Silver Surfer/Thor: "Tiusday... Bloody Tuesday!" Chapter 11

Written by E.A. Morrissey, Edited by James Pedrick
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"Tiusday... Bloody Tuesday!"
by E A Morrissey

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Chapter XI
Insooth, doth thou have the skill, "Man of Iron?"

Ninety-four percent of the world's population was now under military rule; the governments were losing control of their peoples in their respective countries! Curfews were established. People were shot after dark, by order! Nine out of ten would-be opportunists that searched for ways to improve themselves at the expense of others that died that night.

In America, the government turned to Anthony Stark and Reed Richards to resolve the issue at hand. Not only did all the "Sold Computers" shutdown but so did the computers that were "just" made, most companies "Burn in" the computers before they are boxed, yes they were burnt in and burnt out in one fell swoop!

Richards and Stark had their own computer systems that Gabriel could not interact with, but it was a persistent little "Bug," it would evolve and change tactics every time it tried to enter their systems. Gabriel has done its job very well; every computer has shut down with the exception of Starks and Richard's networks. Before terminating itself, though, it was programmed to destroy all systems that were reliant on computers, two systems to go. Tony and Reed both agreed that capturing Gabriel was of paramount importance, they put their heads together when Norrin Radd came visiting in his unique way... materializing through the walls of the "Plaza."

Norrin appraised Reed and Tony of the Asgardians involvement... Reed took all it in his stride, but Tony as a skeptic, thought this was a man-made problem, which Norrin agreed, but the sword and the future is definitely godlike in nature. Tony hated the un-qualifiable aspect of Majik, all except his closest friend Thor of course; friendship can cross boundaries after all!

Reed asked a question of Norrin, expecting the matter of fact answer. "Is Thor responsible for the Global precipitation?"

"Yes, I believe so, in fact he is in a foul mood, he is frustrated because for now he cannot intervene, this is why I am his champion, this problem is of Godlike proportions and he thinks I can prevail?"

Tony looked at Reed then at Norrin as he spoke, "Well it seems you will have to do the direct confrontation, Reed and I will have to use all of our resources dealing with this Gabriel virus! I wish you luck Silver Surfer." Reed just nodded, already back to studying the problem.

"Luck will have nothing to do with it unless you call a battle of wills luck!" Norrin left the way he came, leaving for Seattle!

'Twas time for Supper, Thor decided to have it alone with his family this night! The food was of no merit this eve since their taste buds were else where! The food was eaten in a silent manner; on occasion Thor looked into the eyes of Thrud... Searching for something! Sif on the other hand used her eyes to tell Thrud not to antagonize her father. Thrud rolled her eyes, silently being exasperated with her over protective father. The food was finished and Thrud was about to excuse herself when...

"What happened at Hlidskjalf, daughter O' mine?"

"We dispatched the Ice Giants in our own way, I didn't like the way Norrin handled his side of the matter, explaining his motives he used his Power Cosmic to share his memories." Thrud relived those memories thus; a tear welled from her eye. "Oh the tragedy...oh the loss, my heart knows of his loss, my head knows why thou respect him as you do! Off to Hlidskjalf we did go and spoke he did to Norrin, father hath a thing happened before?"

"Yea that it has, Yea hath the Old-Man-O'-the-Cosmos talked to Odin, aye many a time doth he speak to Odin, upon a time he spoke to me! But I say unto thee yet again, what happened betwixt thee, the wind-walker and Norrin Radd, the sentinel of the space-ways?"

Thrud squirmed in her seat... thinking of what to say, and the way to say it. "We kissed during the sharing of memories" she rambled on real fast, "naught happened, we thought nothing more should happen... Nothing did!

"Thus the seed of love is sowed!" Thor's eye flashed Bright red as he continued, "HE IS TOO OLD FOR YOU!"

Sif interrupted, "doth mine own ears hear correct? Thou art a silly as a nanny goat, e'en Tothingnasher (Toothnasher) hath more sense!"

Thor looked at his wife with incredulity, floored not knowing what to say.

The pause allowed her to continue, "Too old hmm... yon logic is flawed, heart of my heart! Thine own daughter is a goddess of the winds who is an immortal and Midgard's Blessing is nigh on immortal. Truly, will wonders ne'er cease? Having Norrin Radd as a Son in-law methinks is a good thing he is handsome in his silver-ish way... noble to a fault... loyalty abound... oh the children they would have, the culmination Twix the sciences and Majiks! To me a grand mother of the most powerful children in the Cosmos... Yea I say unto thee, thou art sillier than a nanny goat Thor, husband O' mine!

The father and Daughter thought Sif had addled brains, was she serious or not? There was a long pause as Thor and Thrud looked and then laughed the hearty laugh... the ones that caused you to roll and slap the table.

Sif did not join in the laughter, she was serious, and she is going to talk to the Mother of most, since she was the Goddess of marriage... Sif wants a blessing, a blessing she will get! Thor knew that look that Sif had; he knew what she was thinking Poor Norrin he thought thus making him laugh harder, if there was such a thing?

Putting all laughter aside, Thor got up from the table, saying a few parting words.

"Mistress of the harvest, heart of my heart, I go to the Yawning Gulf (Ginnungagap) to see what transpires, I shall begone for the Nonce. Take charge and care for Bilskirnir, fare thee well." He kissed his wife and hugged his daughter.

To the Eye that sees all he too thought "Poor Norrin" in many ways! 'Twas soon time for Odin to leave, also!

Continued in Chapter 12 

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