Cosmic Characters Make Come Back for 2001!
Written by James "Marvelite" Pedrick
Added March 30, 2001


Thanos and Galactus are coming back to the forefront of Marvel Comics.  Thanos will be starring in around seventeen issues over the next two years.  His first return is underway now in the pages of Captain Marvel, beginning with issue #17 where he begins guest-starring alongside Thor.   He then stars in issues #18-19 as well.  Two of the three issues will be penciled by creator Jim Starlin, while the entire story is written by Peter David.  Thanos will next star in an eight issue mini-series titled Celestial Quest by former Silver Surfer scribe Steve Englehart.  The mini-series will feature Mantis vs. Thanos, with Silver Surfer and many Avengers joining Mantis' side in battle.  Jim Starlin will then return to his character in a new six issue mini-series titled Infinity Abyss, which will be written and drawn by Jim Starlin.  The mini-series will star Thanos, Warlock, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, Gamora, Pip, and Moondragon.  More issues on all of Thanos' appearances below.

Galactus, meanwhile, will be returning from the dead in the pages of Fantastic Four.  No details have been released except that Carlos Pacheco and company will be bringing the Big G back to life.  There are currently no plans for Louise Simonson's sequel to Galactus: The Devourer.

Below are the preview texts provided by Marvel Comics for Captain Marvel #17-19:

Captain Marvel #17: The mad Titan calls upon Captain Marvel -- and special guest-star Thor -- to undertake a life-threatening mission! But why would Genis and the thunder god agree to work for the fiend who almost obliterated the universe? And will it be Rick Jones' life that's forever changed?  (Cover for Captain Marvel #17 seen above.)

Captain Marvel #18: No joke. No lie. We're not kidding around. This two-part story climaxes the battle pitting the unlikely alliance of Captain Marvel, Thor and Thanos against the death god known as Walker -- and features the most shocking development in the lives of Rick Jones and Marlo ever! We ask, we beg, we not reveal this issue's twist ending, which both ties in to Avengers Forever and also will set a major new storyline into motion!  (Cover for Captain Marvel #18 seen to the right.)

Captain Marvel #19: Guest-starring Thor and Thanos! Due to the staggering events of last issue, Genis finds himself moving through his own future lifetime, experiencing events that have yet to be! Can he return to his own era? And what has happened to Rick Jones? "Book of the Month: Captain Marvel. Funnyman Peter David turns a rookie cosmic super hero and a professional sidekick into the odd couple of comics." - Wizard

Thanos will the be popping up again in a new eight issue mini-series starring Mantis titled Celestial Quest.  Comics Continuum reported the following about the project.  They also provided a sketch of Mantis below.  Click on the picture for a larger copy.

Steve Englehart, writer of the upcoming Celestial Quest mini-series from Marvel Comics, told The Continuum that it has a new launch date and an artist.

"First, the book has been moved back to a September launch date," Englehart told The Continuum. "It's got something to do with Marvel's internal scheduling - nothing to do with the artist or me, who are well along at this point. 

"Second, the artist is Jorge Santamarķa, a Spaniard who did Wolverine 2000. As it happens, I speak Spanish, so even though I write the plots in English, we end up discussing everything in Spanish eventually -- Jorge speaks English to a degree, but I speak Spanish better. Tom (Brevoort, editor) also speaks Spanish to some degree - I don't actually know how well - but one way or another we're all on the same page. Who says the Internet doesn't make the world smaller?

"The series, amazingly enough, is Mantis vs. Thanos - which is to say, we watch each side of the conflict as it builds toward its 8th-issue climax. It's not all about Mantis with an occasional foray by the villain; each half of this equation has a story to be told. I'm naturally trying to fix all the things that have gone wrong for Mantis since the Celestial Madonna saga, and finding that I really like her as a character - and really regretting that it's taken this long to get back to her with a free hand. On the other hand, I'm determined to do a Thanos worthy of the name - doing something he hasn't done before.

"Of course, Mantis and Thanos aren't alone in this thing. She's got a small group of Avengers on her side: Thor, Vision, Wanda, and Silverclaw. They're joined by Haywire of the Squadron Supreme and the Silver Surfer. Thanos has his relationship with Death going on, and makes use of my old pal Cap'n Reptyl, leader of the Saurian space pirates. Haywire is hoping he can get Death to give him back his dead girlfriend, but he's got several surprises coming. Then there's Mantis's son - born just six years ago, Marvel time - when the Madonna series took place, of course - but already grown to adolescence, being half-plant. His name's Quoi, short for Sequoia, our noblest tree.

"And yes, Mantis and Vision get it on."

Fandom provided the following information about The Infinity Abyss.  Click on the picture for larger copy.

Entitled The Infinity Abyss, as the title suggests it follows up on the Starlin-written Infinity Gauntlet, Wars and Crusade mini-series from the 90`s.

Starlin told Newsarama the series will feature "Thanos, Warlock, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Dr. Strange, Gamora, Moondragon and Pip," and promised further details another time.

According to Tom Brevoort, though a "follow-up" to those previous series, this new one will be completely self-contained from first three and that it will premiere either late this year or early next, partially to avoid overlap with Steve Englehart's summer debuting Celestial Quest mini-series which also features Thanos.

Brevoort said he hopes any potential conflict between the two stories will work themselves out.

"One of the reasons I'm not certain of the schedule on this is that I don't think it's a good idea to have both this and Steve's project coming out at the same time, so I'll want to arrange things so as to stagger them," he said."


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