World Engine Script Part Two of Two

Written by E.A. Morrissey, Edited by James Pedrick
Published by the Cosmic Powers Fan Fiction Group in

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Script: World Engine


 E A Morrissey

I cannot believe Five years have passed already! When Warren Ellis wrote the four-part World Engine story line, it was supposed to be a re-boot for Thor. With Ellis's writing and the fantastic Art of Deodato, Thor #491 though #494 soon became a best seller for Marvel!

As a writer, Warren Ellis evokes emotion, many of my friends were stacked on both sides of the fence, some loved it, and some hated it with a passion. For me it was a very good story, but some thing was lacking, something needed to be added to make the story complete.

Therefore, in my own way, I wrote this screenplay shortly after the World Engine story came out. It was based on a 'childish' dream I had one night. While Ellis's work was dark and foreboding, my visions in that dream was grand and exciting. In all, I think this piece is nearly complete, but... Mayhap a writer in the future, who is better able to put into writing what his imagination is telling, can complete this work.

I wish you all the very best, and I hope you enjoy.

E A Morrissey.


Silver Surfer; CGI

Mjollnir: CGI

Iron Man/ Tony stark; Kevin Klein

Captain American/Steve Rogers; Brad Pitt

Edwin Jarvis; Anthony Hopkins

Girl; cast

Thor; EAM CGI enhancement

Odin; Sean Connery

Grand Vizier: Patrick Stewart

Amora; Kim Bassingger

Detective George Curzon; Sting

Detective Stone: Louis Gosset Jr

Part Two of Two
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She dismisses the executives and moves seductively towards Thor and puts a hand on his chest moving up and down suggestively.

Amora: "We have been enemies you and I, for countless ages." "You may remember how I wanted you, I coerced you, tried to seduce you but you always prevailed because of you sense of duty, loyalty to your father and love for other women." "In my youth: I broke many a precious thing in tantrums because I couldnít have you, things are different now." "We are two Asgardians alone and I for one donít want to be alone anymore." "I have seen the way you are looking at me and Iíll wager you donít either."

Thor: "Yes it is true." (Sigh of relief)


Thor bends his head and holds her "just so."

Switch to bedroom both drinking wine and having the lovers look. A knock on the door: a butler bringing in new cloths.

Servant: "Mistress here are the clothes you asked for." laying clothes on the end of the bed walking away.

Thor: "I hope I donít have to call you that (jokingly)?"

Amora: "Weíll see about that!"


Thor getting out of bed: slipping his new pants on rear view, Amora looking with relish.

Thor: "But now, I have to find out who is trying to kill me?"

Amora: "If not for me you would probably be dead by now so slow down, let me void a small part of the spell and we can see who is trying to kill you?"


Amora gets out of bed: twisting her arm in a circular pattern and A square floats out of nowhere showing Yggdrasil connected to a machine screaming.

Thor: "Itís Yggdrasil, connected to some sort of a machine, Just like the view I had before being knocked unconscious." "I wonder why it is trying to kill me for what purpose?" "Amora can I leave now!"

Amora: "Yes but I have to go with you absolutely every where."


She is draped only with the silk bed sheet in a seductive stance.

Switch to the top of the rooftop of the Ash hotel Thor inscribing a rune onto his new wristband. Electricity emitting from his finger.

Thor: "This Rune Thursiaz which is I, the representation of the past to the present and the strength released in that moment, for that strength is mine." "I am Thor God of Thunder."


Same day: Hotel room of the Ash hotel. Books of Mythology sprawled around. Curzon recounting what he has learnt.


In pictorial form and Monologue.

James Earl Jones

In the beginning only Muspelheim and Niffelheim existed, fire and Ice kept apart by Ginnungagap, a void of sorts, as the ice melts a mist Is formed Ymir the first frost giant and a cow named Adhumla came into existence. Ymir gained sustenance from Adhumlaís milk. Adhumla gained sustenance from licking the ice retrieving salt. Over time, time that we know not, first an eyebrow, then a head till finally a body, the body came to life and the first God appeared, his name was Buri. Ymir hated the God for he was beautiful, so at night as Ymir slept he did sweat and the droplets of sweat formed the race of the frost giants who would call him "father." Buri had his way with a comely giantess, they had a son called Bor in turn he had three sons (with Bestla), Odin, Vile and Ve. As time passed the ice giants and the godís numbers increased and a war happened. Odin had Ymir slain; all the ice giants were drowned by the River Hevelgemir except Belgimir and his mate (from that time he was known as the father of the Ice giants) vowed a hatred for Odin the fist of the godís. Odin used Ymir to create Midgard (Earth) known as the middle garden by using the Skull of Ymir for the sky, his brains for clouds, his eye-brows for trees and sparks from Muspelheim for stars. Odin created the first man (Ask) from ash wood and all of this was encompassed within Yggdrasil Ė the tree of life and the universe.


Curzon stretching and holding his back.


Odin had many sons With Frigga (first of the Goddessís) but Thor was sired By Jord (earth goddess) a primary elder god. Thor was the strongest of the Gods, with his hammer Mjolnir, he was the protector of Asgard (home of the Aesir) and Midgard from Frost giants, Daemons trolls and other Monsters.

According to Nick Fury Thor has been exiled to Earth again for some transgression between him and his overly hard father Odin. Over the last few years there have been a few manifestations Of Thor namely Red Norvel who has taken the place of Thor in Asgard while Thor is on Earth, Beta-ray Bill an alien of nobility that Odin bestowed a hammer similar to Mjolnir. This author believes him dead. Eric Masterson a mortal version of Thor (Thunderstrike) who died heroically last year.


Curzon talking to the recorder.

So I summarize, I think that poor old Thor is dead because some one or some thing wants Ragnarok to happen or to convince Yggdrasil Ragnarok has or is going to happen. Either way has dire consequences for humanity, as we know it for Thor has to Die for Ragnarok to happen.

Curzon: on the phone to the forensics lab. "I want a Thor detector," "Bullshit, you told me he was on the roof-top so get me one within the hourÖ I want a Thor detector. "Why, Iíll tell you why, I think he is dead and thatís a bad omen for us. So, I want that machine here at the Ash hotel inÖ no lets make that 30 minutes.


Curzon hanging up the phone saying "bastards."


A messenger bringing the Thor detector, Curzon leaving the door open, Captain America and Iron Man walks through the door shortly thereafter.

Captain America "what has peaked your interest in Thor."

Curzon: "well it started like thisÖ


Thor on roof of the Ash Hotel with Amora in his arms swinging Mjolnir being pulled over the Manhattan skyline. Pan view several images of Thor and Amora flying, one scene going between the twin towers, eventually Thor swinging hammer again in decent landing in front of the entrance to the cavern.

Amora: "How are you feeling?"

Thor: "With the exception of loss of mass I feel fine?"

Amora: "I didnít detect any loss of strength." Smiling seductively!


Pan to Amoraís eyes suggestive looking.

Thor: "You have a nasty sense of humor, Iím glad we met."


Walking into the cavern to be met by Price a small man with runes etched onto his teeth. Entrance opens into large cavern in the middle Yggdrasil connected to an engine via tendrils and people stoking the engine, note the people look all the same and are bald.

Price: Iím known as Price; I presume you, Thor are alive because of Amora, if Iím not mistaken? Suffice to say it doesnít matter, Yggdrasil thinks you dead and the Engine now controls the internal clock of the Tree. In the second the Engine started now Ragnarok is a certainty with the exception of all the destruction.


Price giving a tour of the establishment. Amora next to Price: Thor following behind.

Price (Harlan Elision): "I was a professor at ESU many years ago, my discipline was physics based on the non Euclidean; at one point I took "fly Agaric the same Psychoactive your Vikingís took to berserk in worship of you, Thor. Instead of going berserk I was given a vision from Yggdrasil talking to me about Ragnarok; what would happen after and the new men Yggdrasil would create, of course that would mean the total annihilation of all creation. I knew the destruction of the universe would be sometime off and I would not be around when it happened. I wanted to see it, oh how thoroughly delicious to see it the creation of the new men, so I started to make it happen I constructed the engine.

Amora: How did you come upon this property?

Price: Through a generous severance, the college board didnít like my eclectic procedures to physics, at one point I switched to cannibalism because knowledge can be passed some believe through food, at one point I ate my wife!

Amora: (shocked) "You ate your wife."

Price: Anyway because of the severance I was able to purchase this facility for a song. The government made this facility during WW2 to inter Nazi super soldiers. There was no need for this facility; Captain America took care of that.

Amora: (pointing to the middle of the engine) I sense the heart of the engine lies here.

Price: Very astute, correct it is the heart of the engine


Thor walking to Price, Price cowering away from Thorís threatening gesture.

Thor: What is going to stop me from smashing your precious little engine?

Price: Impossible the Engine has started, you cannot stop it now!

Thor: Never say impossible to the God of Thunder, many have, yet have I prevailed.

Amora: Who is stoking the engine?

Price: (laughing) How Ironic! A few years ago I got DNA samples of you and Thor in a battle you had. I dabbled in cloning so, look upon your children for it seems to me you are lovers now, how deliciously ironic, Again he starts to laugh again. And now the moment of truth, Yggdrasil will bring forth the new men for I care not for the new gods.


From the branches of Yggdrasil fetus form in gelatinous sacks red in color: Growing at a phenomenal rate. The sacks became too heavy and dropped to the floor bursting open. The beings grow to maturity in less than one minute reaching seven feet tall. The form of the creatures were bipedal, extended arms, huge skulls with a grill for a mouth, similar to the grills fish have inside the gills. The creatures suddenly collapse and are going through the throes of dying.

Price: What is happening, why are they dying?

Amora: Itís quite obvious to someone who hasnít frequently ingested psychoactives. Theyíre dying because they have no substance to live on. For Ragnarok would have consumed the earth by fire, in the air would be human and animal debris, which is how they would get their sustenance. Since you fooled Yggdrasil that Ragnarok has happened there isnít any food stuffs in the air.

Yggdrasil/Engine: Done! So shall you say, so shall it be!

Amora: I think the Engine and Yggdrasil is making amends?


Sparks emit from the Engine chaos occurs, a beam of light bursts from the top of the Engine boring into the roof top of the cavern, breaking through hundreds of feet of ground to terminate 15 thousand feet in the air. At the Termination a wall of fire spreads out in a circumference, eating the air, the wall of fire spreads down destroying the buildings, people machines, all manner of things turn into dust.

At the cavern entrance Captain America, Iron Man and Officer Curzon (Holding the Thor detector) lift their heads in unison and see the wall of fire spreading out. They rush into the cavern, more so for preservation than to find out what is the cause of the fire.

Orbit view of the world, the firewall spreading out at an exponential pace.

See the Incredible Hulk on a descent from a leap in front of the wall of fire. The firewall over takes and burns the Hulk to a crisp.

Thor: I cannot let this happen, Move away all. I may be exiled but still I am the god of Thunder.


People move away Thor calls forth lightning that crashes through the rent in the ceiling causing the engine to explode. A huge dial is present and still turning, which was the heart of the engine. Thor rushes to the dial crabs one of the arms of the dial and tries to force or stop the dial. After great pain Thor stops the dial, leaps to Yggdrasil and pulls off the tendrils. The heroes spur to action realizing their temporary paralysis and follows Thorís suit, pulling the tendrils from the tree. The only things left in the tree are the Nails where Odin crucified himself for knowledge and Ravens-eye the sword of Odin.

Orbital view the firewall radius has reached Dallas, Texas and continuing.

Thor remembers how his father had gained the knowledge of wisdom, a price was exacted Odin had to be crucified for nine days (Nearly killing him for that knowledge) and Thor knew then what he had to do.

The chaos continues as the clonesí circle Price; their eyes showed murder was about to happen and so it did, Price uttering "no this shouldnít have happened."

Thor with his back to the tree stretches out his arms so he is shaped as a crucifix and leaps to the tree, Mjolnir still in his right hand.

Thor: "Captain (he would have called by his first name but could not without revealing his secret identity) pull out Ravens-eye and strike me through the heart.


Captain America moves forward puts his hands on the sword, hesitates and withdraws the sword, he pull the sword close to his face and studies it intently as if a priceless jewel. He looks at Thor and looks at the sword again. When done the throws the sword to the ground.

Captain America: "No! Iím no murderer, regardless of the consequences.


The chaos continues. The radius has reached Los Angeles, Disneyland is vaporized, the firewall is now starting to boil away the Pacific Ocean, and this slows down the rate of destructionÖ A little.

Thor: Art thou crazy man! Midgard will perish and you question your ethics, "the good of the many out weigh the good of the one, you have to kill me!

Cap: No I will not, my conscious will not allow for this.

Thor: Only some one so noble and pure of heart can hold Ravens-eye.

Cap: No! My mind is made up.

Thor: So be it, I understand my friend but there is another.


Mjolnir by itself moves off Thorís hand, it starts to rotate and moves close to Thorís face. Thor speaks to Mjolnir. The hammer starts to pull away and stops rotating, leaping for the ceiling the hammer warps out of existence only inches away from the cavern roof.

Two or three seconds pass by when the cavern wall bulges and a silver shape solidifies after the wall, another surprise Odin materializes out of nothing. So much was going on nobody noticed Jarvis had moved into the cavern then hid himself behind the Engines debris?

Thor: (pained) SurferÖ RagnarokÖíTis the end pierce my heart with the sword and the destruction will end.

Odin: Odin had noticed that Mjolnir was on the Silver Surfers board, he calls for it. "To me Faithful Servant of Thor, rest thy self in my hand."


Mjolnir moves toward Odin then stops, alters its course and moves to Thorís side and stars to rotate again hovering next to her master. Odin was vexed the hammer had never disobeyed him before, the bond between the hammer and God is final.

Hawaii is consumed in the fire, on the other side of the radius Central USSR has been destroyed.

The surfer positions himself three feet away from Thor looks him in the eye, stretches his hand out and the sword is lifted off the ground. The sword is half way to the Surfers hand when Jarvis made his move. Though not a young man, he was fit for his age, he ran, jumped and used the Surfers Board as a springboard caught the sword with both hands and pushed forward. The repulsion of the sword was quite obvious, It burned the hands of Jarvis and moved away from his hands with force, right into Thorís body, though his heart out the other side and wedge into the tree. Gold like essence poured out of Thor along the blade into tree.

The chaos stops neither pressing forward or retreating, it is stationary positioned 1 mile from Cairns beaches in Australia.


Jarvis is looking into the Eyes of Thor; they are going glassy, close to death he is. Thor smiles.

Jarvis: Forgive me Master ThorÖ IÖ Understand.

Thor: ThankÖ you Jarvis, I should have known its would take a human not worthy of the sword to kill me, though a noble human to save Midgard.


Shot of torso, blade and tree. The last of his essence drips down the blade, Thor dies his head dropped to his chest.

Yggdrasilís branches move around and grasps Thorís body and pulls him off the sword then throws the body at Odin and landing at his feet. There is a tear in Odinís eye. He didnít think it would come to this.

Switch to Thor walking; the background is completely white only ahead is the tree.

Yggdrasil: (James Earl Jones) I thank you for saving me, for your sacrifice you have saved the middle garden. You know your father sacrificed himself for knowledge and now you for compassion for what is done can be undone, so said I Yggdrasil so shall it be.


The firewall retreats onto itself, the water that was boiled, condensed the people, animals and property remade. The hulk with his hands covering his face lands badly, falls onto a building destroying it. He walks out of the carnage shaking his head. Everything is as it was.

In the cavern the heroes start to surround Thorís body, Yggdrasilís branches move once more, a pair of branches cradles Thorís body gently a golden halo surrounds Thorís body, the rent in his chest closes. Thor starts to breatheÖ Another branch shoots forward piercing Odin just below the collars bone and lifting up next to his son.

Yggdrasil: Thor awakens, listen in for all I care Iím going to talk to your father.

"Odin you got the knowledge, your debt was not paid by your sacrifice but it is now. You have considered your son the eternal Man-child, well no more. You are now peers, still father and son, still liege and subject but no longer pawn. Thor will honor his responsibilities; the prophecies were called short and put to amends by the scion of Asgard, your son. "Let it be as it was"


And so it was!

Thor and Odin once again were flung from the branches of Yggdrasil, this time to come and land on their feet. His friends, embracing, as they are wont crowded Thor. Odin didnít move but looked at his son, his son reciprocated. They stood apart for awhile, they closed the gap and clasped arms in the Viking manner.

Odin: Thou deserves many honors this today, no more a pawn will you be, Proud is I of you my son, scion of Asgard. Prithee, ware should you be of my actions, Death is a private thing and face it you have, again thou hast done well.


Verily, Forsooth, in death did I learn of your intentions, I understand and Iím sorry for ailing you as I did.

Odin: So too, do I understand. Henceforth shall we explain our intentions so a rift cannot be rent asunder again?


Yggdrasil disappears.

Odin: Iíll take my leave of you now my son. Please come home soon.

Thor: I will father of mine, on my word, so it is said so shall it be.


Odin disappears.

The moment was for good-byes; all were gone except Jarvis and Amora.

Jarvis: Will you ever forgive me Master Thor?

Thor: Noble were you in spirit, therefore no punishment is required. (Jokingly) Donít try to kill me again. (He slaps Jarvis on the shoulder, Jarvis is sent careening).

Jarvis: Smiling, yes I understand. (Walking away)

Amora: Trepidation showed on her face: "Well are you going to come home now?"

Thor: Go, Iíll be Home soon Enow. (Amora nods, then winks out of existence)


Mjolnir stops rotating and moves to his mastersí hand. Looking at the hammer, heís always considered the hammer, a she, he rubbed the hammer affectionately.

Thor: One more trip before going home. Mjolnir lets find Yggdrasil.


The universe is within Yggdrasil, but at the hearth of the universe will you find "The tree of life." And so he does.

Yggdrasil: "Does death scare you now?"

Thor: "Yes!" "The next time there will be no return, I was granted a boon today.

Yggdrasil: "Good, if death isnít certain, how will you fight for your life." "You did well Odinson, donít search me out again, we will meet againÖ PauseÖ "Well you know what will happen." "Farewell Son of Odin, God of Thunder, may the fates thread be long and long."


Thor hurls Mjolnir again returning to the arms of Amora.

At night looking into Amoraís bedroom, Amora is fast asleep. Pan to the roof top, lightning coming down in the background Thor swinging Mjolnir ready to leap into the sky.

Thorís Monologue: Here am I, renewed, reborn a Goddess below me whom Iím possibly falling in love with, so today is the first day of the rest of my life.


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