GamoraProfile of Gamora

First appearance: Strange Tales #180

Biological Description

Real Name: Gamora
Occupation: Former assassin, spy, and former minion of Thanos
Legal status: Citizen of Zen-Whoberi
Former aliases: None
Place of birth: Planet Zen Whoberi, Silican system, Milky Way
Place of 1st death: Sanctuary, Thanos's space station
Known relatives: None (raised by Thanos)
Group affiliation: Infinity Watch

Physical Appearances

Height: 6'
Weight: 170 Ibs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black
Skin: Light green

History: Gamora was the sole survivor of the alien humanoid race called the Zen Whoberis, a peace loving people who refused to convert to the doctrines of the Universal Church of Truth, a zealous religious order seeking to establish a galaxy wide empire. Agents of the church called the Grand Inguisitors herded the entire population of the planet into a valley and exterminated them for their resistance. The mad Titan named Thanos rescued the infant Gamora and brought her through time to a period at least two decades prior to her people's deaths. Aboard his space station sanctuary, Thanos raised Gamora and used advanced technology to endow her with certain superhumanoid physical abilities. Thanos also subtly altered her perceptions so she would not recognize the evilness of her deeds. Thanos planned to send Gamora to assassinate his enemy, the Magus, leader of the Universal Church of Truth and an alternate future self of Adam Warlock. In the meantime, he dispatched her to practice her craft against the Grand inquisitors who in the alternate future she came from one day kill her people. Thanos hoped that the presence of a non-contemporary element like Gamora inserted into the Magus's present would disrupt his opponent's plans and thus lead to a different future than the one Thanos glimpsed in Gamora's time. Gamora's presence was detected by the Magus, however, and she was prevented from ever getting close enough to assassinate him. She did however, assist Adam Warlock in his battle against his evil future self. When the Magus was defeated, Gamora returned to her master Thanos and soon learned of his true goal, the destruction of the stars. Horrified, she tried to slay Thanos with a dagger, but Thanos instead slew her. Adam Warlock found her with the slightest spark of life remaining in her body and used his soul-gem to absorb her spirit (or consciousness). Gamora's spirit form resided in the verdant pocket dimension of the gem, along with those of Adam Warlock, Pip the Troll, and a host of others.

Powers: Gamora possessed no known superhumanoid powers, but was a highly accomplished athlete trained in gymnastics, hand to hand combat, the uses of all the known weaponry of the galaxy, and stealth techniques.

Written by Lord Thanos
Image created by Lord Thanos



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