting involved with a game set between the Avengers and Ultraverse’s Ultra Force.

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Written by Morgon
Image created by Lord Thanos


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