Silver Surfer/Thor: "Tiusday... Bloody Tuesday!" Chapter 8

Written by E.A. Morrissey, Edited by James Pedrick
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"Tiusday... Bloody Tuesday!"
by E A Morrissey

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Chapter VIII
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds?

The "Watcher of the Endless night" (Thor) went to the Yawning Gulf because he had a feeling in his water! Looking into that void confirmed Thor's feeling. A myriad of scenes collided together, which did not cause any confusion to Thor. These scenes gave possible accounts of what may happen because the wielder has taken the sword!

Thor wasn't the only one present at Ginnungagap, Odin and Frigga arrived silently, they didn't want to disturb the Thunder God, because his countenance showed he was angry, no doubt they thought that it would be raining on Midgard (Earth)!

Still intent on the scenes, Thor realized that he was not alone.  Without taking his eyes off the scenes being played out, he greeted his father and stepmother!

"What say you Mother-of-most?" He continued without letting her respond, in some way, the overtones indicated he was disappointed in her. "Yea better still will be mine own father's response to all this?" Frigga was about to respond but Odin put a reassuring hand on the shoulder of his wife letting her know that he would respond.

"Have a care son-o-mine, 'tis my wife and your stepmother thou art addressing! Frigga has the foretelling, a painful gift at best, some things cannot be avoided, one has to see the journey completed, regardless of the consequences!"

"Yea, verily didst we have this conversation before! Mine own opinion was the sword should not be found again, and for good reason! Yea, none other than mine own hands made the sword for Twi (another name for Tyr in a different time), dost thou remember father? Remember when I was "old-man-Thor," I do, for I have all of his memories! Dost thou remember why the sword was forged in the First place?"

"Yea, that I do, son-o-mine, thou didst forge the sword to dispatch a craven Wind God! A wind God who rode the winds lusting after the "Wild Hunt! I remember those days of yore before I took on the aspect of the Aud-Father… aye lustful times were they, simpler times, yea methinks I wish for those days to come back, sometimes. Yea with great power comes a greater responsibility!" Odin had a far away look in his eye as he remembered those times.

Thor turned to look at his parents, eyes ablaze with fire! " That sword still remembers you, given the mind of its current wielder IT COULD KILL YOU FATHER! DOST THOU REMEMBER THAT!" Thor was visibly shaking now, having a hard time containing his anger.

Odin was calm and responded in like kind. "Yea that it could, yea it can kill the Wind God that I once was, but can it kill me who is the Aud-father?"

"Dost thou want to take the risk, think on father-o-mine I crafted the sword for Twi to dispatch a meddlesome Wind God back in the days of yore. Since that time you have taken on the aspect that once was Twi hissel. Here is your Wife (somehow making the word seem venomous), a goddess who is likened to a mother to me she craves a boon asking me not to prevent the potential death of mine own father! E'en to a dullard 'twould be clear my displeasure is paramount, SHE HATH TIED MY HANDS!" Thor turned around and pointed at the Yawning Gulf, "Look at the potential scenarios being played out, which one will come true? The death of Midgard, thus our existence being threatened, or what about this evil version of "Midgard's blessing" who threatens Asgard?" Thor was aghast at seeing this vision for the first time, since he was responsible for involving Norrin Radd in the first place! "I SAY UNTO YEA AGAIN, MOTHER-OF-MOST, IS IT WORTH IT?"

Frigga got her hackles up, how dare this spawn of Jord talk to her this way! "Indeed thou talks the truth, but the truth does hurt! Woe unto him for defying the future, thou hast defied the future in the past, but the future is a devious thing. Verily the future is flexible and no such paradoxes exist if the will is strong enough but in the end what the future demands, the future gets! Thor, he who I have treated like a son, e'en we Gods have a responsibility! THE WYRD GOVERNS US ALL! To quote a Midgard saying 'period and end of sentence!'"

"Faugh! Mine own oath is meaningless if Midgard or Asgard is threatened with oblivion!"

"Mark your oath well till then, otherwise be known as 'Thor the Oath breaker!'"

Thor was incensed, from the yawning gulf lightning sprang forth across the Asgardian skies. "Get thee gone Frigga, 'tis my domain after all, I am he who watches the endless night, not e'en mine own father has dominion here, 'tis a legacy from my past existence! How dare you ask the son to stay his hand 'gainst a foe who could dispatch his father? Especially since I am the only one who can decide the outcome!" Thor called the elements; from his breath did clouds form around him. "I say unto thee, get thee gone, by thine own absence will prevent a wedge Twix father and son. Mayhap time will heal the relationship Twix the two of us!

Rarely has Odin seen Thor's wrath at this level, he understood the motives of his wife and he understands the dilemma of his son! Both are headstrong, but in the current frame of mind that Thor is in he might do something that he would regret later, oh he could pull rank, but that would not solve the problem. Better get Frigga out of here and let everything run its course.

Odin called forth clouds of his own, to whisk them away, but as they were leaving he called to his son. "Fare yea well son-o-mine, my heart is gladdened and filled with pride upon knowing how thou feels for his father, but Alas I understand my wife's responsibility also. Fare yea well for there will be a conclusion! Follow your Wyrd, the just shalt prevail!

Odin and Frigga left and Thor was left to vent his anger! He called to the storm and to 'to have at it;' the storm complied! Most of Asgard was deluged with rain, thunder and lightning. Nearly everybody in Asgard knew to stay away from Thor for the nonce!

Slowly, Norrin and Thrud ascended the mountain that supports Hlidskjalf. Norrin a few moments ago gestured for Thrud to climb aboard his surfboard, but she pretended not to see the gesture, she continued to wind walk! Norrin was concerned about how the young goddess viewed him now. Thrud has never been outside of Asgard so her point of view is truly godlike. Unlike her father, because of his responsibilities he has become the most "human" of all the gods because he has interacted with humans for a such a long time. Norrin searched his own past for a comparison that he could relate to Thrud.

Norrin called for her attention in an unconventional manner, he used formal way, it was so irritating to him, but it was the best way to get the Asgardians attention! "Thrud I would have words with thee, come hither and listen to what I have to say." She changed her direction toward the Surfboard; she had capitulated out of respect, after all her father sees something in him! As her foot touched the symmetrically perfect board Norrin spoke to her breaking her concentration, up until that time she looked intently into the mysterious and strange man from the stars.

"One problem can have a hundred solutions, and those solutions are all right if they work! Your solution to the Ice giants was right, but so was mine! Yet, you viewed my solution with contempt. Let me try to convey who I am, then and only then you may see how I act the way that I do?"

Her eyes were again focused on the eyes of Norrin Radd; she nodded in agreement, as he slowly put his hands on those, oh-so-beautiful-cheeks, willing the Power Cosmic to create a link. From that, link memories from Norrin flowed into Thrud's mind, the memories started from where he sacrificed himself to save his world. At this point, a tear flowed down Thrud's cheek; the memories continued the agony, and the guilt... the memories continued. Norrin was lost within his own recollected memories, subconsciously though his head bent forward, moving closer toward Thrud… lips touched for a moment… the memories were over. Both came out of their trance realizing what had happened, realizing the kiss was good, and coming to the reality that anything, more should not happen. She pulled away e'en though the tears were still flowing down her cheek. The Asgardians loved melodrama; she uttered the words to prove it!

"Shalla, once to have loved, but to be lost, then found again only to find out that she was eventually just a figment of your former masters imagination! Oh the folly, my heart goes out to you Norrin Radd realizing why my father holds you in such high esteem, a man of sacrifice thou art!"

Norrin thought the situation could get out of hand so he made the ultimate sacrifice. Why here was a beautiful woman who easily equaled her mother's beauty and yet she has her father's strength and conviction, truly a unique woman to be turning away from. Maybe later he will hit himself on the head and say stupid, but for now this is the right decision continue the task at hand.

The Man of Science and the Goddess of Majik continued the journey to Hlidskjalf!

Via a private jet, Gatwick airport and one concerned professional, the wielder got home safely to one of his homes in Seattle. It took another twenty-four hours for the wielder to come out of his coma like state. When he came too it was like as if nothing had happened except the mans aura. Yes he was a very powerful man and had a presence about him but now he is different; it was hard to put a finger on it. It seemed like as if he was almost godlike? All of his minions always wanted to please him, but since his return, e'en when he was in the coma he had an effect on them, they all seemed to be working harder, eager to please. His faithful and old Butler forwarded his itinerary showing that he had a meeting with two representatives from the monopolies commission at 2.30 this afternoon. The wielder asked Albert to get his sword case, and of course, Albert walked a little quicker this day!

  • Editors note: Back in 1995 was the first time the federal government considered this company a monopoly! James the All-knowing!

The representatives entered his office @ 230pm in the afternoon full of piss and vinegar, but the only thing would be piss traveling down their legs just before they got vaporized at the conclusion of the meeting!

To Be Continued . . .

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