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This weeks letters are from Cosmic Powers Unlimited Issue #3...

Eamonn A Morrissey, editor for Cosmic Powers Unlimited and writer of various fan fiction writes concerning Cosmic Union Part 3:
With the exception of naming the Author of the introduction, leave out who is writing the chapters. As time is passing by, the group of writers are becoming indistinquishable, very commendable since what you are doing is probably the hardest form of writing there is! Great Job, distend those arms of yours and pat yourselves on the back :)

Consider our backs patted! :^) I will consult with the other authors about removing names, if they don't mind, I have no problem with it. Thanks for the input! - Morfex
An interesting suggestion. But I'm not sure I agree. Because there were different writers for virtually each chapter, it can be difficult to remember who did what if the authors are not displayed along with their chapter. Some people may also like a certain author's style and appreciate knowing who wrote which chapter. Lastly, I myself have begun to forget which chapters I wrote. And it isn't until I see it published with my name on it that I remember. -Mystic

Grim, writer of Red-Rooter, writes concerning Star Masters Part 1:
Even though I've read it before, It's still very well done!

Grimmy is referring to the CPU contributors getting a sneak peak (which you can get by joining our staff... e-mail marvelite@aol.com for details) and a chance to make suggestions before a story is posted. Thanks, Grimace! - Morfex

P. BOOKER writes concerning Star Masters Part 1:

Thank you, PB! That was, in fact, my intent. I liked the Star Masters and their 2 issues of Marvel's quarterly CPU. My hope is to "take it from there..." You will see Tana Nile, Morfex, Xenith, Wotan, Siderius, and many more in the months to come... - Morfex

Grim, writer of Red-Rooter, writes concerning Tales of The Timeless Part 3:
The master spins a captivating tale, using a character I love, Doom 2099, and some others I've never thought much about. I'd tell you to keep up the good work, but I know your track record!

Thanks, Grim. Doom 2099's a favorite of mine too.

Eric Martin writes concerning Tales of the Timeless Part 3:
Good...very good.

Thanks... a lot. :^)

Grim, writer of Red-Rooter, writes concerning The More Things Change...:
Excellent story! Good and getting better!  Loving it! You're doind a wonderful job, Adam! I can hardly wait for the next one!

Thanks Grim!! Just knowing people like it makes everything worth while!! -Adam

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