EternityProfile of Eternity

Current Occupation: Remaining a force in reality, keeping all living things together!
Citizenship: Planes of Existence, all throughout the universe
Place of birth: The universe, when it was created when the previous one merged with Galactus.
Known relatives: Death (sister)
Known confidants: None
Known Allies: Galactus, Silver Surfer (All others are known as pawns, and no importance to Eternity)
Known Enemies: Death (Since Eternity stands for life, while Death stands for Death), Adam Warlock (which one M-body once claimed, that Warlock stole some of his powers), The Living Tribunal (one who allowed Adam Warlock to have the powers he stole from Eternity)
People who know him: Seeing as he is a force of reality, and only a handful of beings know of him, this is a list of those who know of him!
Silver Surfer: (who once saved all life, by obtaining the Soul Gem, and didnıt allow anyone to kill Galactus. Then he felt sad, because Eternity could care less about the life of Mantis, in order for continued life.)
Galactus: (who is the second force of reality, after Eternity, followed by Death. If any one of these forces die, all life ends. During a meeting between him and Eternity, Galactus take the form of a star, out of respect for Eternity. Eternity then apologizes to Galactus, for not informing him of the Elderıs plan to kill Galactus. Eternity then agrees that Silver Surfer was the best qualified being to obtain the Soul Gem, and him and Galactus shake hands, and leaves.)
Anthropomorpho: (prime manifestor of this dimension, not human.)
Death: (who is Eternityıs sister, and is also a force of reality, she must know of him.)
Quasar: (who once went looking for Eternity, by the orders of Captain America, for the universe and planet Earth was in disaster, because of what Eternity is doing currently, so he left for the Planes of Existence.)
Her: (who once joined Quasar, until he left for the Planes of Existence.)
Makkari: (who once joined Quasar, until he left for the Planes of Existence.)
Tathki, the Contemplator: (an Elder, who took Quasar to the Planes of Existence, in search of Eternity.)
Captain America: (who led the Avengers in many outer space missions, and notified Quasar of the Eternity's problem.)
Epoch: (who is Quasarıs main source of information, and has been contacted by Eternity and other powerful beings.)
Living Tribunal: (who once judged the story of an M-Body of Eternity, about the powers which Adam Warlock stole from him.)
Adam Warlock: (who an M-Body of Eternity, once claimed stole some of his powers from.)
Celestials: (which a M-Body of was a member of the jury for Eternity's story)
Stranger: (which a M-Body of was a member of the jury for Eternity's story)
Kayla Ballinger: (which a M-Body of was a member of the jury for Eternity's story)
Place of Operations: Throughout the universe
Membership: None
Extent of Education: Enough to know all that goes in the universe

Physical Description (in his most figured form)

Height: Inapplicable
Weight: Inapplicable
Eyes: Black, with one being a bright yellow twinkling star
Hair: none
Other Distinguishing Features: A blue outline, wearing a cape, with his entire figure of pictures of planets, stars, moons, swirls, and other outer space stuff. With half a blue face, at times a whole face.

Powers and abilities

Intelligence: Immeasurable
Strength: Immeasurable
Flight speed: Superhuman
Endurance: Immeasurable
Durability: Immeasurable
Reflexes: Immeasurable
Fighting skills: Eternity is not known to participate in physical combat.
Special Skills and abilities: Omniscient and first force of reality.
Special Powers: Eternity can transform himself from the fabric of the universe into a figure form. He also has many cosmic powers, which Adam Warlock may have stole some from.
Special Limitations: It's just simple that if he or the other forces of reality, Galactus, or Death die, all life will stop and cease.
Source of Superhuman Powers: Eternity is just that, and is a force of reality.


Costume Specs: Of his own design
Transportation: By way of the Universe
Weaponry: Cosmic Powers
Design and manufacture of Paraphernalia: Of his own design
First Appearance: Strange Tales #138
Favorite Quote: "I am Eternity! Heed me message and remain silent! For none may speak when I am present!"


Eternity has been around since all of time! The first time any other being knew of him, must have been in Strange Tales #138. As the first force of reality, followed by Galactus, then Death, if anyone is strong enough to destroy any of these three beings, all life stops and cease. He is a Cosmic Entity like others. Galactus, Lord Chaos, Master Order, and Death are also Cosmic Entities. Later, he actually met Galactus, after a group of Elders tried to destroy Galactus. If it wasn't for Silver Surfer intervention, the Kree race would destroy Galactus, but Surfer obtained the Soul Gem and give it to the Elders. Later, Quasar comes in contact with Eternity, and searches for him, for the universe is in trouble, and must be due to his current status. So on Quasar's search, he meets many M-Bodies of Eternity, showing Eternity at many different times in his life, and on one occasion, trying to get the Living Tribunal, to have Adam Warlock give him back him cosmic powers, which he stole from Eternity. In the end, Quasar and his guide Tathki, an Elder, find Eternity unconscious, and is the cause of the Infinity War.

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Image created by Lord Thanos


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